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Done, Done, On To The Next One.... The Night Owl

Well doomsday came and  went.  Wil exited and now my feeds are forever less entertaining....sigh.. After his exit the HGs went outside to start their new HOH.  Of COURSE it's the running back and forth endurance that I have been preaching that Wil would win this whole time..but whatever..I will keep my salty feelings to myself. I am done and on to the next one.

Moving on..  Of course Shane won. There was never any question fo that as far as I am concerned.  Before he won, Britney won safety for the week. As if she needed it with Shane in power.  Into the house they went to start the eating fest for the have nots and wait for the HOH reveal. 

Jenn was apparently injured from one of the hard falls she took and so she went to her bed to lay down.  Boogie came in and spoke to her for a while and asked her if she was alright.  He talked to her abotu Wil and if she would miss him. He said he would miss him personally and that he was entertaining and things will be a lot more boring now.  Ian came in and chimed in saying that it felt like some of the energy had been sucked out the door.  The conversation was all very nice and well if I didn't know Boogie and Ian so well and how they play the game.  Whether Ian was sincere or not I don't know, but I am FULLY aware of Boogie's intentions to just sort of keep Jenn happy and on his side until he needs to cut her loose.  LUCKILY, Jenn is a smart freaking cookie and she KNOWS this.  I really want her to start winning comps because I gotta be honset folks, with Wil gone, she is the only one that I personally really like a lot. I want her to pull out some HOH and Veto wins and show them all that she is worth a whole lot more than all the upstairs crew are saying she is. 

Everyone waited around for a while for Shane's HOH reveal.  There was discussion of Wil's exit and what he meant by "I ain't nobody's Marketing Consultant".  Britney tried to relay it as if she was the onlyo ne in the know. She got some of the details wrong but basically told it comparable to what it is.  Jenn and Ashley and Danielle who all have known for a long time didn't say a word and just watched Britney run her mouth.  They all agree Wil would have been really good at the comp they just completed and likely would have won it. Then Ian went on his now nightly rant about how Wil never came in closer than 5th place to anything.  I swear this photographic memory thing is bullshit.  Even I know that isn't true...but I I go getting salty again.  Time for the HOH reveal.

I would show you pictures of the actual reveal but it was cut by fish for some reason so I was only able to watch it on the afterdark.  Britney of course got right into Shane's HOH basket and immediately started chomping with her mouth wide open and talking shit.  Boogie and Frank did not stay long and went downstairs to go to sleep.  Jenn went back down to her bed, and then Ashley burst in with an announcement "OMG there are 2 bottles of wine and 6 beers in the storage room".  Not very many people were drinking, so Joe, Britney, Danielle, and Shane got pretty tipsy pretty fast and soon this happened:

Then after a broken wine glass and a lot of giggling, THIS happened:

Slowly the stragglers trickled out of the room and once the HOH was left with Danielle, Britney, Dan, and Shane, the game talk began.  It was surprisingly easy to convince Shane that they had to just put up Frank and Boogie.  I'm actually really happy about this.  For all that I think Shane is a total Douche, I have to  give him the fact that he is winning the comps and he is apparently willing to make the big move he needs to make. 

I won't lie to you, these people bored me to tears tonight. I so miss my nighttime entertainment pair of Jenn and Wil accompanied sometimes by Ashley, but I am really hoping these guys will at least give me SOMETHING interesting to watch this week.  PLEASE let Boogie and Frank cause some fireworks when they go up. PLEASE!  If I can't have intelligent, funny conversational entertainment, I definitely need me some drama, folks.

Anyway, that's about it.  Unless something drastically changes I expect to see Frank and Boogie on the block tomorrow and I couldn't be happier about it.  I think it is the best chance I have of seeing some interesting fireworks this week.

For those interested in this sort of thing, the bunny boiler is currently begging Shane to give her a back massage while he is telling her he doesn't want to and that he is too tired.  I guess the Zingbot's zing about a restraining order only took her down a notch for a few days. 

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