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Big Brother #14, Episode 10 Recap

Hu-bris /’(h)yoobris/

Noun: 1. Excessive pride or self-confidence

Example: See Mike Boogie or Frank Eudy.

I’d say every person has a moment in their life where ego gets the best of them. Job security, financial projections, relationships, etc. We’ve all been hit by a situation that should have been seen from a thousand miles away.

Unless something strange happened in the couple of hours before tonight’s live eviction, we will see the definition of hubris in action tonight. Frank and Boogie have completely ignored or failed to notice HUGE indications that things were not going as well as they believed. Even being put up as a replacement nominee when no change was necessary didn’t cause a raised eybrow.

Instead, they spent the entire week lying around the house. Boogie took long, long naps and made idle chitchat in the backyard. Frank floated around the house, occasionally winking at a person or two to see if they were still on board to keep him around. At no time did either of these cocksure brainiacs have a serious conversation about Frank’s future in the house.

That will be Frank’s downfall, but it appears that’s not the only big news for the night. It appears that this will be the episode where the worst dreams of Big Brother purists come true. All indications from CBS point to this as an inevitable part of the show, and most predict there will also be an endurance competition. It should be an interesting episode, and for quite some time afterwards. (Buy the feeds now, folks!)

Before we get to all of that, though, we have some (heavily) edited footage to sit through, commencing with the reactions to Shane’s big veto replacement move. Boogie is not happy that he can’t go on “cruise control” this week. “I’m a little perturbed that they’re making me go back to work this week.” Ashley, of course, is ecstatic, but, obviously, Frank isn’t. He still believes he has the votes to stay in the house, though. Shane furthers this belief by whispering that their plan is still in effect. For some reason, we have to hear Danielle proclaim Shane’s move as wonderful, and we also have to listen to Joe scream some more about how he’s feeling better.

Frank joins Boogie in the bedroom, and attempts to calm him down by saying he’s still safe. “You knew you were getting nominated”, Boogie asks. Frank replies that if the noms were changed he knew it would be him. But “no matter what happens, you’re still good”. Boogie is pissed that Frank didn’t provide him these details. “I hate this lack of trust thing. What do we have to do to show we’re down?”

Britney then comes into the room with the biggest smile she’s had all season, and says “I know you’re pissed”. She again repeats the “forseeable circumstance” comment from Ian, and Boogie agrees he needs to be more careful with his words. Britney says that with Danielle the swing vote, Frank should be safe.

Wil is then shown heading into the HOH, and says that Shane’s move was amazing. They all pat themselves on the bat for awhile, and for some reason Ashley jumps into talking about the “spiritual world”. Everybody yawns as she rambles on, but then Shane says this was either the “biggest” or “stupidest” move in the game.

The camera shifts over to Ian in the have-not game, and he’s not happy that his biggest ally in the game is now up for nomination. He then joins Boogie and Frank, who consoles him while again relating the “forseeable future” story. “Don’t worry about it”, says Frank, urging him to remain calm. Boogie reminds him that all they need is Daniele’s help…and Dan.

For some reason, we then get to watch Britney and Janelle babble about menstrual and labor pains. Janelle says she never cries, and Britney is amazed. Britney feels that her lack of emotions is “a definite advantage in this game”.

With this filler over, we now see Janelle hanging out with Joe and Wil badmouthing Frank. Wil sticks up for Frank a bit, saying he’s not a bad guy. “(He’s) pure evil in this game”, replies Janelle. “Frank leaving is a best-case scenario for you. You’re getting your biggest competitor out of this game. This is a huge move for you, because they could have backdoored you but I had to keep you off the block. I kissed ass for three days straight.” Uh oh. Wil doesn’t take kindly to this conversation. “Thank you for saving me two weeks in a row”, he sarcastically replies.

Janelle carries on with this topic, and Wil is clearly getting more pissed off. Talk finally moves on to the next HOH competition, and Janelle says it will probably be an endurance comp. If it’s between him and Ian, will he make a deal with him? “I’ll tell him to go fuck himself”, says Wil. Janelle continues to talk over Wil, and the anger again rises before Wil finally walks away. Joe asks what the deal is, and Janelle’s reply is that he’s “just a bitchy guy”. Truthfully, she catches herself before she says something worse.

The next morning, Wil and Joe are sitting outside, and Wil asks his thoughts about Janelle. “She was all nervous about you last night.” Joe says he wasn’t quite sure what he witnessed last night, so Wil repeats that her claim that she was saved only because she kissed Frank’s ass the previous week.  Now Joe is freaked out, as Wil is one of HIS votes to stay.

