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The Night Owl... Another Joe Blow

Oh gosh guys, where do I start?  I supposed I could get the Bunny Boilers bullshit out of the way first since it kind of did come first in the series of events...however, don't let her scare you off. There are more interesting stories to come.

When I fired up the feeds tonight quite a few of Janelle and Brit's team members were in the HOH and also of course the permanent plant Danielle in the bed.  Everyone was talking about the coming endurance comps and what they think the coach twist will entail. Most of the coaches are telling their players that they think they will be playing in the comp because after endurance there won't be time for a coaches comp. The truth of course is that they will probably be playing in the comp because they are in the game.

Anyhooo....Janelle mentions the things that make endurance comps easier and mentions that it's easier for shorter girls to hold themselves up and so she thinks Ashley has a good chance. Danielle being more delusional than ever flees the room in anger. She just can't take it anymore and she makes no attempt to act like she is not upset.  This turns into a several hour intermittant meltdow starting with her talking to Wil and then moving on to every person who would listen to her tell it with each tale being a little more exaggerated and victimizing than the last.  Apparently she is incredibly offended that Janelle said Ashley is smaller than her. It's so insulting! I'm so much smaller than Ashley she says. Please...

Anyway, this goes on and on and on and finally ends up with danielle alone in the HOH with Britney hours later. Britney tells Danielle that she doesn't believe she is a nurse..then there is a 20 minute conversation that no lie sounds like a feed loop: Brit: "Tell me what you are" Danielle : "I'm a kindergarten teacher".  Britney keeps guessing if Danielle is a med student or a doctor and at one point when she says have I guessed it yet Daniell nodded yes. It should be noted that Britney NEVER said nurse or LPN or anything like she didn't actually guess...Maybe old crazy eyes Magee thinks she is a doctor now.


Anyway...let's move on to the good stuff now.  Everyone had mostly been chatting in their respective corners about votes and alliances and the coach twist. The same old same old..nothing really new when all of the sudden Eagle Eye Joe decides he has an idea.  While Wil has worked pretty hard to fool Boogie's team into thinking Frank was safe all week so that they will be too stunned and blindsided to play well in the comp, apparently Joe just cannot handle this stress. It's just too much. It doesn't matter that Wil has come to him over and over and over and told him he will not vote him out...He still can't take it.

So what does old DR screamer go do?  He decides to go make a pitch for Jenn's vote. It wasn't just a pitch. He told Jenn that he had been promised Danielle's vote (Danielle was pretending she was keeping Frank too) and said that if he somehow got voted out he wanted Jenn to follow him to the door because he had vital secret info about for her.  He later revealed to Janelle he was going to tell her about Wil's vote if he got voted out.

Anyhoo.. this would have blown up sooner or later when Jenn mentioned it to her team, but luckily we didn't have to wait...Wil was listening to the whole thing! Wil instantly lets Joe know this and then drags him into the pantry along with Janelle. Wil: "Why the hell did you DO that Joe? You were safe! I should vote you out of this house for that!".

Wil quickly goes and tries to do some damage control with Boogie's team. Tells them this is why Joe needs to go and that Joe is so stupid and that he is bluffing etc..  Then Janelle comes in and steals Wil away and tells him to go lock himself in the HOH...meanwhile Britney cannot stop laughing at the fact that Joe went to Jenn and pitched for her vote telling her he had vital secret information for her.

They enter the HOH room and Joe is already there. Wil, Janelle, Britney, and Shane try to explain to Joe how stupid it was for him to go and do that. Wil tries to explain how that completely screws him out of blaming his vote on someone else and pretty much messes up all the work he had done for the past week on lulling Boogie's team into thinking they are okay until Frank walks. Joe still doesn't get it. "But you are hurting me by hanging out with Frank" *bangs head on the desk*

This argument doesn't last long before up comes Boogie and his entire team to just sit in the HOH and listen to what they are talking about. Clearly at this point they are aware that something is amiss.  Janelle gets up to leave the room and Frank says "I could do this all night" and gets up to follow her around. 

Boogie and Frank have Jenn go hang out in the HOH room while they keep an eye on the downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms and Ian paces around watching Janelle and her people plus Danielle for a while.

Somehow most of the the other players manage to shake the people from Boogie's team that are following them and Janelle decides to tak an HOH bath while Britney and Danielle go downstairs to talk in the bathroom.

Danielle finally goes to her own corner to click whisper with Dan and I can't understand a damn word she is saying other than that she feels like a victim again because she thinks everyone wants to talk to her now because her vote is so important. "Frank just won't leave me alone, he is going to try to sleep in my bed with me!" (this is actually not the case at all Frank said that to her jokingly..but it was definitely a joke).

Ashley slept through all the drama and now wakes up. Wil takes her to the arcade room to game talk. They talk about the Joe thing and about Janelle and about all the players. There is a lot of strategic talk and to be perfectly honest everything they talk about makes COMPLETE sense if the coaches were not coming into the game tomorrow, but unfortunately all of their plans will be null and void once that happens.

Meanwhile Joe has Shane cornered in the pantry still trying to justify what he did. He gives Shane a few lines about how he and some other person (I think maybe Danielle) are the only good people in the whole house.  okay Joe..

Janelle enters the arcade room and starts talking to Wil asking him if his vote is still solid and still pitching things like "oh you have to understand Joe is on the block so of course he is worried and it's okay". Wil isn't buying he shouldn't. He tells Janelle that while he isn't changing his vote, Joe is a liability and that he eventually has to go.  After a while Joe comes in and Wil says not to worry about it lets just move on. It was a stupid thing to do but we will get past it etc..

Everyone mostly settled down after a bit. Wil made a playdough sculpture of Jodi and Joe apologized to him. Right now most of the house is sleeping. Joe and Ian are in the have not room about to go to bed but the feeds were cut because Joe kept sayign things out loud like "They let fucking Ashley sleep in the fucking HOH bed but I'm not allowed to sleep on the fucking floor in here".  I expect when the feeds come back everyone will most likely be asleep.

So, wow, another night of explosions. I think Joe is staying and Frank is leaving at this point. I also think tonight we will see an endurance comp and that the coaches will be allowed to play in it as I am pretty certain they will be entering the game tonight. I am not happy about it, but it is what it is I suppose.  What do you all think?





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