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Big Brother #14, Episode 15 Recap

To say this has been a quiet week would be a huge understatement. There just hasn't been anything going on, which does not bode well for tonight's episode. Expect a ton of filler, along with the return of a certain low budget robot. Add to that a glimmer of hope before the veto ceremony and you have tonight's entire episode.

Guess what we begin with tonight? Yes, it is the reactions to the nominations of Wil and Joe, and my suggestion is that you plug your ears to mute Joe's stereotypical full volume approach. Wil says as the game goes on, it's impossible to not take things personal and "I'm coming back for revenge". Frank admits that Wil's attitude is changing the focus from Joe to Wil. As he has said in previous shows, Joe isn't giving up. "Pack a lunch, America, because I'm going to work."

Danielle and Dan head into the bedroom, where Danielle points out that Frank and Boogie weren't lying. "Not yet", replies Dan. "You just got to be on your toes." Dan says that while he's relieved he wasn't nominated, but he still doesn't trust them as he could still be backdoored.

Meanwhile, Boogie and Frank are again patting themselves on the back, and Boogie wants Wil out because he "is such a liar". Yes, I can hear our Night Owl correspondent screaming from a half country away. Boogie explains that it was all about that attitude Wil had before nominations, and they decide to make Joe their "loyal pet". For this to happen, though, they need to talk to him.

Cue up a conversation that actually happened before the nominations, where Frank told Joe that he isn't the target this week. We used this clip on the last Big Brother Gossip Show, where Frank said that he has to keep everything on the downlow.

Boogie is then shown pulling into the lounge, and he explains that "one of my favorite pasttimes in the Big Brother house is to tell people they're 100% safe...and just do the opposite". Wil pretends to believe Boogie, but he laughs in the diary room that he's laughing at Boogie's suggestion that he pick him in the veto competition.

Now it is time for fake showmance filler, as Britney and Shane talk about how uncomfortable Danielle sometimes makes him. According to the scripted diary room dialogue, the only thing keeping the couple apart is that a showmance creates two targets.

Britney adds that while they're in this "Silent Six" alliance, she also doesn't trust Boogie and Frank. "There's definitely the possibility that they could backdoor Shane this week." It's important that THEY win the veto.

After the first commercial break, it's time for Frank to shun the spiritard. Yes, more silly filler. He gives a dumb cheer (that was taught by Danielle) and strips it off before diving in the pool. Well, at least his body saw some water this week.

Back to the game, and Ashley and Wil are chatting. Ashley says that she wants to help Wil, but she's helpless with her back injury. He then cozies up with Danielle, mainly because he doesn't buy Boogie's story that he's not the target this week. Wil then tells her his life story, and how bullying has inspired his move into music, and thankfully Danielle's interruptions are edited out.

Now it's time to select the veto players, and this week there are seven players because of Shane's veto ticket from last week. Frank pulls out Jenn, Joe gets Houseguest Choice that he uses on an injured Ashley (because he's alone), and Wil does pull out Boogie's chip! "Of course, the chip I pull out for the veto competition is the last person I want playing. Just for once, I'd like something to go my way this week." The host for the comp will be Ian, and Dan states one more time he's worried that he'll be backdoored.

And now the silliness commences. A bunch of people are lying around, and suddenly the "Zingbot" enters through the diary room door. "I'm baaaaack." The first "zinger" is to Ashley, and how her smile is the "only thing about you that's bright". Shane's zinger is about his pink tank top, but he says he's "comfortable with my sexuality". Are you? Are you really?

Britney gets a shot her way about the Brigade, and Joe and Boogie get jokes about their age. Ian's zinger is about how for a chemistry student he actually has no chemistry with the ladies, while Jenn's "bad ink" is compared to a gossip magazine. Frank is laughed at for stealing Little Orphan Annie, but he claims to not know who that is.

Ooooh, here's the good one. "Danielle, I hear Shane is going to give you a special gift after the season - a restraining order." YES!!! POW!!! POW!!! The entire house loves this does most of America. Yes, you can see the steam pouring out of her tiny brain.