Joe heads right back in the house to repeat (or should I say embellish) the story to Ashley. “I think he may have already joined their side”, he claims. Ashley heads out to grab Janelle, and Joe tells her that Wil is “insanely mad at you”. Joe now thinks they’re in “serious jeopardy”. This is doomsday for Janelle, or at least she claims in the diary room.

After the first commercial break, Janelle grabs Wil to clear the air. Wil claims he was made to feel like an idiot, and Janelle then whips out the tissue to create some fake tears. Ok, now I understand the inclusion of that earlier footage with Britney. She admits in the diary room that she’ll do anything to make Wil believe they’re still on the same team, and damned if she isn’t a competent enough actress. Ooooh, the closeup on her lips are horrific. Double oooh, Wil claims he is seeing right through her fake tears. I do like this guy. “I’m not buying it, but I’ll act along…but I’m not trusting her for another second in this house”.

Oh wait, there’s Dan. I almost forgot about him. Frank and Boogie are talking to him because to get Daniele’s vote “you have to go through Dan”. Frank says that Daniele is “completely protected” because it is Janelle’s players they’re going after. “I want to work with people in this game I can trust”, says Frank, who also asks Dan for a number on how much he trusts them. Dan babbles about how he has “game tape” on Boogie’s previous years, so their scores can’t be the same. To make sure we have doubts on who is going home, Dan yells at the diary room camera that he’s now unsure on how Daniele should vote.

Jump to Dan talking with Daniele, and Dan says he’d rather work with Frank and Boogie. She’s worried, though, that they’ll put her up this week, but is also excited about having some power this week. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to anger her boy Shane, and Dan tells her to “stop liking” him. “He’s not your husband. He’s not going to be your boyfriend.” Daniele claims that she’s not thinking along those terms, but Dan isn’t buying it. “Nothing gets between me and my Shane”, he jokes, but Danielle claims she’s not letting Shane get between him and the prize money. Yeah, right.

It’s time for Julie’s meaningless chatter with the house, and she starts by asking what Ian has planned for the three grand that Boogie gave him after the coach’s comp. “Rent and necessities”, he replies. Boogie is then asked if it was difficult to take the bigger portion, but he doesn’t really answer except to say happy birthday to an uncle.

Oh Lord. Danielle is asked about her kiss with Shane. Ugh. On a scale of 1- 10, Daniele says it was a ten. Gross. Shane thoughtfully ups it to a 10.5. Footage of the coach’s comp is then shown to Janelle, and she just complains about her bruises. Thankfully, we’re now done with this segment.

Before we get to the actual eviction, we have to endure Julie’s talk with the HOH, Shane. He’s asked about his big move, and he babbles about the difficulty of balancing his thoughts with his coach. He admits that his relationship with Frank has suffered, and he can’t trust either Frank or Boogie. Of course, Julie has to ask about the FAKE kiss, but thankfully Shane says that he can’t have a showmance in the house! THANK THE LORD!!!

OOOOh, we get to see Frank’s dad, starting with his admission to Boogie that he’s Sid Vicious! After a little history lesson on Sid’s career, we head to Sid’s home. YES!!! Of course, Daddy thinks Frank is a huge target because he’s the greatest! Frank does admit that he hasn’t had the best relationship with his dad over the years, and we get the acoustic guitar music as Sid admits that the life of a professional wrestler means the children suffer. His mother adds that Frank would probably be surprised to hear how closely Sid has followed his son’s life in the house. Frank ends the segment by saying he hopes his father is indeed watching.

It’s finally eviction time, but before we get to it Julie has an announcement. She talks about how there have been theories throughout the season, and that there has been a poll on whether to allow them to enter the game. Julie opens the results of this vote, and America has (supposedly) voted to give them that chance. A coach can give up the right to be a coach, and if that does happen then there is NO eviction tonight. Instead, everybody would battle in tonight’s HOH competition. If the coach’s don’t remain in the game, then next week SOME of the evictees will have a chance to return to the game.

To make this work, the coaches will be brought into the diary room, and if any of them presses the reset button then they all re-enter the game. Britney is the first to choose, and after a moment of indecision she does indeed hit the button. Boogie then comes in, and doesn’t hit reset. Dan also hits the button, as does Janelle. Seriously, this was a poorly thought-out twist with zero chance of it not happening.

Julie then gives the news to the house, and they’re all led out back for the HOH competition. Boogie is clearly not happy. After commercials, we see that it’s a “hang on the wall” type endurance competition, and this time it is in the shape of a ship. Oh, and Shane is indeed allowed to play once again. Like always, after a minute or so the ship’s wall begins to move back and forth. And like always, after commercials they’re hit by water. My God, Grodner is so predictable!

That’s how we end his abortion of an episode. What are your thoughts? Are you glad Frank was saved (making two days in a row that my intro doesn’t work)? Do you like the coach’s twist? Let us know what you think!

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