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Potential Change and The Agony Of Stupidity...The Overnight

So, as any other regular Sunday night in the BB house, tonight there has been lots of whispers, scrambling, and gaming.  Janelle, Joe, and the rest of her team have been determined to get Shane to take Joe down and put up Frank..or at least someone else. Ashley, Joe and Janelle all made several pitches over the course of the night to get Frank on the block, and Wil made a similar pitch but stated that he would rather see Ian go because he is a bigger mental threat and things might be about to get mental.

Britney brought up Frank and Boogie and basically reassured them that everything was cool. I mean she holds all the power right? Not Shane...right?

The potential? Cut to a few hours later and Ashley and Shane have been talking in the arcade room for hours and Shane seems to actually be on board with taking Joe down.  I am really amazed. I kind of thought Joe was already out the door but now he might have a chance. We shall see what Britney has to say about it. She wants Joe to go and the veto not to be used.  If she has her way I think Joe is still gone, but Shane did prove through his nominations that he isn't exactly going to do what Britney wants if it's not what he wants.

Batshit Danielle mostly acted ..well..batshit the whole night. She wandered around boring people to tears with her little stories about every scrape and scuffle she has ever had and no one cared about the stories. Then she pulled Dan into the HOH to discuss whether the veto should be used or not.  The really comical element is that she seems to actually think it's up to her. I remember her thinking she had that much control over the original nominations and we all see how that went. Again I's Shane's veto and HOH right?

After listening to all I could of the Bunny Boiler's insane game talk mixed with flutters of obsession with Shane and daddy issues, I flipped over to Camera one where Shane was talking to Wil about whether or not he was willing to vote out Frank if he put Frank up and took Joe down. Wil was of course completely cool with that idea. Shane actually seems pretty determined to follow through with this idea saying that he kept his word to Frank because he didn't put him up and he didn't backdoor him since Frank played in the veto.  Then again, a million things could change between now and the ceremony since Britney is at this moment playing pool with Ian and has not yet ventured up to the HOH to beat Shane into submission with her tyrannical rants about how she knows what she is talking about.

And here we go... Britney has now gone up to the HOH and has ranted and raved to Dan and Danielle about how there is no way they could put up Frank because he won't go home because she is POSITIVE that Wil has a deal with him. To quote her "there is NO way we could get Frank out of this house right now even if we wanted to.  We don't have the votes. Wil hates Joe. He has a deal with Frank." ....sigh... WHY CBS?! WHY BRITNEY?!

It's almost like Britney's entire goal this season is to sabotage her whole team. Seriously, I cannot believe how dumb she is playing. If Shane was smart he would know it was time to ignore Brit every time her mouth started moving.

 Meanwhile downstairs Wil and Joe are celebrating the fact that they now think that Frank is going up and getting voted out. Little do they know about hurricane Britney upstairs once again sabotaging her team.

Ashley enters the HOH to do face masks with Britney. She slips and starts talking about how excited she is that they are getting rid of Frank. Britney "We don't have the votes to get rid of Frank" Ashley "what?" Britney "Wil will vote to keep Frank. He doesn't want to get rid of Frank. They have a deal. Just don't worry about it Ashley. I know what I'm talking about."  Ashely "Wil is so on board. He wants to get rid of Frank"  Britney: "No Ashley, he won't get rid of Frank, They're working together."  *BANGS HEAD ON DESK*

And then, Britney: "Ashley will you go get Shane? It's after midnight and I really freaking need to talk to freaking Shane".  I'm  not sure how much longer I can handle the idiocy..

Shane comes up to the HOH and doesn't even have time to get a word out of his mouth before queen Britney goes on a tirade "There is no way Frank will get voted out. Wil hates Joe. Wil won't vote out Frank. They are working together and I know it. I've played this game before." 

How dare anyone challenge her? *bangs head on desk over and over and over*  I really think Britney is dumber than Lawon when he had his idea to put himself on the block and plan his own eviction.

The council of Britney where she has decided WIl is the enemy player that has a final 2 with Frank and will never vote him out goes on and on and on. Ashley argues in favor of Wil telling Britney that they talk everyday and that Wil doesn't want to keep Frank, but Britney will not be stopped. She KNOWS this is the case. The one time the entire season she has talked to WIl has apparently given her knowledge beyond anyone else on him.

The conversation is only stopped momentarily for Danielle to break in and put in her 2 cents Danielle: "I wouldn't give up on getting votes for yourself Ashely." is this relevant?

Britney moves on with her tirade "Ashley you are just being so hard headed right now. You just don't get it.  Fine whatever. If you want Frank out of the house then  YOU win HOH and get him out yourself"

Wait wait...did Shane win veto and HOH? I'm so confused at this point...

After being bludgeoned to death by Britney, Ashley starts to cry. Britney tells her that she is only upset and crying because she believes in a team that is screwing her over. I can't bang my head on the desk again without becoming as stupid as Britney. Ashley leaves the HOH.

 Britney: "Okay Shane, the bottom line is Wil is working with Frank. Everyone can talk til they are blue in the face about how loyal Wil is and I'm not going to buy it. We're not doing this. It won't work."

Danielle: "Well that's fine, I'm gonna win this endurance and put Frank on the block"

The super sad part of all this is that Frank buys right into Britney's rant and by the end of it he is as brainwashed by Britney and Danielle as Britney says Ashley is by Wil.

Meanwhile downstairs Ashley is telling Janelle about the conversation with Britney. There was lots of mocking of Britney's smart ass idiotic attitude and I must admit I was entertained. So what is Janelle going to have to say about all this?

Up goes Wil to the HOH to talk to Britney with no knowledge of the anti Wil council that just occurred.  Wil tells Britney that the only person's vote she would have to worry about at all would be Danielle's. He says he doesn't want Frank in the house and doesn't trust him. He says he would not want to keep someone in the house who caused all that Drama with Willie when he didn't even consider the thing Willie did to be a homophobic Slur.  He says he wouldn't vote outside of his team right now considering that would mean that they would turn on him. He basically tells her the truth...

For all intents and purposes Brit seems to buy it.  For now anyway...  Gee that was so simple Brit. Why didn't you just talk to him in the first place? Oh riiight that would be the SMART thing to do. Let's not do that.

So NOW, while Wil is in the room Brit says that she would be okay with it, but that Joe is NOT coming down. That will not happen. It will have to be Ashley coming down and Frank going up.

A ray of hope! Britney and Shane are now BACK on board with taking down Ashley and putting up Frank. They go over all the scenarios with WIl telling him that Boogie is going to terrorize him and he cannot bend but to just tell him that Frank has his vote 100%.

Janelle enters the HOH and they all discuss with Danielle the idea of her voting out Frank with them. The general consensus is STILL that they actually want to backdoor Frank though!

I'm so excited! The potential for drama on this one is HUGE! If they do backdoor Frank at least there will be LOTS of gaming going on...lots of trying to get votes, and hopefully some big blow ups and arguments. I can so see  Joe losing his mind over some Boogie and Frank pressure and going postal! SO much potential if this happens. Everyone cross your fingers and rub your lucky BB stars.

 That's it folks! I'm done! I'm exhausted and they have not even gone to bed yet. I see potential though. What do you all think?

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