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The Overnight...

Not a whole lot to add on the overnight. Basically things are carrying on as usual and Britney seems to have accepted the fact that JoJo is most likely going home. She even had a talk with Ashley about being fine with Ashley voting her out if that was what was best for her.  Joe traded JoJo some cigarettes and her veto comp paper for a vote which I originally thought he was going to go back on, but he has now told everyone he is indeed voting to keep JoJo since that will only give her he and Shane.


Shortly after this happened a new game appeared in the backyard after being locked down for a few hours.  The HGS are all of course assuming (as am I) that it is for the coming HOH comp. I guess there is no endurance this week.  The game is one of those typical anyone could get it sort of games. It involves hockey sticks and trying to aim balls to certain places.  The instructions told them to be sure to practice their bank shots.

Pretty much everyone practiced all night and there were talks here and there of who was going to vote how, but no major changes or drama that I saw. Ian seemed to be pretty handy with the game.  Happy Eviction day to all!



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