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The Night Owl....Snore

Okay..well...what happened tonight?  What DID happen tonight?  A whole lot of nothing is what has happened so far.  I have been trying to make myself watch and stick with it, but tonight has just been one of those lull nights almost like the nights when there are only 2 or 3 people left in the house and no one wants to talk much game because everyone is in the same room so you can't talk shit about the other people.

Early in the night Frank and Boogie sat and chatted for a while both to themselves and to Britney and to Ashley all about wanting to get Dan up on the block.  Boogie is trying pretty hard, but to be honest I don't think there is even a chance in hell of Dan going up.

Everyone in power seems set on putting up most likely Jenn.  Ashley's name has been thrown around occasionally, but Shane has assured her that if it is she or Jenn or really anyone else going up, Boogie is still the one going home and they have nothing to worry about.

I'm not terribly excited about Jenn going on the block.  She is my favorite remaining member of Team Tits.  I do think if she has to go on the block this is the best week to do it though.  I don't think she will get voted out over Boogie.  It woudl take a WHOLE lot of talking and reasoning on his part and some very stupid choices by the other house guests for him to stay.

Ashley is once again lost a little and much like she though Shane would go up to replace Wil, she now is half convinced Dan will go up to replace Frank.  She seems to have floated more towards siding with Frank and Boogie rather than the other side of the house. Neither side would be loyal to her so it doesn't matter much, but it would be nice if she floated towards the people in power to keep herself more safe.  I don't think sticking by Frank is going to be a smart move for her in the end.

The only excitement that has come so far this evening was a mistep by Ian who sprained his ankle playing badminton. Apparently there was a medic situation...we of course just saw fish, but when the feeds came back everyone said he is fine, so I expect it is a minor injury.

Aside from that nothing much is goin gon outside of casual conversation.  I expect to see most likely Jenn put up on the block today. Hopefully she survives it.  G'night.

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