Now it is time for the actual competition. It's another retread competition of sorts, where the players have to "bring baby Zingbot to life" by building a pipeline from one contraption to another. Then a magnet is used to transfer a ball from one end to the other.

After the customary declarations on how important it is to win this game, the competition begins. Jenn decides that the best method is to lay out all the pieces on the ground, and then pick the ones that fit each spot. Ashley, though, has no clue what she's doing, and complains that she never plays with puzzles. Boogie asks Ian for help, which pisses off Wil (and allows for a botox joke from Britney).

Britney then gives some tips to Shane, which segues into some whining from Danielle about wanting to kick the zingbot in the face. Dan adds that "taking puzzle advice from Britney is like taking dating advice from Ian". Good one, coach. Seriously, it was.

At this point, I'm bored with the competition, especially since we have more clips of Dan and Joe yelling. Wil is as frustrated as me, and Frank is edging closer and closer to victory. He drops the ball into the end, and ends up winning the competition! Baby Zingbot then walks out with Frank's veto necklace, which please a seemingly drugged Ashley.

When we return from commercials, Britney and Dan are "doing schematics". Britney is worried for Dan, and she complains that it's not right that after only one week they aren't trusting their alliance. Dan adds in the diary room that putting him up wouldn't be a bad idea, but doesn't think Frank  would have the votes. Britney doesn't agree, and they decide it all comes down to Ian.

Now Wil is outside talking to Jenn and Ash, and says he can't believe that Frank isn't using this opportunity to "make a huge move". With the two biggest targets not winning veto, he should use this time to go after them. Jenn adds that there must be something going on if with those people if there isn't a move to change the nominations. Wil decides that he needs to go talk to Frank to inform him that they would indeed have the votes.

Wil and Ashley head into the HOH to make their pitch. Frank counters that he's worried that it would backfire on him if it didn't work. Wil states his belief what the votes would be, but Ashley continues talking. In the diary room, Frank claims that it's making him think as this is exactly what he has wanted to do all along.

At the same time, Britney and Ian have noticed that this meeting is happening, and sends her little lapdog up to investigate. Wil and Ashley are now gone, so Ian picks his brain if "the plan is still going". Frank, who for some reason is reading the Bible, says "probably", and then stupidly lets Ian know that he is giving thought to putting up Dan. Ian immediately covers his face, but lies that he would vote as Frank wanted if the move was made. It's all about the Quack Pack to Ian, you know. Frank continues to give his reasons, but Ian pooh-poohs them all. "Dan's word is dirt", says Frank, but Ian doesn't want to "rock the boat".

Ian heads back downstairs, and tells Britney and Danielle about his "rock the boat" mantra. Danielle asks who the replacement would be, and he says that Frank is "scared of Dan". Britney, who is embarrassed by the Quack Pack name, tells Danielle to not let Dan know what is going on.

It's now the following morning, and Frank lets Boogie know about the late-night conversations that he missed. Boogie once again says that it is too early to think about going after Dan, and says he doesn't believe Dan is "as threatened by you as you think". This goes back and forth for just enough time to raise some questions as to what will happen in the concluding segment of the show.

It is finally time for the veto ceremony, and everybody does a fine job reading their scripts about trust and hope and big moves. Frank calls everybody back into the house...and does NOT use the veto. Shocker! Frank says he needs "to pick my battles", and Dan says he won last time by "dodging bullets" like this one. Of course, Wil doesn't agree that it was a smart play, and says Frank should "watch his back". Joe yells something about getting votes, while Ian is just happy his beloved (but virtually non-existent) Quack Pack still exists.

Ugh, "fan favorite" Jeff is on tomorrow night's eviction show. Why, CBS? Why? Gross. So...what did you think of tonight's episode? Did you like the Zingbot segment? Should Frank have used the veto? (Yes, Ash, we know your opinion.) Tell us your thoughts!

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