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Dead In The Water....The Night Owl

Well so far tonight, nothing happened.  No really, nothing.  Nothing out of the ordinary or new anyway.

The day started very very early when BB woke up the HGs to rush the veto ceremony.  Dan was called to the DR and was tipped off that he should be concerned about being back doored and then they instantly started the veto meeting before Frank could even finish talking to Boogie about the idea of putting Dan up.  So, needless to say, the feeds came back and everything stayed the same.  Thanks a lot production.  The chance was small in the first place, but they definitely made sure it wouldn't happen once Frank started really pushing the issue with Boogie.

After the meeting Joe hugged Frank and Boogie (so obvious) and Wil had a panic attack. The rest of the house commenced daily boringness of playing in the pool and sleeping.  The general consensus of course is that Wil is dead in the water. There really is no hope. I would be willing to bet every penny I have that nothing will change between now and Thursday and he will be the one walking out the door...sigh..there goes my overnight entertainment.

There was a moment tonight where Britney said she wanted to talk to Wil and that she was considering her options, but unfortunately because dingbat crazy eyes was told by Ian the worm that Wil was after Dan, she has had on her mean pouty puss all day and each time Britney brought up the idea of considering their options she has said "No, I KNOW Wil is after Dan. He HAS to go!". 

To add insult to injury, before Wil can even talk to Britney, Joe comes over to the hammock where Britney and Danielle are talking and tells his own version of what he thinks happened the night prior.  He spins a story involving Wil saying he wanted Britney, Danielle, Shane, or Dan to leave this week in exchange for safety and that he made a deal with Frank but that Frank completely blew it off.  He went on to say that his integrity is obviously higher than Wil's and that he really wants to be there blah blah blah.

Upon Joe's exit from the hammock Danieel seethes "I KNEW IT! I JUST KNEW HE WAS AFTER US! HE HAS TO GO!".  Britney puts her own spin on it recalling a conversation that happened about a week ago before noms happened saying that Wil was a liar because he said he wanted to work with she and Shane. 

The problem with all of these conversations is that there are tiny TINY bits of truth in them..just enough to make it look suspicious and they are all taken out of context.  Wil did not go upstairs and say what Joe said he did.  He just went and pled his case...he tried to fight which is what anyone would do on the block.  He basically said "why waste a week on me or Joe when there are bigger targets in the house."  He strongly implied Dan, but definitely didn't say Britney or Danielle.  The part about wanting to work with Britney and Shane was a conversation they had before Noms when he told her that he had no one but Ashley to work with and she was hurt and that he would like SOMEONE to work with and would be open to talking to she and Shane. I think it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't mentality.  If you talk to people you are a liar and a schemer. If you don't talk to anyone you are just floating and not playing the game.

Anyway...after this hammock discussion Danielle went inside and told all Joe's lies and Britney's spins to Dan as if they were truths that she actually knew to be fact.  Apparently Joe is trustworthy now and none of them can see that Joe has a deal with Frank and Boogie. Good grief. She then went on to bitch and complain about how Shane is such a dick because he talked about how hot Dani Donato is.  Dan cut her off with "This is why I said NO SHOWMANCES".

There are a lot of little conversations like this going on in the house, but none of them vary far away from the same general idea which is get Wil out first and hope it's a fast forward or DE so they can get Joe out.

Meanwhile Joe continues to lie and scream his cooking shows at the camera and tell big whopping stories that annoy the shit out of everyone.  Danielle continues to act like a psycho about pretty much everything.  Britney continues to talk shit about everyone and somehow not be found out, and the boys in the house work out and occasionally make comments about how they are definitely keeping Joe.

I'm kind of bored to tears with these people right now. I don't feel like anything exciting will happen until at least Thursday. I'm to the point of most likely going to bed at 2am rather than holding out for 6am when they all go to bed.

I am of course sad that my favorite is going to be walking out the door.  I hoped and I hoped but alas hope has failed ...oh well..on to the next one.

But alas...I probably could have written this blog in two simple words "Nothing changed".

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