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Two Parties In One...The Overnight

Well, little to no gaming went on in the BB house last night. There were however two parties that eventually merged as one.

First for the outdoor party.  Dan apparently won some sort of sushi party for a select few HGs during the coaches comp and Dan, Danielle, Britney, Boogie, Janelle, and Shane were all treated to a nice little setup of liquor and sushi in the backyard. I will just call this the party  of snore. Nothing really interesting happened and it went something like this: Britney "blah blah snore my player won POV AGAIN blah blah isn't my player fantastic snore snore". 

Right as I felt I was hitting my tolerance limit for this little gathering, screaming was heard from inside. "I wonder what they are screaming about" wondered Boogie.  "They are just really jealous that we are h having a party without them" sighed Britney. 

Meanwhile what was actually happening inside went a little something like this:

After the outdoor party had been going on for a bit, Wil was called to the DR and much alcohol was delivered. Wil was given the bottle of wine since it was his birthday and the other haves in the house took the 2 beers each.  Everyone dressed up,  ate cookie cake, chugged alcohol, danced, and had a good time.

When the outdoor party was finished, the party was merged.

There were many chants of things like "Take a shot! DO IT! STREAK!" and one random chant of "JODI! JODI! JODI!" which I did not quite understand the purpose of.  No one really argued with their tasks, and when the bottle of wine was finished a game of Spin The Bottle commenced.

Janelle kissed Jenn. Ashley kissed Boogie,Britney, and  Ian. Boogie kissed Wil..kind of. And dinbat crazy eyed Danielle kissed Shane of course..which led to all sorts of drama...

Danielle, realizing she had her first PookaDouche kiss suddenly chortled off into fits of dance and giggles and chatter about how amazing and happy everything suddenly was. I had to turn away for fits of gag.  When I looked back at the screen however, Wil had streaked (but we didn't see anything much since the feeds did not cut to the backyard where he did it) and Dan had apparently pulled aside Danielle and cut her off on the alcohol.  I am fuzzy on the details of what happened next, but apparently there was some sort of rejection by Shane to kiss old Bunny Boiling Fatal Attraction girl and she went into meltdown paranoia mode.  Since I missed this part and am mostly going by my twitter line, I am currently flashing back for the details and will update later if there is anything more worth saying about the meltdown.

After all was said and done and all the alcohol drained dry, most of the HGs chatted for a bit outside around the little fire pit where the sushi party had been held and then everyone got sleepy and went to bed very very early.

I heard very little talk of game. At this point it still looks like Joe is going home. Happy weekend everyone!

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