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Big Brother Season 13, Episode 27 Recap

Wow, we’re officially one week away from the conclusion of this season of Big Brother! Are you excited for the season to end? Would you rather that we jump right into a new season?

In less than an hour (actually, 23 hours ago since this was pre-taped last night) we’ll know the identity of this year’s final four. Has Kalia’s non-stop jabbering paid off? Who will be the next-to-last HOH? While leaked reports have already informed me of the results, I can’t wait to see for myself.

After Julie’s intro, we start off, as usual, with the reactions to the nominations of Porsche and Kalia. Rachel says that because Kalia has come “after me more time than I can count, girl, I’m coming after you”. Porsche says there’s “no way I’m leaving this game yet”, and somehow believes her and Kalia are the “strongest competitors left in the house. There’s no way we’re going to go down without a fight.” Kalia complains that while her and Porsche have been allies, now they have to “battle it out, and I’m pretty sure Porsche is going to do the same”.

Kalia and Porsche head to their favorite room – the bedroom. Kalia becomes Mrs. Captain Obvious, stating that if either of them wins the veto then Adam would have to go up. Porsche says the only sure way that both would stay is if Adam won the veto. Jordan would then have to go up. Kalia’s worried, though, about whether Adam would indeed use the veto.

Adam is off by himself in the purple room, and Jordan comes in to talk to him. He guarantees that he is going to win, and Jordan points out that if he took one of them down then she’d have to go up. Adam reassures her that she doesn’t have to worry about him. Jordan is not quite convinced, but she knows that he can’t flip.

We now jump right to the veto competition. Despite Jordan’s scripted silliness, this is indeed the “OTEV” competition, where a house guest is described by a shark. The players then have to find the “pie” with that person’s name. If everybody guesses correctly, then the last person up is out.

Once we get through everybody talking about how they HAVE to win this, we finally get started. The first question is about who called Daniele a Judas on the live show. Brendon “Berry Pie” is the correct answer, and once again Jordan is the first out.

The second round is about the winner of the candy store competition, and Dominic “pudding pie” is the correct answer. Rachel is now eliminated…so all their hope is on Adam. The third round is a “soul patch” joke, and Kalia is the last to answer “Peanut Butter and Jeff” pie. She begins crying, and although Rachel pats her on the back she laughs in the diary room.

Now it is the final round, and Adam says he HAS to win it. The question is about the person who lost all 17 competitions they play in, which is “obvi” Shelly. Porsche is the first up the platform, and she says she realizes that she screwed up by grabbing Keith instead of Shelly “Jelly Pie”. She heads back down to find it, and Adam makes it up in time to win! Yes, Jordan, we know you want him to keep the nominations the same.

After a commercial break, we head to the jury house. While they all joke about who they want to see come in (and obviously, Jeff wants Shelly), guess who walks in? She tells them about the Pandora’s Box duo twist, and admits that she’s been scared to see Jeff. After Jeff tells Daniele to shut up, he asks her “what’s up with us, Shelly?” We get to once again hear the “I’d get no better than third” speech, but Jeff wants none of it. “You went with someone who breaks promises as opposed to someone who doesn’t?” Shelly then repeats herself, and claims that she “protected” him and Jordan. Um, Shelly, even if Rachel did say that, you didn’t “play the best game in the house”.

Finally, they all sit down to watch the DVD of the week’s action. Watching the veto comp, Daniele says it would have been “awwwkward” if she had to straddle her dad. When they see Adam drop at the four minute mark, Daniele makes a crack about him throwing comps. Brendon says Rachel “comes through when she has to” as we see her outlast Kalia at the end. Shelly says that she offered Jordan and Rachel everything in the world if they kept her, and Jeff laughs at this story. “Welcome to jury house”, concludes Brendon.

After another commercial break, it is the aftermath of the veto competition. Kalia heads into the bathroom to cry. “I’m mad that I didn’t win the veto, and I’m mad that my whole fate is in Adam’s hands.” She complains that he never makes any “big move” in the game, and that “it’s so unfair”.

Jordan is upstairs taking a shower, but is still worried that Adam will use the veto. We immediately jump to the night, and Kalia reminds him that they had said “newbies no matter what to the end”. In the diary room, Kalia claims that “I can sell water to a frickin’ well. I am a really smart, intelligent person. I know people, and I have the gift of frickin’ gab. I’m going to get it for me because it’s a very logical argument.” Um, no. You don’t. That doesn’t stop her from talking and talking and talking. Thankfully, this is only an hour-long show.  Still, Adam perfectly reads the script to make us unsure of what he is going to do.

It is now veto ceremony time, and Adam claims he’s going to make a “big move to further my game”. He calls everybody into the house, and obviously does not use the veto. Kalia’s face disintegrates from a smile to a frown as Adam says that he’s a “man of my word. I know you’re upset with my decision, but you have to respect it.” No, she doesn’t and won’t.

Sure enough, she bitches in the diary room about what a cowardly move he made. Rachel is beaming, and we end the segment with Kalia rushing out of the room.

It’s now the moment of truth, and Porsche gets the first final plea. She doesn’t say a lot but talks about how she loves everybody. Kalia then gets up and immediately goes after Adam. “Please start playing like all-stars and stop playing like a fan.” She asks Jordan to “vote with her heart”, and then complains to Rachel that she “can’t keep complaining about putting out people that play this game if you’re going to keep doing it”. (Ooh, if looks could kill.) She says she’s feeling “jacked for trusting the wrong person again”. Ugh. How does she think she’s such a strong player?

Voting begins with Jordan, who votes to evict Porsche. Adam then votes to keep Porsche, leading to a tie that Rachel must break. She stands, and after the usual speech about how she’s fought so hard she evicts Kalia. She puts down the infamous black queen that she stole with Daniele earlier this season, and heads out the door.

Julie starts off by asking about the “newbies to the end” plan, and Kalia repeats that she trusted the wrong people. She wanted to beat the vets, and we’re already done with her. Wait, what happened to the supposed infamous goodbye message from Rachel???

It’s now HOH competition time, and Julie starts off by showing footage from the other night when the fortune teller woke up to give clues all through the night for this comp. Obviously, it’s a true/false question competition regarding these clues. The first question is about Jeff’s clue, and they all get it correct. The second question is about Brendon, and Jordan is once again the first with an incorrect answer.

For the third question, it’s about Cassi, and this time Porsche is wrong. Keith’s question is next, and again Porsche is incorrect. The fifth question regards Dom, and again Porsche is wrong. The last question is about Evel Dick, and they all get it correct. Adam is the new HOH with a perfect score!

 We end the show with one last chat with the house, and Adam says that it is so amazing that the only thing that would top it would be if Tori Spelling was in the house. “Wait, that already happened!”  Ok, now please be quiet. Julie then asks Porsche about surviving the vote, and says she was too “flustered” to do well in the competition.

The show then ends with Julie describing the last two episodes (tomorrow and next Wednesday) and the credits roll. What did you think of the episode? Are you happy with Kalia’s departure or Adam’s victory? And what about the promised fireworks from Rachel’s goodbye message? Or Jordan’s supposed breakdown over Rachel’s deciding vote? Tell us what you think!

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