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The Night Owl

There was a lot of game talk in the BB house tonight, but I am just going to be honest here...I am not sure I understood a lot of it.

If you guys read last nights blog you know that when I left off Joe and Janelle were on some tirade about Wil flipping his vote because he wanted to flirt with Frank. I sounds ridiculous. Anyway, during the day Janelle and Joe let that idea snowball until paranoia was rampant. Janelle was just SURE Wil had flipped and was telling anyone she could get to listen all about it. She went to Ashley, to Britney, to Shane, and then back to Ashley since you have to tell her twice most of the time. Meanwhile...Wil was dead to the world napping.

When Wil finally DID wake up, he was immediately pulled aside by Joe, and then by Britney and Danielle, and then Ashley. He explained to each and every one of them that his plan (as he had explained before) was to make Frank and the rest of Boogie's team feel safe so that when Frank went out they were all blindsided and too rattled to go win HOH.  After his explanations to all, the house seemed to calm down for a while.

Janelle went on about her day bitching and complaining about Wil being mad at her and about how she was still worried and Danielle acted insane as usual.

Moving on to the night time part....

Janelle got a bit tipsy on wine and beer and decided it was time to have a heart to heart with Wil about his vote and about him being mad at her.  She actually cried. Oh the joys of alcohol.  After the talk she told him things were fine and she would do anything to save  him..however she went right out and talked to Joe telling him that Wil was still upset and that she was still worried.

There was a lot of talk early on in the evening mostly between Janelle and Britney about them coming into the game this week. They are both convinced that the twist will happen on Thursday and that they will be competing against all the newbies in the HOH which they are sure is endurance.  I'm really hoping not...but I have a sinking feeling they are right.

Moving on..Danielle had a completely incomprehensible conversation with Dan in the arcade room where from what I can gather they went over the option of keeping Frank. Dan told Danielle to knock it off with Shane and let it go. He basically implied that Shane was not interested and she needed to stop, but old crazy eyes has some determination yet and the inability to understand Dan's subtlety so she explained something that went kind of like this "Dan, if you are talking about him being Mr. Cosmopolitan I can still compete with those statistics. If he wants to be with a crazy hippie loser who likes to get high all the time (Ashley) whatever".  Yeah..I know, it doesn't make any sense to me either.

A little while later Joe, Janelle, and Wil all hung out around the hot tub for a bit just talking about wanting Frank out. It was mostly Janelle going on and on about all the reasons she hates him which we have heard 10 million times this week already so I won't bother with the details. Meanwhile inside Britney, Shane, Dan, and Danielle were having a conversation even more confusing to me than the one Danielle had with Dan.  Britney was whisper clicking and rattling as was Danielle. Shane was talking and Dan was too, but mostly it was just Britney mocking Janelle.  I think there was supposed to be some point to it....they kept going back to votes and talking about Danielle's vote, but there was so much rambling and whispering I really couldn't follow it. I suspect by tomorrow morning the conversation will mean nothing.

After the hot tub chat Joe, Janelle, and Wil joined Boogie's team plus Ashley at the kitchen table and there was no game talk..just a lot of talk about farting and masturbation.

Most everyone went and hung out in the arcade room a while later and Janelle and Dan ended up in the Have not room with Janelle asking how she is supposed to trust Dan. She also mentioned that he had told her she is the first female member of the Renegades. I have no idea what she is talking about there. I must have missed that. Dan however told her that she is going to have to trust him and that he is totally with her. Janelle went on and on trying to convince Dan that Joe is really loyal and trustworthy and a good game player and that it will be best for him to win HOH this week (huh?!).  Dan told Janie not to lie.

After the talk with Dan, Janelle headed upstairs to talk to Britney to make sure they were still playing together when the coaches enter the game this Thursday. They are so certain of this that I am almost thinking that they got a major tip in the DR or something.  Perhaps Janelle knew going in..I don't know. I just know that they are both very certain it's this week and that it's definitely happening.

After Janelle's exit, Danielle made her nightly trip to the HOH to try to plant herself in Shane's bed...even though he kicks her out every night, and busted up the conversation between Shane and Britney about the coaches twist.  Britney tells them that Janelle has been telling her she knows things about the coaches twist and that she doesn't know how much is true.

Enter Danielle's 2 cents "She is only making up those lies to get me out of the game!".  I'm not kidding...that's what she said.  She then had a secret to tell Britney and Shane "Janelle told me that JoJo said horrible things about me being fat and that's why she is making all this up." . Okay..again I ask..WHAT?!   Whatever crazy eyes.

Also..speaking of psycho killer, Here are a few of her gems from tonight: "OMG ya'll Ashley ODs on drugs on purpose don't ya think? I saw her take like 4 Tylenol at one time!" (it was Advil and if Danielle was even remotely good at her job as a nurse she would know that is perfectly okay) "Ya'll I'm winnin HOH and I'm puttin up Wil and gettin him out of here" 5 minutes later "Ya'll I'm winnin HOH and puttin up Boogie and Janelle if the Coaches come in. That way I will be the one that got out Frank AND one of the coaches" "I'm smarter than Janelle so she hates me and she is always lookin at me!"

The insanity went on and on for a really long time, but that was about all I could handle. Please someone kill it or get rid of it...I don't care where she goes or what she does...just get her GONE!

While his team member ranted and raved of all things crazy up in the HOH and tried to melt herself into Shane's bed, Dan interrogated Ian about things that are not really important game wise but that I think were meant to feel him out in general. He also gave him a nice pep talk about not seeing himself accurately when Ian was putting himself down for being so awkward.


That's pretty much the long and short of it at this point. There were a few pranks in between...dingbat bunny boiler dumped cold water on Dan while he was showering (or rather she threatened and then got Brit to actually do it) and thought she was very clever for it.  There were some other game whispers too, but nothing big has changed. As of now Frank is still going home.




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