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Confidence In Alcohol...The Night Owl

So a few things happened that don't matter...and then a few more things happened that don't matter. There was some chit chat about sports and some cooking and some eating etc...  The general consensus of pretty much all was still lets keep noms the same and send Wil home.


This is currently all I care about.

Alcohol was delivered and being that there are a few have nots and the rest of the house drank last night, the only people drinking were Wil, Ashley, and Jenn.  Three glasses of wine and a beer later out of freaking nowhere Wil suddenly decides to fight.  Not only does he decide to fight, all of the sudden he gets it.  He has gotten it all along but I have yet to see him articulate it in a way that Frank or Boogie or anyone else would buy it, but NOW...through the power of hops and aged grapes he somehow has the confidence and the ability to tell Frank EXACTLY what he should have said before he was even put on the block.  He and Ashley march to the HOH and it goes a little something like this:

"Week one you defended me against Willie, and I was grateful, and I voted to keep you in this house.  The next time you were on the block I lied to you and I was going to vote you out, but I can't keep making excuses and apologizing for that. It's Big Brother and I lied. We all have.  Last week I voted out my former coach who would not have put me on the block had she stayed here and won. I kept you over her, and now, you and Mike are not my targets.  I will vote how you want and I will work with you if you help me stay in this house. Leave me on the block. Take Joe down. I'm not even going to ask you to take me down, I would just rather be up on the block against a bigger target, and I think you would rather use your HOH to get out someone bigger rather than waste your HOH on Me or Joe"

That was the long and short of it. There was a lot more said and votes were gone over. Ashely was also way too loud and said too much and almost killed it for Wil a few times, but Wil managed to hold it down and do his thing.

Not surprisingly Frank is really into the idea. It's what he wants to do...but Britney is crafty.  She saw Wil and Ashley up in that HOH and she spent her little spy Ian straight up there to find out exactly what was going on.  Ian argues and combats the idea.  He doesn't want it to happen and he doesn't want his idol Dan to go up on the block.  Frank holds his own though and gives Ian every statistical reason why it would be more important to get Dan out. 

I really think that if Frank can get Boogie on board this might actually happen.  I know it's a hell of a long shot and it probably won't ever happen, especially with Ian being so anti doing it which makes his vote really shaky. However...this is the only hope I have to cling to folks! It's what I have and I am going to light my candles and cross my fingers again hoping that this actually works out. 

While Ian was upstairs fighting Dan's fight for him like a good dog, Wil went downstairs upon the instructions of Frank and solidified that if Joe came off the block he wouldn't vote Wil out. They ended with a hug that Britney saw making her lazy eye spin circles in paranoia.

The thing that will make this very likely not to happen is that Ian is currently super not on board and that makes it seem like the votes might not be there and so they might be swinging and missing by putting Dan up.  Also, there is Boogie. He is already asleep and there is no telling what he will say when Frank comes to him with this deal.  Ian is really on my last nerve right now.  He really wants Dan in and he keeps making weak pitches like "let's just get rid of Wil. He has come in last in everything he played in."  Which is of course not the case at all.  He did tell Frank he would vote however he wanted unfortunately...but I don't trust that little worm at this point.

The upside if all of this actually works out? That batshit bunny boiler will be so fried and frazzled she won't know what the hell to do with herself if Dan goes home.

Regardless of whether it happens or not, I'm proud of Wil. I really thought he had given up, but he is at least going to go out swinging if he still goes out. Bravo.

Everything is still completely up in the air right now since no one has talked to Boogie and Britney's paranoid mind is spinning out of control, so I will update later if anything more happens. I feel like there is a 5% chance of hope right now though folks. I'm excited.  The one thing I like about this season is that the veto keeps being used in pretty shocking ways pretty consistently. I like it. I like it a lot!

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