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The Night Owl ...Flip Flop Flip Flop Flip Flop Flip Flop

Lots of back and forth tonight but nothing about the outcome has changed.  Eagle Eye Joe has been hard at work causing lots of drama but not doing any of the calling out he promised he would.

When I fired up the feeds tonight Joe was hard at work in the storage room letting Jenn know that Ashley was planning on voting against her.  A little prior to this Jenn had talked to Dan, Danielle, and Joe about their votes and they all promised her that she is 100% safe and that she is a pawn.  This seemed to make Jenn feel better about life.  She then went outside to do some pilates with Danielle, and Danielle elaborated more on what she knew about the things not only Ashley had been saying, but also the things Boogie and Frank had been saying about Jenn.

Feeling a bit salty about Ashley in general, Jenn went upstairs to hang out with the not remotely silent six..or the quack pack..whatever you want to call them.  Jenn made nice with Shane and the rest of the crew and they all discussed their disappointment in Ashley flipping and deciding to try and roll with Frank and Boogie.

A while later Britney, Daneille, and Jenn were in the HOH just hanging out and talking when Ashley decides to enter.  Jenn is pretty cold to her and Ashley actually catches the vibe.  While she is upstairs, old Eagle Eye is busily telling Frank that he isn't going to vote to keep Boogie.  Frank tries for a good long while to sweet talk Joe and convince him and then enters Ashley.  She knows that Joe had to be the one who said something to someone about her vote since she had not told anyone else and she can tell Jenn is pissed off at her.  Joe doesn't tell the exact truth.  He goes on for a while acting like he didn't say anything to anyone and acting as if he is entertaining the idea of keeping Boogie.  He starts asking Ashley a bunch of questions about lies he still believes that Wil told and not shockingly per her character lately, Ashley lies about the supposed lies.  I am completely thrown off by her lately. 

Eventually Joe says that he told Shane that Ashley wasn't voting to keep Jenn, but didn't tell Jenn....yeah okay Joe.  Anyway, Ashley gets upset because she says she was going to vote with the house and keep Jenn on her side if she couldn't get the votes to keep Boogie.  She spends a while talking shit about Jenn and then eventually turns her frustration at Joe and complains to him about having a big mouth.

Meanwhile upstairs Jenn is getting along better and better with th rest of the house which in my opinion is a good position for her to be in right now.  After Joe's conversation with Frank he ends it by saying that he isn't voting to keep Boogie and he runs upstairs to talk to the rest of the house.  When he enters the room and starts talking, Ian starts crying. 

No one is sure why Ian starts crying so Britney decides to take him downstairs to the arcade room to have a chat with him.  Ian says he feels like a jerk and that he feels bad for Boogie.  He says he doesn't want to change his vote but that he feels like a terrible person voting Boogie out.  Britney says "you DO realize who you are voting out right? The guy that wears 5 ponytails in his hair to veto and wears shirts that say 'ChillTown party of two at 42'".  Ian says that  he understands, but that he still feels bad.  He agrees again to not change his vote though.

Everyone in the house except for Frank and Ashley are now set to keep jenn and vote out Boogie.  Everyone except Frank and Ashley agree if they win they will put Frank and Ashley on the block.  I have a feeling Ashley is going to flip her vote back just so that she can try to gain back favor with Jenn, but as of now that is where everyone fun fun. Flip flop flip flop...

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