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Scramble Scramble Scramble...The Overnight

Lots and lots of tiny whispers...and some not so tiny whispers going on in the BB house overnight. Despite the wishes of tyrannical coach Britney and dingbat love struck Danielle, Shane decided not to nominate Frank and to instead go with two players still available for nomination from Janelle's team. Wil was saved when Janelle won the coaches comp (yay!) so after a flurry of pitches and gravelling up go the sleepy eyed perma high Ashley and the motivational screaming chef Joe.

Janelle is of course not happy with these nominations and immediately starts working on a plan to save her team. She headed up to the HOH and had what Britney described as a "very open and honest chat" that I would refer to as complete bullshit. She told many lies, she told past stories, she made empty promises of safety to Britney and Shane both, and surprisingly, they kind of bought a lot of it.

Meanwhile, Shane has a deal with Frank to keep him safe and not backdoor him to the extreme dismay and poutiness of Danielle. But, after promising Joe that if she won veto she would use it on he or Ashley in hopes of still getting Frank up on the block, she quickly relented and returned to the HOH to continue her crazy eyed allegiance to Shane.

Janelle, Danielle, Joe, and Ashley all seem to think that if Joe, Wil, Danielle, or Ashley win veto then Frank will most definitely go up.  I however am not so sure. Shane is pretty set on his deal with Frank and I think if worse came to worse he would most likely nominate and send out Ian instead of Frank. Britney is working on him however and we shall see how things play out.

Joe is doing exactly what Janelle asked him to do and has gone up to the HOH to try and make deals with Shane, telling him whatever he wants to hear as far as safety for the next 3 weeks etc.. etc..  His pitch sounds about as phony as it is and I would be very surprised if Shane bought any of it...then again he did buy that puka shell necklace, so who knows.

Wil however has declared that he is not willing to be quite so fake and would rather wait to see what happens with the veto before he speaks with Britney and Shane.  He said he feels as though they would see right through his fakeness if he were to try to tell them everything was all butterflies and rainbows and that he feels like things will work better if he waits to see what happens with the veto and then goes and just straight talks to them about how he feels about things.

In other news, Danielle has declared how she is certain she will win the coming HOH since it will most likely be endurance. She called herself the "only athletic girl in the house" (what?!) but was quickly shot down and told by Britney and Shane both that Ian Terry was CREATED for endurance comps.

Shortly after Brit disappeared to her bedroom or somewhere else in the house, Danielle decided that with JoJo no longer in the house it was time for her to try and put the moves on Shane again (ugh!). So there was much flirting of Danielle while Shane told her things like "you are SO NEEDY!".

As for the rest of the night and the rest of the HGs, there was mostly just a lot of scrambling and chatter about the POV comp and what it may or may not entail. I am really curious to see how this week is going to play out!


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