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The Night Owl and A Hail Mary Pass

Dear friends.  In my many many years of watching Big Brother I have often heard the term "Hail Mary Pass" thrown around in various strategy talks including this season.  Not being a sports minded girl at all myself, I have never had a clear definition of what a Hail Mary Pass actually is.  So I looked it up. 

In the simplest terms I could find it described, A Hail Mary Pass is a very long pass made in extreme desperation with very little chance of success, usually made at or near the middle point.

My friends, what I need now in the very middle of this BB season is a Hail Mary Pass.  I am lighting my candles, crossing my fingers and toes, and telling myself "it could totally happen".

For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, my favorite player this year (Wil) has once again been put up on the block. This time however he is the target.  Not more than 24 hours ago the entire house were still walking around talking about how they all wanted Joe out and how it would be an easy week. things tend to happen in BB, this all changed up not very long after Janelle's eviction.  Frank mentioned on several occasions that he wanted to get rid of Dan and that backdooring him or even just straight putting him up would be good.  Boogie however had other plans and Mr "I'm so anti coach play your own game" in the beginning himself is so stuck up Boogie's ass he can probably taste the last thing the man swallowed.  Frank immediately nixed his plans for Dan as soon as Boogie said no.

Shortly after this they decided to talk about Joe and Wil and who they should put up and should it be a pawn from their own alliance against Joe just to throw people off etc..  But somewhere in there Britney opened her big fat mouth and said "Ya'll Wil is really smart. He has already figured out that we are all working together"...and that was all it took! Boogie's wheels were started to turn. How DARE someone notice that all 8 people NOT in the same bed in the Boom Boom room pretty much live in the HOH no matter which one of them actually holds the title?! They are just too smart to keep and something must be done. 

Frank was not entirely sold on the idea until they had Wil up to talk to them.  Boogie told him to leverage the shit out of Wil. Make him feel guilty about the lie (the one that everyone else told too? remember that lie?). Talk about how you defended him against Willie. Make him feel like shit. Just make sure that you find out who his targets are and make sure it's not us and that he makes us a deal and then we might consider keeping him.  So that's exactly what Frank did. Oh..excuse me..that's what Boogie did FOR Frank.  You see, when Wil decided to come up and have his HOH talk he was looking at was LIKE he was talking to Frank, but there was no Frank home. Boogie was doing all the talking.

I don't know whether Wil had just had enough of hearing about the lie or enough in general or if he just wasn't willing to do the ass kissing it was going to require to possibly save himself, but he just wasn't having it.  He told Boogie and Frank that he wasn't promising anything to anyone and they should just wait and see what happens after the veto. *slaps forehead*  While I completely understand not wanting to kiss Frank's big smelly ass or Boogie's STD encrusted one, I feel like things would have gone much smoother if he had.  Sigh...alas...that's not how it happened and so now we have entered desperation mode.  Boogie and Frank have made known to everyone but Wil, Jenn, and Ashley that they want Wil out. They even made a deal with Joe for him to just be quiet this week and they would get rid of Wil. It's veto or nothing kids.

Later after the have not comp there was short conversation between Wil and Britney in the have not room where Wil basically told her that he didn't know if she felt comfortable saying who she was or wasn't working with or what she did or didn't know but that he felt like he and Ashley were just floating around with nobody and that they needed someone to work with and that Frank and Boogie would eventually have to go.  Surprisingly, Britney was very candid with him.  She spoke with him about how Danielle is definitely controlled by Dan and how Frank and Boogie have to go.  Now most of me believes that Britney was just opening her mouth and there were no cheezits around so stuff came out of it instead of going in.  However...there is a teeny tiny little piece or hope in me that thinks that maybe the fact that Britney actually likes Wil as a person and the fact that she knows that she wants some of those strong guys out and that she can't work with Joe has her wheels turning just a LITTLE bit about how she might be able to help the vote along.  I mean if she got Shane or Ian either one and then Jenn and Ashley voted Joe out..that's a wrap kids. I'm not counting on it though. Something tells me Britney just doesn't have the balls or the intelligence to pull it off.

