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Ian Terry: One Of Us!

Thanks so much to our Big Brother Gossip show Correspondent Karen Elise for researching and writing up the following about Ian Terry!


Big Brother 14 Houseguest Ian Terry: You Thought You Were a Superfan?


In the past, we’ve seen Big Brother offer up so-called “superfans” as houseguests - fans who never bothered to watch the live feeds, fans who mixed up their seasons, fans who clearly enjoyed the cheesiness of the TV show better than the grueling commitment of the live feeds. There are fans, and there are superfans, and to be honest, we haven’t really seen that much of the latter on the actual show.

 Big Brother 14’s Ian Terry, however, is the real deal.

 In his Superpass interview (which you can view by purchasing live feeds through, young Ian mentions a history with some of the most hardcore fan forums, including Survivor Sucks, where he admits to posting in the speculation thread for the current season, and more strikingly, Digital Spy, a British Big Brother forum. British? Yes, Ian is not only a fan of CBS’s Big Brother, but as it turns out, he’s an international fan as well.

 A quick glance in the American Big Brother forum over at Digital Spy leads to a very interesting poster by the name of IanT88.

 Poster IanT88 hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and identifies as a huge fan of Big Brother 4’s Jack – details which all match Big Brother 14’s Ian Terry.

 The eagle has landed! And boy, is that eagle ever a superfan.

 A few interesting tidbits about Ian’s history as a Big Brother fan, according to his Digital Spy posting history:

-Not only has he watched and updated for Superpass’s live feeds, Ian has taken turns at watching and updating on the British Big Brother live feeds back in their heyday. That’s a serious commitment for an American fan.

 -Prior to entering sequester for Big Brother US, Ian was following and discussing the current season of Big Brother: UK. He disliked wildcard choice Becky, admitted to a crush on Lauren, and participated in the debate over Scott staying in the house after a family death.

(Not surprisingly, he framed his answer in terms of what he would do in the same situation, something he was no doubt contemplating because he was in the final stages of casting at the time. If you’re wondering, he said he would stay in the house if it were a grandparent who passed away, and leave if it were a sibling.)

 -Ian’s final post on Digital Spy before entering sequester started a new thread, questioning why the British public called housemate Caroline “fat”.

 -Back in the day, Ian was a serious fan of Big Brother: UK season 9 winner Rachel Rice.

 -Ian is also a fan of many wiley BBUS contestants whose footsteps he might seem to fall in: Matt Hoffman, Eric Stein, and potential BB14 mentor Dan Gheesling.

 -For those worried that he might be more of a Ronnie, Ian was watching and posting live on Digital Spy when Ronnie first showed his hand to the audience by voting Braden out of the house, and he wasn’t happy with it.  

-About two years ago, Ian inquired about the rules as to foreign contestants applying to Big Brother: UK. It seems he may be settling for the American version, though he’s no stranger to it, either.

-For a quick rundown of Ian’s history as a Big Brother fan, check out:


a)    His All-Stars 2 wishlist (note the joking reference to a “Terry” on a then-future Big Brother 12 – was he already applying in 2010?) 

b)    Ian’s Unpopular BBUS opinions (the Four Horsemen of Season 5, really, Ian?)

c)    Ian’s favorite US contestants in each season (Scott of Season 5 was from Pittsburgh, like Ian):

d)    Ian’s favorite UK contestants.

e)    Ian’s Top 10 US houseguests, led by Big Brother 4’s Jack.


All in all, Ian seems like an intelligent, reasonable, passionate Big Brother fan who respects gameplay and entertainment. Ian knows his Big Brother history, he knows Big Brother strategy, and he knows his live feeds. We’ll see if his encyclopedic and international Big Brother knowledge helps him at all in the house.

Edit - Since writing this up, Karen also found a vido on Ian's youtube account of him making a prank call on a News show.  I think it kind of displays a little about his sense of humor. Enjoy:




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