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The Most Boring Block In The World...

Well, at first I was going to say that these last few days have been kind of a cluster of fuck on the feeds, but when I think about that statement, that's not exactly true. In fact, that's not true at all. The feeds for the last week since the whole Willie thing went down have been for the most part incredibly dull.  At first I really wanted to blame this season and all the people in the house and chalk it up to a house of duds, but I'm not entirely sure that is true either.  I am thinking perhaps this week has just been dull because we have 2 of the dullest people on the face of the planet on the block against one another.  When Frank won HOH his targets and nominations were incredibly clear without the slightest bit of thought or game play, and to be honest it's not like things were made any harder on him when Willie was expelled. He still got to target Shane and JoJo, and even with Shane winning POV, he still has the choice to knock out one of Brit's players or Dan's last player without getting much blood on his hands at all.

So all of that brings us to tonght. The night before eviction. There has been very little gaming this week at all, and the two girls on the block certainly have not been trying to prove their case very hard, but in between playing cornhole, pool, sunbathing, sleeping, eating, and chatting about celebrities there has been a little bit of game talk between the teams here and there and this is about how I see it at this point:

JoJo is most likely going home.  I think Shane wants to stand by her, but at this point since he is going back and forth between having a deal with Boogie and Frank, there is really no telling if the PookaDouche will actually keep to his promise to vote to keep JoJo or not.

Janelle wants her team to vote out JoJo. She feels like they could easily get Danielle on their side and she is probably right.  The problem with Janelle's team is that aside from Wil...I can't really read them at all. They are all wild cards.   I want to say that Ashley is going to stay loyal to her team and the way they vote, but she is very very convincing when she tells other people she is voting the other way.  Wil is all about getting JoJo out and then continuing on with the plan to make Shane, Ian, or Frank the next target. Joe is another one I just can't ever get a handle on. This guy LOVES drama! Unlike Shelly last season I can't follow the logic and the game behind his lies though so instead I end up just watching him lie a lot and never knowing when he is being serious and when he is gaming.  When it comes down to it I think he will still vote JoJo out, but I find his vote most amusing since JoJo bought his vote from him for two packs of cigarettes and a power of veto host card.  I hope JoJo makes some noise about that going out the door if she gets voted out.

As for Boogie's team, outside of Frank who has no vote, none of them have done much talking about game at all.  I'm a little confused as to where Jenn's head is at since she has been hanging out with JoJo a lot, but I don't think she is willing to go against the grain and cause a stir yet, so I see her voting to keep Danielle.  As far as Ian goes, as of earlier today when he chatted with Ashley in the hammock they were both discussing getting out JoJo as well.

So it looks like JoJo is going home.  My hope is that Wil, Ian, or Jenn get HOH this week and I would like to see some drama from whoever goes on the block! I NEED SOME DRAMA! I also think there is a good chance that very soon we are going to see a returning player...most likely Kara or someone else voted out in the next few weeks. What do you guys think about this week? And predictions for HOH winners and who might get nominated and go home?

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