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Big Brother #14, Episode 14 Recap

Apparently, there is a strike of sorts going on tonight. As we talked about on last night's Big Brother Gossip Show, there was a short diary room leak to the house that could have potentially informed the entire house of the "Secret Six" alliance.

Nothing really came out of this leak besides a line of questioning from Joe, and Janelle was still evicted on Thursday. That hasn't stopped at least one website, and a number of that person's followers, from claiming that they are now boycotting the feeds and tonight's show. The claim is that enough angry tweeters will be enough for CBS to cut out the production interference in the casting, game design, feeds, and the actual broadcast.

Isn't that cute? I'm all for grassroots behind-the-scenes involvement by fans and critics, but nothing will change even if every single person who uses the #bb14 hashtag suddenly disappear from the Nielsen counters. If you're a part of this movement, more power to you, and at least you'll still know what happens from this recap. I'll happily watch so you don't have to.

In case you're not aware of the typical Sunday night template, you're going to see reactions to Thursday's eviction and HOH competition, some plotting, a HOH room reveal (zzzz), a Have-Not competition, more plotting, and nominations. Hopefully, there won't be any fake showmance filler, but I'm not holding my breath.

Here we go with a flashback to Janelle's eviction. Frank wonders how he has managed to survive through three nominations, while Joe SCREAMS his displeasure at the 8-1 vote. "NOW I'M ON AN ISLAND ALL BY MY LONESOME SELF!" Shut up! Wil adds that he was quite confident that nothing would come out of voting against his former coach, so why not join them to keep from being a target? (Foreshadow alert!)

With Janelle gone, we have to have the typical idiotic celebration dance from Boogie and Frank. "Ding dong, the witch is dead", says Boogie. Yes, we know about your All-Star eviction, Mike. "It's safe to say...I'm on top of the house."

Meanwhile, Britney is crying that she helped evict a friend, an ally, a lifelong sister. Then why did you do it, you silly twit? Joe is then seen pacing around the house, and Ashley tells him that she is sorry, but he just brushes her off as he wanders past.

We then jump to Frank's HOH victory, and another silly Chilltown celebration. Yes, we know, Frank. You've gone from almost-evicted to HOH twice now. For some reason, we have to also hear Danielle complain that she better be safe. (No foreshadowing here.) Joe, however, knows he's in trouble...and slowly yells once again. Dan believes that this week will be the Silent Six's ultimate test to see if they really are a team.

Joe has gone right into the bedroom, and in the diary room complains "there are some despicable human filth in this house". He lies on the bed as his rant continues on, but he knows he's in trouble. Frank wanders in to ask him a cooking question, but Joe clearly doesn't want to help with the cooking.

Britney is also sad, still crying about evicting Janelle. Danielle attempts to calm her down by coldly saying "you're that closer to the money". Britney thinks that Frank is going to win the game, but Danielle counters that everybody will be gunning for him...which may be the smartest thing she's said all season. Britney isn't buying it however. "If he's in the final three, it's over. Sign the check." Danielle, though, says she's beaten him twice, and can do it again. Um, wow.

Frank and Boogie are now plotting their week, and the goal is to "really work Wil". Frank, though, wants to put up Joe and Dan, which makes Boogie laugh. Frank's view is that after last week's attempt at a blindside, maybe he should know what it feels like. Cooler heads prevail, though, as Boogie explains how they're going to need Dan and Danielle's votes.

HOH reveal time. No need to recap this.

Wil and Ash are now talking, and Ash has suddenly awakened. She just now has realized she voted out somebody who is "on my side. Now it's just me and Wil playing this game alone." Really? Who are these people? Joe joins them to find out why they voted against Janelle. Wil says he didn't have any deal for his vote, and explains it's because he has a big mouth AND being her only vote makes Joe a big target. Ash also babbles something, but it's not a human language. Joe figures that the three of them are the only possible candidates for nomination.

Filler time, as Shane and Frank talk about dreams. Um, no way I'm going on about that idiocy. Even worse, it's followed by out-of-context fake showmance shit with Danielle and Shane. Please, they are NOT a showmance!!!

Thankfully, this segment is now over and we're back to game talk...kind of. Boogie is gloating how the last three evictions...or exits have been people he didn't want around. Frank and Boogie are feeling Dan out about putting one of their own up as a pawn to "disguise" their big alliance, and Dan wants no part of being that pawn. "I'm such a threat in this house that if I'm on the block I'm going home." Boogie's response? "You don't trust your alliance, huh?" Would you?

