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Was It Who??.. The Night Owl

Okay guys this is going to be a pretty short overnight recap.  I missed a LOT of the feeds tonight.  Yes..sometimes I life too. Unfortunately it seems like the times when I have the most going on and can't get to the feeds the most ends up happening.

I fired up the feeds early on tonight right after the nomination ceremony. I zeroed in on the camera with Frank and Boogie who are now nominated cornering Shane in the HOH about why he would nominate them.  Boogie is getting louder and louder and sounding more desperate by the minute. He is telling Shane that Wil wanted him backdoored last week but that they chose not to do it because they thought they were going to all fight down to the final 6 before they started knocking eachother out blah blah blah.  Shane pussies out and blames it on Britney.  He tells them that She was in his ear about the nominations and that she was telling him they had said they were coming after him.  Boogie  counters this by basically telling Shane that Britney is using him as her puppet and that when she is going to her bank in Oklahoma she isn't going to give a fuck about what is happening in Vermont.  Shane starts telling them that he is sorry for putting them up and that he is mad now that he let Britney have so much influence over him.  Boogie forgets that Britney won safety in the HOH comp and asks Shane if they can work on winning veto and putting Britney up.  When the conversation ends, Boogie and Frank say that they are not after Shane, they are mad at Britney and they go downstairs as Britney comes in to talk to Shane.

Shane tells Britney that he didn't throw her under the bus but that she had a little input into his nominations, but that ultimately it was his decision.  Britney isn't happy about it and decides that she needs to go have a chat with Boogie and Frank.

Britney goes downstairs into Skid Row with Boogie and Frank and tries to start a conversation. Boogie says something to the effect of "Save it Britney. Stop using Shane as your little hand puppet." .  Britney tells Boogie that her power in this game and in nominations is greatly overestimated and that it was Shane's decision, but that he had definitely heard that they were coming after him, but she wouldn't say by who.  Keep in mine here it was Ian and Danielle that told Shane that Boogie and Frank were coming after him.  Boogie keeps heavily implying by pointing to Dan's bed that Dan is the one that must have said it and that Dan is the one they have to worry about.  He and Frank both admit in front of Britney that Frank wanted to backdoor Dan last week and Boogie says he was wrong that he should have listened.

Now this is where I get fuzzy because there were phone calls and dates and other things happening that prevented me from watching....I promise I will try to do better by you guys in the future. ;)  I did go back and try to recap a little of what I missed though and from what I can tell it went a little something like this:

Britney was mad at Shane and Dan because she felt like Shane threw her under the bus and that Dan had deals with Boogie and Frank.  Shane was just confused, and Dan was mostly just quiet.  I watched a conversation/pow wow up in the HOH room between Shane, Britney, Dan, Boogie, and Frank.  They were all  hashing things out.  Britney told Boogie that she heard he was coming after her.  He admitted he was. Frank admitted he was after Dan.  The only person not talking in this situation was Dan.  He was giving up nothing and the other 4 were getting extremely anxious about it.  Finally Boogie and Frank start to call him out and ask if he is the one who told Shane that they were after him.  He gives a non committal answer like "I'm not the kind of player who drags people's names through the mud, so think what you want. You can think it came from me if you want. I will take the heat, but I don't play the game that way.".  He does this to cover for Ian because Ian is part of "The Quack Pack" but Boogie and Frank don't believe him.  The conversation goes on for a really long time and basically goes nowhere.  Finally Boogie and Frank leave the room.

Dan and Britney are left alone to chat and Dan tells Britney he doesn't know how much longer he can cover for Ian running back and forth.  He says he will take the heat this time, but that he needs to see a line drawn in the sand that Ian is with them. Eventually they call Ian up to the HOH with Shane and tell him as much.  Ian says he is completely with them and totally on board.

Meanwhile downstairs Danielle is cornered in the arcade room with Frank and Boogie.  The 2 of them are telling her that Dan is a liar and that he has had a final 3 deal with them for quite some time now and they have all been working together.  Danielle doesn't really give up any info she mostly just listens. 

Once Britney gets out of the HOH she goes downstairs to the arcade room to talk to Danielle alone.  Surprise surprise Danielle is NOT upset about their alliances being questioned. She is not upset about the lies and the rumors and the craziness that just ensued after noms...oh no..but she claims her blood pressure is "like 300 over something" because she tried to come upstairs while the chat was going on and Shane didn't let her in the room.  She is super  pissed and she would kill herself if Britney was not in the house she says. "I guess I'm not cool enough to go hang with the cool kids".  Why am I not surprised...

There was a lot of Drama that happened, but the general consensus is still exactly the same as it was when they decided to nominate Frank and Boogie. One of them has to go.  The "Quack Pack" all still agree that they will get out one of them depending on who wins veto, but Dan and Britney agree that the way things were handled after noms was terrible.  Dan says it was poorly executed and that he blames himself for not coaching Shane through making the move. 

Right now Joe is talking really loud to people in the kitchen and Danielle and Britney are having a love fest for eachother in the HOH tub so I am going to call it a night.  Things should get pretty interesting after the POV tomorrow.  We will be talking about it during the BBG show tomorrow night!!

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