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POV...Still In Progress

So I was waiting for the veto comp to end before writing an update...which, of course, will mean that it will end in the next couple of minutes. It's been going on for hours, and there's a controversy that has twitter up in arms.

The feeds came back for a few minutes before the comp, and Frank was seen explaining how he had "palmed" one of the veto chips. Having replayed the footage a few times, the explanation seems pretty simple. Boogie had pulled one of the two "Houseguest Choice" chips, and selected Ian. Frank then pulled Ian's chip, which obviously needed to be redone. He reached in again, and this time pulled the second "Houseguest Choice" chip.

I'm assuming that in the confusion over having pulled Ian's chip, CBS wasn't happy with the footage they had of Frank's official grab. They asked for a retake, and he had to "palm" the chip to ensure a correct take two. I don't doubt that second takes happen quite often for the ceremonial, scripted footage they use, such as the various meetings and voice overs. We have even heard glimpses of production conversing with the cast in the past after endurance competitions. Imagine, though, how many takes they need for Shane to read the "as Head Of Household, one of my duties..." script.

Oh, btw, the players besides Shane, Frank, and Boogie are Ian, Jenn, and Ashley. I wouldn't count on any of those three to use it if they win since it could mean one of the other "outsiders" goes up.

We will be talking about this issue, and so much more, tonight on The Big Brother Gossip Show. It will be available in the usual online spots shortly after we're finished recording, but you can also listen live at Join us at 10 pm EST, 9 pm for those living in the correct Central time zone! :)

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