Onward to the happenings of the overnight.  I fired up the feeds after the nomination ceremony was complete.  Wil and Joe were of course nominated and Wil, Joe, Jenn, and Britney were all hanging out in the kitchen cooking and cutting up while the rest of the house was locked away in the HOH room playing poker. 

Not a whole lot happened for a very long time.  There was a super awkward "family" dinner situation where Joe made the have not food and Jenn and Wil had chicken. No one said much except chit chat about their workout plans and then everyone kind of wandered off into their separate corners.  For a while Boogie, Jenn, Joe, Shane, Dan, and even Ian did various weight workouts while Wil ran for a while. Britney and Frank chit chatted with Ashley inside about various things like pet peeves etc..

Cut to a while later Ashley and Wil have a discussion in the Boom Boom room about veto and what would be the best scenario.  Wil tells Ashley he really doesn't want to use it even if he winse it if there is any chance that Frank would put her up and out.  Ashley tells him he can't think that way and that while it would be best if she won veto and took him off, if he wins it he has to take himself off regardless of what happens to her. While this conversation was happening Boogie kept sneaking by and trying to listen to what was being said and then a little while later he slipped off to the arcade room to talk to Frank.

Boogie tells Frank that he had a discussion with Wil in the storage room and that he didn't like what he heard. He said that Wil is fake and he is just a liar and that they can work with Joe for themselves  (WHAT?!) and he confirms that Wil must go and they have to keep it really really low that they are working with Joe.  I have to admit...this conversation sickened me.  Remember how earlier I said that Frank was using the whole "I defended you against Willie and the homophobic slurs  and you still were going to vote against me" thing to try and pressure Wil to kiss his ass?  Well before I had continuously wondered if Frank was aware of how fake he sounded when he says this stuff over and over since we all know his "defense" of Wil was just to make himself look good and had nothing to do with Wil in general, and while I think many many things about Willie...I'm not sure homophobic is what I would call what he did.  Anyway...during this conversation, I think Frank answered that question for me. Frank and Boogie were cracking up and making jokes and hand gestures and saying all SORTS of really malicious mean things regarding Wil and it just kind of shows you in general what kind of people they are at their root.  I mean I understand game play and getting out your biggest threats, but I never really think there is a need to be that malicious....esepcially not in light of a person's sexuality, looks, mannerisms or anything else that is just inherently or otherwise them. *steps off soap box*

After this Britney and Shane went to bed in the have not room and had a small chat where they discussed the fact that they need to bring someone else in with them to help them get out Frank and Boogie. They didn't get into specifics they just hinted here and there. Britney also told Shane that she has been trying to help get Danielle off of him by telling her flat out that if there is something real it can certainly wait a month and that she needs to back off. Shane thanked her for it and said Danielle was driving him crazy.

The feeds cut for a while and when they returned Wil and Danielle were having a heart to heart over tea.  Wil explained to her what he really does..meaning what he really HAS done and how successful he was before being on the show. Danielle did not confess to being an LPN, but she told Wil about her pageant life.  There was some discussion of Ashley's health issues and I found this a bit humorous since Wil seemed to know a lot more about it than Danielle being that his Dad is a surgeon and mom is a nurse. Anyway..eventually the talk turned to a little bit of game. Wil told Danielle that he wants the veto but he doesn't want to screw Ashley over by taking himself off the block.  They talked a while about Janelle of course and Danielle did her whole "am I fat?" thing, but surprisingly she did pep talk Wil a little telling him "don't you dare throw in the towel. It would break my heart to see you give up".  The unfortunate thing about this conversation is that while Danielle seems super sincere and like she is leaning towards keeping Wil, we all know that if Dan says no that will be the end of it.

The house guests seem to be winding down now and so am I, so back to my Hail Mary Pass...  I need one. In all my years of watching Big Brother I rarely get attached to a character on the show, but Wil has won me over. It's surprising to me because I truly hate this season. The coaches twist turned vet twist drives me insane and outside of Ashley, Jenn, and Wil I just don't like anyone.  As the overnight feed watcher/blogger/tweeter, I will surely die a long long bored death if Wil gets I need all you guys to cross your fingers and toes too. That guy just HAS to conquer this veto comp.  Until tomorrow night's podcast...I bit you all goodnight!

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