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The Coming HOH Comp Among Other Things...

Well it's 4:30AM here on the east coast and it appears that the Big Brother preparation for the coming HOH comp is in full swing.  A few days ago there was a small feed leak where we saw someone in the storage room dressed as a burglar about to enter the BB house before the feeds were cut.  Tonight BB came of the loud speaker telling all house guests to gather in the living room for a special announcement.  The feeds then cut.  When the feeds came back on the house guests were all twittering about trying to decide if it was more important to remember what BB had said, the pictures they showed of a burglar, or to find what the burglar had stolen.  Most of the house guests began looking around for what was missing or chatting about how to remember things. JoJo and Lil Hantz however decided it would be better to go outside and complain about the other house guests and talk about how JoJo was going to win HOH.

I am personally hoping that Ian does well in this comp or really anyone but JoJo, Shane, or Danielle.  I am ready for a house flip.

Meanwhile in other news, overnight Ashley started being a bit more honest with Janelle and her team about feeling left out but not wanting to vote out Frank and being  uncomfortable with Willie.  She appears for all intents and purposes to have actually flipped back to keeping Frank. 

At this point it is looking like Frank to stay with Wil, Ashley, Joe, Ian, and Jen's vote, while JoJo, Shane, and Danielle are still voting to keep Kara.  Kara went to bed early and gave up (yawn) while Dan continued to pitch her game for her.

I'm starting to get excited for this eviction/HOH comp. I can't wait to see what happens! Who else is excited?



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