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The Martyr And The Dumbass

In this particular story, the Martyr and the Dumbass are the same Yale sporting, "Ka-Pow" screaming, handsomefied individual.  Most of you already know that Kalia is HOH, Rachel and Jeff are nominated. Jeff won POV, and is coming off the block, and there is a chance for the evicted house guest to come back into the game this Thursday after battling whoever America votes for out of the already evicted house guests.  Everyone has pretty much been expecting and known that Rachel would be the one going out, and no one in the house is all that sad about it save for the small inkling that she may get to come back in the house and try to get her revenge like a proper woman scorned.  As the day has progressed, Kalia in particular has become more and more concerned about the idea of Rachel bouncing back in the house and winning HOH ultimately sending home she or Dani.

Well ladies and gents, I shit you not, as I type this, at this very moment, a plan has been formed.  Not by the vets, not by the anti floater squad, and not even by an enemy.  A plan from the mouth of Lawon himself has come into play.  Lawon, of his own idea and will has volunteered to not only be the one who goes up on the block in tomorrows veto ceremony, but to also be the one evicted on Thursday because he is so positive he is coming right back into the game.  The irony in this situation? He is wearing a Yale sweatshirt as he puts this entire plan together.

Daniele, and Porsche have been discussing the plan with him and how they will act and pretend that he is a pawn until the last minutes Thursday when they all vote him out because he has been acting "sketchy".  Ultimately, the choice to put him on the block or not will be up to Kalia, who I have not heard weigh in on it yet, but somehow me thinks she will be ok with it since earlier today she was thinking of putting up Porsche in hopes of not dealing with a wronged Rachel returning.



I have been watching Big Brother for a long time and have honestly not really ever seen anything like this.  If it really happens, it may go down in BB history as one of the dumbest game moves ever.  Just thought I would fill you guys in.  I don't have all the details yet since this discussion just started, so fellow bloggers feel free to add on as you find info, and readers feel free to comment what you know, or even just what you think of the idea in general. Holy hell, things are getting interesting!!

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