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Deja Vu Among Other Mistakes...The Overnight 

Well well well, the tides have turned again in the BB house and Shane is HOH. With one of Britney's players now in power again she has instantly gone into deja vu mode and started making the same arrogant mistakes she made week one. "Shane, you HAVE to put up 1 player from each team so that we can control the votes..blah blah blah".  Danielle has also announced several times at this point that she is the most important person this week because she will be the swing vote and will vote however Shane wants her to vote (I had to gag while I wrote that sentence).

Shane keeps stating that he dosen't want to put up Frank (a stupid mistake in my humble opinion) but that they do want to put up one from each team.  The PookaDouche himself seems hell bent on Wil being not only put up, but the one to go.  What exactly he hates so much about Wil I have not been able to figure out. He says he likes Joe and would consider a final 4 alliance with him, but Britney was quick to veto this idea calling Joe "The BB Policeman" and saying that he is untrustworthy.  That is probably one of the only smart things Britney has said thus far this season. However, Britney and Dingbat Crazy Eyes have decided that Wil is the most cut throat person they have ever met. Brit says that Wil cares about no one but Wil and has told all her secrets in the house (I wasn't aware she had been revealing secrets to him) and that he MUST go.  I feel like the more circles Britney talks about it the more it just looks like she is trying to take a stab at Janelle bacause she isn't over Janelle abandoning her on the first vote.

Shane's other target is Ian. He says that if he has to put up one of Boogie's players at all he wants it to be Ian because he likes Frank and sees Jenn as no threat.

Meanwhile downstairs Joe has paranoia running high telling Wil that it will 100% be the two of them going on the block.

Apparently the fact that Shane wants Ian as his other target really does not matter since it is not what Britney and Danielle have decided they want.  For a while, Britney left the HOH to go game talk with Dan and while she was gone Danielle put her crazy eyes to work on Shane telling him she wanted Frank up now instead and then she and Shane made a final 2 deal. Once Britney returned to the HOH she decided that she also thought Frank was the one that needed to go and that Shane needs to nominate Wil and Frank and tell Frank he is a pawn while really he is the target.

Shane seems confident that he is going to win Veto again this week telling Britney "I was on slop those weeks, imagine what I am going to do THIS week." He and Danielle are also confident that this week's HOH is going to be a quiz and Danielle is going to win.  Again I mention the deja vu of planning out winning all the coming HOH comps.


From what I can tell, and this is my opinion only, it looks to me like Britney is using Shane as her pawn to try and get back at Janelle for abandoning the sinking ship that was Willie week one, and she is making many of the same mistakes she made that week instantly wanting to be able to not only control nominations but control the vote as well.

I expect to see Wil and Frank nominated today barring Janelle winning the coaches comp and saving Wil.  I'm disappinted from a personal standpoint. I'm not a fan of Britney or Shane, and Wil is quickly becoming my favorites in the house because he is one of the few relatively intelligent players. I'm not terribly bothered by the idea of Frank leaving but in my perfect world scenario it would be Dingbat Danielle packing her bags this week. That won't happen though since she is completely safe with Shane in power, so my dreams there are dashed.

An intersting point was brought up by @hamsterwatch on twitter. She stated that Britney only has one player and he is HOH, so it would be pointless for her to get to play in the coaches comp unless she was only playing to block the others from winning. If she DID play and win it would keep the other players from being safe, and there is a possibility of her being able to name have nots, but she couldn't save or trade anyone herself. A large part of me hopes they tell her she can't play.

Regardless of my personal feelings, at least there is gaming going on again in the BB house. Last week nearly killed me from the boredom of watching Danielle and JoJo not play at all. What do you guys think?

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