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The Unnecessary Beating Of A Dead Horse...The Night Owl

So, this evening I fire up the feeds to see Britney, Shane, and Wil outside sitting by the pool.  Everything is quiet for a while and then Wil says "So I don't really want to bother you guys, but do you know where your heads are at right now?"

Shane: "The thing is, I've been hearing that you are throwing my name under the bus trying to get me up on the block" (this is what Joe told him last night)

Wil: "That would be stupid of me since I don't even know who is working together in this house. I didn't throw your name out there" (which he didn't)

Things then move into the kitchen where everyone is having a family dinner of sorts.  Everything is super awkward.  Wil makes a few comments to Ashley and Jenn about the outside conversation and Britney pulls Danielle away into the have not room to go and talk shit about how she is SO OVER Wil.  She is over the voices and over the lies and over it's over it's over.  I'm sure you all know that this is the point at which I want to punch Britney and knock her crooked eye straight.  

Anyway...moving on.. Ashley pulls Wil into the arcade room and tells him how furious she is that they all believe the lies and the things that people are saying.  She wonders who said it and encourages him to confront people and have conversations with them about it.  Meanwhile Joe runs to Britney and Shane and does damage control making sure that everyone still believes the lies he told and that he is still staying.

At some point during the dinnner conversation Frank asks Ashley to go on a late night ice cream date with him along with a bottle of wine and some beers.  Joe does a cooking show about making some kind of cheese cake. It's super freaking loud and I have to mute the feeds.

Jenn goes outside and talks to Wil for a while about things she thinks he could do to turn the votes around.  We all know it won't happen, but at least she is trying to help.She tells him to keep having conversations. Try to talk to people etc..  He tells her he wins either way since going home to his family would definitely not be the worst thing that could happen to him.

Cut to a little while later. Britney and Ashley are in the have not room talking about Ashley's up coming date with Frank.  Britney tells Ashley that Ian is very upset about the whole thing and that he doesn't like it.  She also asks Ashley a couple of questions about what she thinks will happen. "Will you make out with him?" "Will you get some?" etc..   And then....Ashley freaking shocks me.  Until now, I knew she was ditsy, but I didn't mind because I thought she was always really sunny and smiley and seemed to be a genuinely sweet girl even though she doesn't seem to have it in her to win anything.  I'm over it now. Out of her mouth starts spewing all this negative BS to Britney of all people about Wil.  "He's just so paranoid.  He thinks people are working together and I have told him to chill out but he freaks out and gets really mad at me and we fight about it."  Lots of things and conversations that never happened.  I am literally astounded.  I mean your friend is already dead in the freaking water. He is out the door. Vote him out if you want, but was that REALLY necessary?!  Britney of course feeds on this and starts kissing up to Ashley and helping her get ready for her date.

Ashley goes upstairs to go on her date with Frank...and the bashing CONTINUES! I really can't tell you how surprised I am.  Of all the people in the house I would expect this from, Ashley was second to last.  The only person I know WON'T do it is Jenn, but I didn't expect it from her.  She tells Frank LOTS of things that are not remotely true.  Fights that supposedly happened because of her telling Wil do stop being paranoid and that he is throwing out names that he isn't.  I just really don't get the point.  Whatever..I'm over it. At th is point I am beating my own dead horse.

Meanwhile, Dan decides to take Ian on a Man Date to play pool. No girls allowed and no thinking or talking about Ashley.  No gaming goes on that I heard and it was mostly just Dan and Ian cutting up with eachother. I didn't watch a lot of it as I was mostly staring with my jaw dropped at Ashley and her upstairs shit talking fest.

At some point earlier in the night Wil went and talked to old Bunny Boiler Crazy Pants.  He didn't talk much game with her. He told her it was fine if she was voting him out but to please just let him know before the actual eviction if things look bad so he can be prepared.  She turns this into a crying fest about the supposed boyfriend "Trey".  She whines about how Shane is mean to her and makes comments to her about them not having a showmance.  She says she is upset about how "Trey" might be perceiving her relationship with Shane and how she is terrified that he might start dating someone else if he thinks things are serious with Shane.  For those of you that don't know, the person she  is talking about has denied any involvement with Danielle at all and says she is insane and that he has a girlfriend.  Regardless, Wil tells her to slip him the guys number in a sock when he leaves and he will call the guy for her and tell him whatever she wants him to know about her time in the house.  Danielle cries about it, they hug, and the conversation is over.

Dan, Ian, Britney, and Shane decide to play badminton in the backyard, but at this point I have to mute the feeds because Dan can't figure out that you have to take your necklace away from your mic if you are going to bounce around and I just can't take the pop pop popping.  I don't think there was any real game talk that went on there though.

Boogie, Wil, and Jenn chat for a while out on the outside couches about general bullshit and then Joe comes out and Wil decides to go to bed.  Meanwhile upstairs towards the end of the ice cream date, Frank tells Ashley that Wil is going home and then Joe, but he tells her they are going to try and work with her and keep her around....I just have nothing to say about Ashley right now.

Downstairs Jenn sits at the hot tub with Joe and entertains his wild tales as Jenn is good at doing.  I really wish she would start winning comps because I truly adore her for the kind of person she is and I think for the position she is in and the hand she was delt, her social game is almost impeccable.  She is flying so low she is barely even on anyone's radar at all.  I just want her to pull out a few HOH and veto comps so she can actually BE a competitor for the win. 

That's about the long and short of where we are at right now.  Nothing changes as far as who is going out or who is together etc..  As much as I am dreading seeing Wil go on Thursday, I almost just wish it would happen already so that we could move on to some new drama and these people could stop beating the same dead horse over and over and over...but alas, we still have 2 more days of it to live through and short of Joe just completely shooting himself in the foot or eating so much fried cod that he drops, Wil is still walking out the door. 

The night is still pretty young and I'm not really all that tired, so I will update if anything of interest happens, but as of now, it's been a pretty boring night. 

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