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Big Brother #14, Episode 19 Recap

We gather here tonight to say goodbye to a legend. Well, a self-proclaimed legend. A man whose third tour of Big Brother duty will end tonight, thanks to a hammock-shaking dweeb who took to heart the lessons of his coach.

That's right - after tonight there is no more Chilltown II. No more badly scripted joint diary room cliches. No more tween outfits that look silly on any adult, let alone one in his early 40's. Mike "Boogie" Malin will be making his final exit tonight, and it is unlikely that we will ever seen him again outside of this season's finale.

But that's not all we'll see tonight, as this is a double eviction show. Or Fast Forward, or whatever cutesy name Grodner has Chen proclaim this annual event. Besides Boogie's eviction, there will be an HOH comp, nominations, a veto comp/meeting, and a second person leaving the house. One more HOH competition will probably close the show, although the results will likely not be known until the feeds come back on.

Before we get to all that, we do have one segment designed to make us believe that Boogie may not be going. Like last night's episode, there is actually a plethora of usable footage, and it is too bad that all of this is going to be summed up in a five minute segment. For more on what actually happened, be sure to tune in to this week's Big Brother Gossip Show.

Back to tonight's show, and the opening segment that shows Shane "shocking" the house with by putting up Jenn as his replacement nominee. Both Jenn and Boogie are clearly fuming as Dan offers a handshake after the ceremony, but Boogie tells him to "save it". Jenn admits to generally just laying back (obviously), but she is now "going to be a force to be reckoned with".

Frank, meanwhile, admits that he's happy to be off the block, but is pissed that Boogie may be leaving. He joins Boogie in the bedroom, where he is still going off on Dan's handshake attempt. Ian then wanders in the room, and says that it is "not going to be an easy decision" to choose between his two teammates. Boogie is pissed, but Ian immediately defuses it. "I have to make sure...that he doesn't find out that I'm working against him", he explains in the diary room. (By the way, it is already amazing how much material they're not using.)

Dan now wanders into the living room and kitchen, but neither Boogie or Jenn even acknowledge him. Britney heads into the lounge to gossip with Ashley and Danielle about how uncomfortable it all feels. Boogie then starts poking at Shane, who does his usual runaround, incomplete sentences, which causes Frank to say "stuff your sorries in a sack, man". Boogie adds that he just "looks like Dan's bitch right now". The girls in the other room are shocked because Boogie is "terrorizing the house".

The conversation goes back and forth, while Dan lays in the living room reading the Bible. We just ahead a few minutes, and Boogie is now sitting next to Dan throwing some more wisecracks. Jenn then enters the room, and she begins participating. Oh, in case you forgot, Dan has to remind us in the diary room that he's taking all this heat for Ian. Boogie adds that the others should remember that if Dan makes the final three he'll probably throw that last competition so he won't have to make that fatal decision.

We jump ahead to Jenn and Ian in the bedroom, and she is still reeling about being nominated. "They're going to have meet a new Jenn City, and she's just arrived". The footage jumps to her interrogating the rest of the house, saying how she's a "wild card" that is going to "go out kamikaze style". Ian, though, points out in the diary room that since she's just a pawn she needs to chill out.

So that's it for the entire first three days of the week, as we go right to the announcement that tonight is a double eviction (which they already know, btw). The second evictee will also be the first to enter the jury.

It is final plea time, and Jenn goes first with a pleasant enough speech that asks them to vote to "keep your trusted and loyal homie, Jenn City". Boogie starts off by thanking his business partner and his child, and then goes right to pleading Joe for his vote. For some reason, he ends with a shoutout to the New England Patriots.

Voting begins with silly Ashley, who votes to evict Jenn. Britney is the second vote, and as expected she votes to evict Boogie. Joe then enters, and Boogies' plea doesn't work as he votes to evict Boogie. Frank then ties it by voting against Jenn, but Dan, Ian, and Danielle all vote against Boogie. Boggie is out by a 5-2 vote!

Julie announces the results,, and Boogie calmly says goodbye. Ian apologizes, and hands him what appears to be sunglasses. When he hugs Frank, he loudly tells him that Ian is not to be trusted. "I know that already", Frank replies.

Boogie departs, and Julie starts off by asking what Ian told him. "He said that I will be seeing some things that I won't like. Apparently, I didn't get his vote. He referenced something I said to an evicted house guest during All-Stars, which was 'get to steppin', and he said it with a bit of conviction in his voice. He might be playing for the other side."

Boogie adds that he is pretty shocked by this, and that no one is to be trusted. He loves the kid, but if "he did me wrong, it is just going to reflect on him". The final goodbyes start off with silliness from Frank, but Britney imitates the Chilltown phone gimmick. "Oh hey Janelle, Boogie is not here." That's the Britney I love! Dan says that he has a high respect for him, and that he wanted to work with him. It wasn't him that "ratted you out". No, it was Ian, who talks about how he has been watching him since he was ten. While he does have "respect and admiration for how you played this game", he admits to the Quack Pack alliance. "This week, I masterminded your demise. I learned from one of the best, and that is why you're sitting with Julie right now." Boogie claps for him, and tips his hat. "The Quack Pack? Ohmigod!"

It's now time for the HOH competition, and it is a "Before/After" question competition. Julie reads off an event, and they have to pick if it happened before or after the second one she reads. The first question is about the lemon/limes and the zingbot, and Ashley is immediately out (shocker!). Willie's expulsion and Janelle's first coach win is the next question, and now Joe, Dan, and Jenn are out. The third question is the breaking news bulletins versus Jojo hosting a competition, and Frank screws up and is out! It's the game reset versus candy canes, and they all pick "before". The fifth question is about Wil's speech, and now Britney is out.

It is between Danielle and Ian for the tie-breaker. Julie asks how many seconds it took for the lime team to win. Danielle guesses 1200, while Ian goes for 1000. Ian is the new HOH!

Everybody rushes in as we go to commercials, and when we return Ian is shown making a one-week deal with Joe. Julie calls for them to gather in the house, and a nervous Ian puts up Frank and Ashley. "I'm really sorry, guys."

After yet another commercial, it is time for the veto competition. It is basically this year's version of the infamous comp from last year that saw Jeff laughingly screw up. They have to find clovers in a big pit of balls. After two found clovers, they get to grab the veto.

Ian is the first with a clover, followed by Frank and Joe. Danielle and Shane then both find one, but suddenly Frank finds the second one AND the veto. He has saved himself once again!

Shockingly, Frank does indeed use the veto after we had to endure him wondering about Ian's next move with Shane and Britney. Ian replaces him with Joe ("pop a squat").

CBS is clearly paying a lot of bills tonight, as we have yet ANOTHER commercial break before the next round of final pleas and voting. Ashley goes first, and she is obviously on Xanax. She is slurring her words as she babbles about how she has been underestimated. Seriously, I can't understand her. Julie finally shuts her up. Joe then gets up and doesn't speak. It's all hand movements. Yeah, you're really funny.

Jenn is the first vote, and she votes to evict Ashley, as does Shane and Britney. Frank, though, votes against the "terrible chef", but Danielle seals the fate by voting against Ashley. For the record, Dan also votes against Ashley. What a waste of a double eviction night! Ashley meanders through her hugs and out the door. Just awful.

Before the dumb interview, we get a peak in the house as Frank is wandering around complaining about everybody. Julie interviews Ashley, but I have no idea what she is saying. Thankfully, it's a short interview...and the show is over.

Your thoughts? Are you happy Boogie is gone? Or that Frank is still there? Most importantly, what types of meds is Ashley on? Let us know!

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