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Doomsday....The Night Owl

Well folks, it's my personal Big Brother 14 Doomsday morning.  Not only is my favorite player walking, but apparently Jeff is going to be on the show tonight.  Welcome to my hell folks.

Nothing of much interest happened tonight.  For a lot of hours most of the house played poker while downstairs Britney, Danielle, and Ashley naired Ians armpits.  He did this during BBAD claiming it would be "comedy gold" and get more air time and that they would do a segment about it on the upcoming show.  He spent the rest of the night saying that he really needed to see the medic because he has chemical burns under his armpits and walking around with icepacks on them.....PLEASE ....I naired my armpit hair for at least 4 years.  I am pretty sure he will live.  This little worm is on my nerves more and more every day.

A little earlier in the evening Wil made his pitches to Britney, Shane, Dan, Danielle, and Boogie.  He was articulate and made good points but was also realistic.  He told Britney, Shane, Dan, and Danielle exactly what had been said upstairs and cleared up the rumors that Joe had been spreading about him throwing them all under the bus.  Everyone was very receptive to it on the outside except for Britney.  She continued to act salty about it and said "I'm sorry, I told you I would be honest and things don't look good".

Shane was the most receptive to it telling Wil that he thought for his personal game it would be better to keep him than Joe and that from just a who woudl you rather live with standpoint he was light years ahead of Joe.  He told Wil he really wanted to talk to Britney and Danielle about it and see what they thought because he felt the need to vote with Britney, but that he would like to keep him in the house. At first I thought he was just blowing smoke, but here a few minutes ago he pulled Ashley in the arcade room to tell her that he had talked to Wil earlier and everything had been cleared up and that he wanted to talk to Britney and Danielle and Dan and see if they could keep Wil in the house since they control the votes.  The unfortunate part of this is that Britney will NEVER let it happen.  Who knows what it is in her bitchy crazy little head that thinks that old Eagle Eye Joe is better for her game, but whatever...we all know that's how it will go down.

Sadly, if Wil had made these pitches at the beginning of the week before Britney became so resigned to him being her enemy, he would most likely be staying because I think she and Shane and Danielle would be completely up for flipping over the vote to the opposite of what Frank and Boogie wanted since Frank can't play HOH and Boogie will most likely throw it.  However, like in a lot of cases in BB, it is too little too late and I would bet my eye teeth that no one will even consider it even if it is discussed.

Danielle and Shane both promised Wil that they would come to him in the morning and let him know if he was going home so he could at least prepare himself before it happened.  Between the anxiety attacks and homesickness etc.. I think both of them felt it was the nicer way to go instead of trying to blindside him.

There was a late night discussion between Dan and Boogie where they were talking about how much they wanted to work together from the beginning and deciding who they want to cut in what order.  Dan asks Boogie why he wants to keep Shane around for now and they talk about the easy people to cut vs the harder people.  They talk about how they don't want to take anyone with them that needs money because then they won't be able to win it because somene might sympathize with someone who needs the money more.  It really is impossible for me to like the idea of any vet making to the end.  All three remaining vets were favorites of mine in their seasons, but as I have said before, I am just over returning players vs first timers.

During Shanes conversation with Ashley he accidentally dropped to her that Joe was the one who told the lies about Wil this week.  Ashley went and told Jenn and Wil and they are currently discussing their disappointment since Wil did try to save Joe too with his pitch. 

Britney, Shane, Danielle, and Dan seem to be trying to get some time to chat about the day and most likely the looming eviction, but Eagle Eye is determined and he hasn't left a single one of them alone for a single second today.  I imagine he won't go to bed until sometime on Friday night if he doesn't get evicted in a DE tomorrow night.

That's all I got this 4am.  Happy Eviciton day to all.  If anything changes in the next few hours I will update.

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