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Short and Sweet...The Night Owl

It's going to be short and sweet tonight.  The feeds were down most of the day and half the night for "the veto comp". Then I was doing the show for a few hours and then I watched a little bit of the feeds, but by the time I watched nothing was happening.

Basically what you need to know is that Frank is still an unkillable cockroach. He won the POV. I have no doubt this curly headed muppet would survive any nuclear war situation and most likely be able to live for days on end with no head.  No one has this many lives. 

Anyway...obviously he is coming off the block.  Supposedly the reason the feeds were down for more than 7 hours was because of a big fight between Dan and Frank where Frank outed the not remotely "Silent Six".  However, that is a rumor and I have no way of proving it since the feeds were on trivia at the time.  When I first started watching tonight the general consensus of Shane, Britney, and Danielle was that they were going to put Jenn up, but old Eagle Eye Joe is hard at work again.  He is running back and forth throwing Ashley under the bus and saying that she is with Frank.  When Britney asks him why she would be with Frank, Joe tells her something along the lines of "I dunno, she is wearing Wil's clothes..I guess that's just where she is at.". What?!  Joe never makes any sense to me.  So now they are starting to talk about putting up Ashley as the pawn instead. 

I really don't want to see Jenn go up as a pawn since the pawn's have a tendency to go home and Boogie does have the gift of gab, but I very likely may happen.  I expect to see either Ashley or Jenn up on the block as a pawn tomorrow with the intention of Boogie going home, but the eviction is a long way away so we shall see how the week plays out.

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