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The Night Owl

Tonight was another really drab night in the BB house.  Earlier in the day Jenn City was put up as a replacement nominee when Frank took himself off the block.  She was put up to be a pawn, but the problem is that no one told her that.  She got pretty salty about it and had a few choice words about people like Danielle who had promised her she would tell her if she was ever in danger of going up.  All this could have been solved if they had just taken her aside and told her she was a pawn to get Boogie out, but no one did that. Jenn tried to talk to both Britney and Shane, but Britney claimed that she was completely shocked and had no idea why Jenn was up and Shane gave some bullshit excuses about how Jenn is really close with Boogie under the radar so she was the obvious choice. 

In another turn of unfortunate events Ashley seems to have turned her back on team tits.  She decided that keeping Boogie would be her best bet and so she has decided to not only vote against Jenn, but to try and help rally the votes to keep Boogie in the house.  The problem with this of course is that the people she is talking to about keeping him are Ian and Joe who are both in some way shape or form in alliances with Britney, Shane, Danielle, and Dan.

Jenn is currently not talking to Danielle, so the batshit crazy bunny boiler has managed to turn most of the night into a "poor me I am the victim of everything" night.  I I I I ME ME ME ME I I I I ME ME ME ME. It's freaking exhausting. I am so over this girl.  Even Britney called her out about it earlier and Danielle still managed to guilt Britney for getting on to her about guilting peiople. She is relentless.

At some point during BBAD Joe had some kind of heart palpitation episode, but for all intents and purposes he seems to be fine.  The DR said he might have had an anxiety attack...who knows.. He is now besties with Britney and Shane and has been pretty much living in the HOH tonight.

Joe and Ian have been of course ratting out Ashley's plan to keep Boogie to Britney who I am sure will tell everyone who will listen to her as soon as she gets the chance.  I haven't heard Dan say much of anything at all tonight.  He makes appearances on Camera, but ever since the attempted call out by Frank and Boogie he hasn't really been speaking.

As of now Jenn is not the target and everyone is still on team get Boogie out.  I'm happy about that, but I do wish some good drama would go down.  These people are boring me to tears this week. 

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