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Six months to Big Brother 14.  Meanwhile....

Hey all, no big news to report on the Big Brother scene but because this site is available in Kindle's blog subscriptions I have to post something at least once every 60 days.  Yeah, I know, look it was on a whim over a year ago that I submitted it to Amazon and some people actually subscribe.

That being said here is my post that should keep the Kindle de-listing wolves at bay until perhaps we have some casting dates to report or other 'important' Big Brother news.

I've been a bit obsessed the last few days with a video someone posted on youtube that is not even a week old yet but is right on the edge of being 'viral' so I thought I would share.

Let me set the scene for you and then enjoy....

Picture a group of strangers in New York waiting at a subway station for different trains.  Jessica, a musician / dancer / writer is on her way home with a couple bags of groceries and has her recently acquired ukelele on her back.  A guy that goes by the name Quoom and apparently spend s alot of time playing his congas on the subway asks her for her number and when she dodges him slightly by saying he can give her his, he and his friends follow her onto her train so he can give it to her.  As they are sitting on the train he then asks her if she can actually sing/play and she decides to show him with an original song of hers that he in turn plays along with.  A third guy named Matt, who know neither of them pulls out his phone and records the impromptu session and one of Quoom's buddies provides a bit of narration.

Its truely one of those moments where the stars align and I only wish I had been on the train to witness it.  They played a second song but alas either Matt didn't record it or he is holding out on us.

Enjoy, share, and check out Jessica's facebook and youtube pages (links after the video).  I hope you are all having a wonderful 2012 and are enjoying the BB free months.

Jessica Latshaw's facebook page can be found here.

Her youtube page is located here.

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