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Big Brother Season 13, Episode 25 Recap

We’ve officially hit the home stretch of season thirteen of Big Brother. There’s less than two weeks left in the season, and after tonight we’ll have five people left in the house. Outside of the competitions, the game is basically over. The feeds feature very little game talk these days, as everybody knows almost everything possible about each other.

In some respects, tonight’s episode is just going through the motions. Feed viewers know with almost perfect certainty the person that is going home tonight, although everybody thoughtfully provided enough footage for CBS to infer that it is still up in the air. Besides the eviction, we’ll get a competition for what will be billed as “the most important HOH of the season”, along with our first view of Brendon, Daniele, and Jeff in the jury house.

As you may expect, after Julie’s introduction we get to listen to the predictable responses to Rachel and Jordan being replaced by Shelly and Adam. Rachel and Jordan are ecstatic; Adam and Shelly not so much. Oh boy, and a “Jochel” comment from Rachel. Porsche is bummed that her HOH week has been ruined (she still hasn’t drank her champagne), but at least she realizes a “trained monkey” could do her job.

Shelly heads into a bedroom to contemplate what it will take to save herself. She thinks that she notices the fortune teller start to move, and gets up to play with it. Unfortunately, all of this happened before the veto competition, let alone the veto ceremony. We talked about this on last week’s episode of The Big brother Gossip Show, as Shelly sat in the room for three hours hoping for a miracle.

She’s now outside sitting with Rachel. Shelly explains that if she gets Rachel’s vote, she’ll also get Jordan’s. Suddenly she believes doesn’t need the fortune teller as “I can talk my way into this final three all on my own.” Good luck with that! She goes on about how Shelly is the perfect pawn, and that Adam will not protect them like she can. Rachel gives her a glimmer of hope by saying that she respects her game more than “floater” Adam, but she still doesn’t completely trust her to follow through. Shelly has some diamond heirloom that she wants to use as collateral for her promise. Rachel adds that she thinks that Shelly has played the game better than anybody in the house. Oooh, as a final twist it turns out that this expensive ring is just a fake copy of the real thing.

Rachel heads in to talk to Jordan about this idea, but Adam walks in just as Rachel begins her pitch. Adam explains that he’s been completely true to them, except for the week that he followed Shelly down the wrong path. Jordan says that if they let him back in he has to do whatever they say. Adam admits in the diary room that he hasn’t been the best player in the world, but he promises to do whatever they want. Rachel has him completely figured out, though, and says she thinks “Adam is just playing everyone”.

We’re back to hanging out in the backyard, and Rachel and Jordan tell Shelly that they need to have somebody who won’t backstab them. In the diary room, Rachel goes on that it may be smarter to keep a person like her to keep the heat off them. Once again, Shelly apologizes for voting out Jeff, and Jordan responds that she has to feel “secure” that she won’t just run back to Kalia and Porsche. Shelly asks for them to come up with something to prove that she’s with them. Jordan pokes around by asking if there are any competitions that she threw, and Shelly says only the banana comp. Unfortunately for Shelly, video footage showed that this was a lie, as she didn’t even try to win the puzzle comp from two weeks ago.

Shelly walks away, and Rachel explains that the “logical thing is to keep your enemies”. Jordan is confused, as she doesn’t know whether to play “strategic or personal”. Nice work, CBS, as enough doubt has been created for the upcoming vote.

After a commercial break, Julie interviews the house. The first question is about Jordan teaming up with Rachel, who interrupts her answer by saying she’s the “best”. Jordan admits she’s a “handful, and she’s very entertaining. I never get bored with her.” Kalia is asked about her first thoughts about Porsche’s Pandora’s Box, and she says “oh girl, I hope it was worth it”. Shelly is then asked what was the most difficult part of what was obviously a bad week. Yeah, it “broke my heart” to upset Jordan. “The hurt that she felt just crushes you.” Adam is asked what the best part of being the only man in the house, and he says the question should be reversed as to what “it’s like to live with the sexiest man to ever play Big Brother”. He carries on about all of his female friends, appletini’s, and 90210. Ugh. The segment ends with Rachel’s question about seeing Daniele enter the house. Yes, we get the “he was shockkkkked” response.

Yes, it is time to go to the jury house. Brendon is working out, and says that he’s been enjoying his time alone studying, picking oranges, and playing ping pong. He’s hoping for a ping pong partner, but in reality he’s just joking. On the one hand, he’d love to spend some alone time with Rachel, but is really hoping that the next evictee is Daniele.

Daniele then enters with her trademark “shockkkkker”. Brendon couldn’t be happier. She fills Brendon in on his week, and Brendon says it was much deserved. They sit down to watch the footage, and Daniele makes a crack about how she’s not used to being in jury unlike the loser Brendon. Ziiiing! After the footage ends, Brendon asks if she wants to see Jeff as the next evictee. She says part of her does, but as the limo pulls up she says that it should be Adam, as he doesn’t “deserve to win this game. Adam will do whatever Jeff wants to do.” Jeff then walks in the house, and again we get to hear “shockkkker”. We head to another commercial break.

