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Not So Much of The Night Owl

Okay so some of you guys know I lost my power yesterday....and it JUST CAME BACK...  That's right..freaking 5am the next day.  I watched as much of the feeds as I could on my Kindle before it died, but then I was pretty much SOL.

I didn't see much, but I saw enough to know that Wil didn't win POV. Frank DID win POV *vomits*. And the house flip flop has begun. Get Wil out. Get Joe out. Get Wil out. Get Joe out. Get Wil out...etc.. etc.. etc..  I really don't have any hope for my player since every time Frank leans towards wanting to keep Wil, old Eagle Eye Joe starts making up a bunch of bullshit lies again and then Frank is back to square one with the "Wil's a liar" deal....meh.. I am also fully aware that Wil's big downfall is going to be the inability to kiss ass when he needs to.  It's one of my favorite things about him but also the thing that will most likely get him booted in the end. Well.. that along with all the freaking confusion surrounding him due to Joe. I have really never seen anything like Joe ever.  I mean I actually really respected the lying and playing both sides of the house that Shelly did last year.  I didn't like her much as a player, but I thought she was pretty good at it and kept a good poker-face.  Joe on the other hand seems to have no rhyme or reason for his lies or for how much he hates Wil...he just does.. AND ITS FUCKING ANNOYING!! <--screamed in Joe DR style

Like I said, I didn't see a while lot of the feeds tonight. I just saw enough to get annoyed basically. Not only was my power out for the majority of the night, but whoever does the night feeds currently is really off their game. The cuts are getting longer and longer and it's becoming one of those things where you are watching the 24/7 fish feeds that occasionally cut to house guests.  Surprisingly...we didn't get ANY cuts that I remember during the several hour long game of charades the whole house played together after veto, but  now that game talk is going on and they are trying to decide the perks and downsides of keeping Joe or Wil, we can't see a damn thing...just fish fish fish. 

OH and I almost forgot..for those that haven't heard, apparently the person wearing the zingbot costume at the veto comp actually fainted which traumatized some of the HGs. I just though tthat was weird.  It has nothing to do with gametalk whatsoever.

Anyway, I will try to do better tomorrow as I should hopefully still have my power on then. =)

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