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Big Brother #14, Episode 18 Recap

I'm sure this will shock a good percentage of you readers who are tired of my negative attitude this season, but I'm actually kind of excited to see tonight's episode. There was a ton of activity in the house between Friday night and late Monday morning, the time frame this episode covers, so we shouldn't have ANY filler (but probably will).

So much happened, in fact, that it is inevitable that some quality material just won't be used, particularly from the post-nomination fireworks that went on throughout most of Friday night. Sadly, this will also happen tomorrow night, as three days of explosive actions and paranoia will be dwindled down into one short segment before the "fast forward" activities commence.

Let's jump right into tonight's show with the emotional fury that kicked off immediately after Shane's (not so) shocking nominations of Frank and Boogie. Shane explains that he had to go after them after he heard that Boogie and Frank were coming after them, but Frank calls Shane his "best friend" and he feels "blindsided". Really? Boogie's response? "Shane done lost his mind!" He still thinks that there is a chance both of them will stay. Ian, meanwhile, is beyond happy but hopes that nobody discovers he had a part in this.

Frank heads into the bedroom to talk to Boogie, and they decide that it was Britney, with the backing of Dan. Boogie says he has nothing to lose, so "I'll blow the whole thing up". Frank reiterates that Dan definitely has something to do with this.

They head out, and ask to talk to Shane. This is a mind-numbing conversation, as Shane talks about how his name had come up in conversations from others. "Are you claiming that you know something beyond what the whole house knows?", asks Boogie. Shane throws out Joe's name as their source (which isn't quite how the conversation went), and that combined with the cube with the question mark in the arcade game is why they went up.

Boogie is furious, and Frank presses Shane until he does throw out Britney's name. Apparently, she influenced him to make a "big move...obviously, I don't have a good social game". "Yeah, we know", says Boogie. Shane basically lets the entire cat out of the bag, and the conversation finally ends with Boogie saying they could work together again if he "fixes" this.

Britney now comes up to the HOH to find out what was said about her, and Shane stupidly tells her all. Seriously, we covered this all on the last Big Brother Gossip Show. Britney is obviously not happy, and lets him know it...and she now "has to run downstairs to do damage control".

She heads into the bedroom to talk to Boogie and Frank, and honestly we had a better clip of this conversation last Saturday. Boogie brushes her off, saying "you're using him as your puppet". Boogie does try to get more info out of her by asking who else was giving Shane info, but Britney continues to just deflect all the blame away from her. Shane walks into the room, but Britney tells him to leave...and then she claims that a "super reliable source" gave the info. Frank comes right out and says it has to be Dan.

Conversation over, she heads into the lounge and whines to Shane that she "quit her job and left her husband" to come here, and it's not right that he threw her under the bus. Shane backtracks a little bit, and says that he couldn't let it out that the others (Dan and Ian) were also involved. "Did you want me to throw everybody under the bus?" Britney actually makes the most sense here, but that's mainly because Shane's under-100 IQ makes it impossible for him to create a coherent sentence.

Ian now walks into the room where Frank and Boogie are sitting, and they stupidly let him know that they believe Dan is the person who "convinced Britney and Shane to take a run at us". Ian plays along, claiming Dan is a "wolf in sheep's clothing". Oh, Ian is loving every second of this.

After commercials, Boogie and Dan are lying around in the bedroom, and Boogie is being not-so-subtle with his wisecracks. Dan claims that he would not do anything against them, and Boogie points out that last week's targets were more dangerous than Wil. Dan screams in the diary room that he can't expose Ian, but also denies that he had anything to do with the nominations.

Dan then heads up to the HOH, where Shane is talking to Frank and Britney. Boogie follows them to have "an open forum". Dan says to "fire away and I'm sure we'll answer honestly", which made me choke on my whiskey a little bit. I guess Britney has been taking diary room lessons from Joe and Dan, as she now screams.

This meeting finally ends with Boogie saying that Dan's silence says everything, but Dan swears on his wife that he's not lying. Frank laughs, saying he has lied to him before, but he's supposedly not this time. Boogie isn't buying it. "I think I got it."

