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The Night Owl

Nothing happened tonight.

I could probably end this blog with that, but I will drag you through some of the monotonous details since I did after all watch it happen.

The looming eviction is of course going to be a double, so early on in the night the house guests all got a few minutes each to play a new game that was kind of a vertical version of labyrinth.  All of them including Ashley were really good at it, so I really think this could be anybody's game depending on who gets nervous and who slips up.

A little later in the night Britney had some sort of meltdown over it being her husband's birthday and her not being there.  She also buddied up to Ashley after figuring out that Ashley was decent at the new game and that she might possibly win HOH.  For the most part she was just emotional though and nothing all that interesting came of it.

A little later than this everyone was in their seperate corners...meaning that the entire house except for Frank, Boogie, and Ashley were hanging out together upstairs while Frank, Boogie, and Ashley hung out outside.  Upstairs the chat was mostly about who would win HOH and what they would do.  They all discuss the fact that it would be fine if anyone in the room won and they are only worried about Frank and Ashley.  Downstairs Boogie was dealing with some sour grapes about leaving and decided to discuss in depth how much he hated each of the house guests except for Frank and Ashley.  The things the three of them said were pretty hateful, mostly about Jenn, so I will spare you the details.

The rest of the night was spent talking about things like "your favorite moments in the house" and sometimes going back to "we just have to win HOH".  Other than that...nothing really happened.

I am excited to see how things play out tonight. I have no doubt Boogie is the one being voted out. I am definitely curious to see the second HOH, veto, and eviction though. It could prove interesting. Who's ready?

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