When we return, the footage of Jeff walking in is replayed, along with him asking “is our alliance still good?” Brendon says he was surprised, but Daniele is excited. “Karma!” “Karma is what got you out”, Jeff replies. Daniele says once again that she had no desire to go after Jeff, who complains admits his departure was a “tough pill to swallow”. Jeff fills them in on how he was evicted, and about Shelly’s vote against him. “That’s rad”, says Daniele. Brendon points out that maybe they should have kept their original vets alliance.

They all sit down to view the footage, and Jeff says he is “going to throw up” as he views Kalia win HOH. The veto comp is then shown, and Jeff says “oh my god” as he sees the clown shoe that he inadvertently tossed out of the ball pit. Brendon advises him to not play the “what if” game, but Jeff is seething. Both Brendon and Daneile crack up at Porsche’s “that’s what Daniele would have wanted” remark before not using the veto. The eviction is then shown, and Jeff is bummed that he didn’t get to give Jordan any advice before walking out the door. “I hate clowns. Now I really hate them.” He admits that he wants Shelly out next, and says that she “pinpointed” him from the beginning. So much for the “explosive” footage we were promised.

Porsche is now up in the HOH to talk to Julie, who starts off by asking if she regrets opening the Pandora’s Box. I think you know the answer to that. She did get some money for her and Kalia, though, “so I guess it wasn’t so bad”. Julie’s followup is about the status of Jordan and Rachel’s final four deal, and Porsche says since it happened before Pandora it probably doesn’t stand, especially since they haven’t “filled Kalia in on how they were going to vote”. Julie concludes by asking who she would have the best shot at winning against, and Porsche says that she wants Kalia or another noob so that people don’t have to pick sides. “I want it based only on gameplay”, and adds that she thinks she has a good shot against any of the other vets.

Finally, it is time to vote, and Shelly goes first with the final plea. She thanks her family, and turns to Jordan and Rachel to tell them they are “the most important people in this room”. Kalia’s eyes light up a bit as Shelly goes on tell them “you’ve got to pick somebody now that’s going to ride with you, that’s going to go with you, that’s going to go all the way and do what we need to do to get through this game. These other people can’t say that. The past is the past. I’d like to put that behind us. The present is that room where you’re going to go cast a vote. I want you to cast that vote for me as I am with you 100%.” I must say that Kalia’s reactions to his are hilarious.

Adam is next, and he says that he had a “long speech about wizards and dragons and all things metal”. His speech is nothing like Shelly’s, as he just says they have to vote how they have to want to vote”, and that he has appreciated his time with them.

Voting finally commences with Kalia, who votes to evict Adam (“although it apparently doesn’t count”). Rachel then votes to evict Shelly, as does Jordan. Shelly is officially voted out 2 – 1! It is all hugs and smiles as she leaves the house, though.

After noting that Shelly is a “fighter”, Julie asks about the ring she offered. Shelly admits that it wasn’t real, and then says that it was her big move that led to her departure. Julie suggests that she should have waited to make that move, but Shelly says that she didn’t think she’d have another chance. It was an “early big dumb move”. Julie asks if she’s worried about having to now go meet Jeff, and she says she wants to “build that bridge back up with them” by apologizing. “Everybody loves Jeff and Jordan, and I loved Jeff and Jordan coming into the game.” She adds that when she saw Jordan’s reaction ten minutes later she regretted her move. Julie also asks about the lying, and what size of a wall they’d need for her to write her sentences apologizing for the lies. Shelly’s response is that her daughter will be making her write lots of sentences.

On to the final goodbyes, and Adam notes that she “played yourself out”. Porsche thanks her for her cleaning, and her motherly advice. “You told me when my skirt was too short, and my bathing suit was a little too sexy”. Kalia also thanks her for being her mom away from home, and notes that she did vote for her. As expected, Rachel is cocky as usual and comes right out to tell her that the promised ring was not worth a half million dollars. She goes on about how she tried to play the mother, but she didn’t need motherly advice. Jordan’s comments are as nonsensical as expected, and she repeats the “fool me once” cliché that she used at the beginning of the show. Shelly ends the segment by saying how much fun the experience was, but I have a feeling she’ll have a different opinion when she hears about how it affected her family last week.

So it all comes down to the HOH, and we have a bakery setting for the competition. Yeah, Adam is not going to win this one. The players have to make their way through a gooey pit, and through another pit of sprinkles. They then return doughnuts back to their stand, and the person with the most at the end is the winner. I predict a Rachel victory.

Sure enough, she’s the first to grab a doughnut, but Adam is not far behind! Kalia and Jordan are far behind. Unfortunately, we won’t find out who wins until after the show is over, so stay tuned to this site for info! BTW, as the goes to the final seconds, we find out there is another Pandora’s Box on Sunday, and next Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have evictions.

What did you think of this episode? Was Shelly’s last second plea worth a thought for Jordan or Rachel? How about the jury footage? Let us know your thoughts!

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