More filler time, as Britney and Boogie talk about how Danielle hates mornings. We also have to endure talk of her idiocy about calling herself a school teacher, and Boogie lets it out that he doesn't believe that story anyway. He believes she's either in medical school or is a nurse. The only good part of this conversation is Britney's super short shorts, and sitting in a non-classy position.

On to another big topic of the last couple of days - Ashley's medical issues. She has awful back spasms that make it so she can barely move, so the boys have to help her move around the house. "I am very lucky I have two muscular man-crutches", she says. "I feel very blessed to have everybody be so kind to me."

As if there's not enough filler in this episode, we have a have-not competition. Since Ashley is injured, she can either play or have Frank play for her. She goes with Frank. Bandanas and hats are handed to Ian, who is immediately tackled.

This week's game features everybody dressed as giant limes and lemons, and there's a lemon pond. The lemon team is Joe, Britney, Shane, Danielle, and Jenn dressed as a farmer. The rest are the limes, with Frank as the farmer. The competition has everybody soaking up juice from the big pond, and they must squeeze their juice into the jars of the other team. Boogie whispers to his team to also fill their mouths with the juice to spit into the jar.

Britney and Danielle don't want to be have-nots, as you may expect. Also, in case you didn't understand how the game works, Dan yelled it out once again in the diary room. Once the game began, it became the farmers job to help squeeze the juice out of the costumes. Danielle is appalled that a lesbian is now humping her. Oh please. I'm sure you've had those fake lesbian bar kisses to get the attention of the boys.

There are plenty of other thinly-veiled gay jokes, and even more Britney bitching. Joe doesn't appear to be doing much other than sitting in the pool, which has Daniele whining, and Ian is bummed that this would have been a possibility for Ashley to be on top of him. Ugh, even more fake showmance stuff as we see Danielle and Shane hugging to get juice.

Jenn's team is far behind, but suddenly the other team has a kink in their hose. Maybe they has a shot in the game! Frank discovers the kink, but it is now almost even. Finally, the game ends with a victory for the lemons! The Have-nots for this week are Shane, Danielle, Britney, and Joe (who complains and complains).

They walk into the house to discover their food for the week, which is candy canes and cod. Cue more whining from Danielle, but Britney isn't so upset.

Joe now heads up to talk to Frank. He says that since he's alone in the game, this could be good for his game. He also wants Frank to think about loyalty, and also how "there is not a soul that (Wil) has not lied to...if it is in my power I will try to get him out before I leave here".

My God, even more filler after another commercial. Seriously, people diving into the pool with a mini-basketball is worthy footage?

Ok, back to the game. Wil heads into the HOH to "grab your ear for a hot second". He says he expects to go up, and there's no hard feelings. Boogie goes on about going after duos at a certain point, and that their focus is on Joe. Frank asks who Wil wants to go after Joe's departure? Wil demurs, saying it's a "dangerous question", and that he believes there is a large group working together. He refrains from commenting on who he wants to go out, and Boogie is flabbergasted after he leaves. Suddenly, he is the target...although Frank still wants to get revenge on Dan. Boogie counsels that they are still not considered trustworthy, and it is not the right time to do this. "When you make a run at somebody like that, it has to be definite." For the CBS footage, though, Frank reminds us that it is still his decision as to who is nominated.

Finally, it is nomination time. We get the usual silliness from those that may be put up, including Dan (yeah, right), before everybody is pulled in. The first key pulled belongs to Britney, followed by Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Jenn, Ian, Dan, and Boogie. Yes, Wil and Joe are nominated! Frank says he nominated Joe because he voted against him against Janelle, and Wil's nomination is due to a "big ol' fib" he told him the previous week.

Wil says that everybody in the house has lied, and he's a "not classy hypocrite", and Frank says that Wil is the one who will be going home this week. Dan claims to be surprised that he wasn't nominated, as you really can't trust Boogie. "He's done a lot of diabolical things in this game." Joe screams that he's not done, as "revenge is a dish that's best served cold!" Ugh make it stop.

That's it, strikers and non-strikers! What did you think of tonight's show? Way too much filler for you, too? Give us your thoughts!

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