Once Frank and Boogie leave, Dan complains that he can't keep "taking the heat for that kid", but Britney says Ian has been giving them great info. He says that he'll take heat for the group as long as that kid appreciates it. "Otherwise, I'll throw him to the wolves. I don't care."

It is now time to pick veto players, and this should be interesting as there are TONS of rumors over what happened here. Shane picks first, and gets Jenn. Boogie then reaches in the bag, and pulls out the House Guest choice pin. He chooses Ian, but Ian doesn't know he's being chosen because he probably won't win not because he still thinks he's an ally.

A long shot is then shown of Frank reaching into the bag, and he also gets HG choice...and chooses Ashley. Now here's where the controversy lies. He had originally pulled out Ian's chip, but Ian was already in the game. He pulled a second time, and this time got HG choice. Reportedly, CBS asked for a second take, and Frank palmed that chip to make sure CBS got the proper shot. Is that how it happened? I guess we'll never know. Either way, both Boogie and Frank are happy because Dan isn't in the competition.

They head outside to "Big Brother Candy World", which pleases that dumb hippy Ashley. They get five minutes to stare at all of the exhibits, and even Shane has figured out that it is a "counting game". Ian, meanwhile, knows he has to throw it as a win will create an expectation to save either Frank or Boogie.

So the game goes like this - they have to make guesses on the number of items, and the winner is the person closest to the correct answer. The first to "win" three lollipops wins, and the one farthest from the answer is out.

The first question is a candy chick mural, and, of course, whenever they have diary room commentary form Ashley you have to have the "silly" music. Frank, Shane, and Boogie "stay" in this round, and Frank wins the first lollipop. Boogie is already out.

In the second round, it's a lollipop tree, and after more stupidity from Ashley, it is between Frank, Shane, and Jenn. Frank wins once again, and Jenn is now out. The third question is a giant vat of candy hearts, but this time Frank folds. It is between Shane and Ian, and this time Ian is out of the game (but he's obviously not too upset).

For the fourth round, it is candy heart drops on a wall, and Frank again folds. It is between Shane and Ashley, and this time Ashley gets the lollipop...but Shane is now eliminated. If Frank had stayed in, he would have won.

Instead, it is now between Ashley and Frank, which causes Dan to yell some more in the diary room. We have a giant gumball machine, and dumb Ashley folds to give Frank the automatic veto (which he would have won anyway since his answer was closer). Yes, Dan and pals, we know it is your "worst case scenario".

After another round of commercials, we move to the token appearance of Jenn for tonight's episode. She's sitting with all of the "floaters", and Boogie says that he needs to rally the troops to go against Dan, Britney, and company. "I've got to get these guys fired up." He tells them all about how Dan works on them not by competitions, but by his social game. Jenn says that Boogie is making sense if she is to have any chance of winning the game.

Boogie is now seen in the HOH with Britney, making amends of sorts. He thinks that if he can get her trust, maybe he can get Dan on the block. "Part of my problem right now isn't going home or losing the game, but losing friendships." Oh Lord. He "does a Janelle", by adding fake tears as he talks about hoping that she continues to work with Frank, but Britney isn't buying it. "Come on, Boogie. Tears?"

Oooh, a second Jenn she is now talking with Jenn. She points out that Dan is "the most dangerous player here", and that he should think about the long term.

One more attempt from Boogie, as he heads upstairs once again for a final talk with Shane. "Dan is such a scary person to leave in this game." He gives Shane a history lesson on how Dan lets everybody else do his dirty work, and Shane claims that he has been thinking about this. Meanwhile, Danielle is freaking out to Britney that this conversation is taking so long. Boogie, though, is hopeful that being the last person to talk to the "idiot savant...minus the savant" will be the voice that makes it happen.

So it is now veto meeting time, and after all of the background conversation on who it should be that replaces Frank, Shane gets up and puts up...Jenn. Boogie is obviously not happy, nor is Jenn as she almost rejects a handshake from Dan and says she is now fired up. Boogie claims he still has hope, though, as he believes he has a couple of votes. One of those votes, however, is Ian, who has a "hand in his going home".

That's all, folks! What did you think of tonight's show? Did they accurately show most of what happened this past weekend? Was the nomination of Jenn a smart move? Tell us. Tell us now!

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