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Well Well Well...How Things Have Changed..The Night Owl

So, last I spoke with you folks, Shane was HOH, Boogie and Jenn were on the block with Boogie set to walk out the door and the double eviction was looming.

So the Double eviction came. Ashley voted against Jenn as did Frank. Boogie walked.  Ian won the middle HOH. Ian put up Frank and Ashley. Frank won POV and took himself off. Ian put up Joe. Everyone except Frank voted Ashley out of the house.

Prior to the last couple weeks I really wanted to kind of like Ashley. I knew she wasn't going to win and I didn't want her to make it to the end, but I definitely had kind of a soft spot for her.  Then she started stabbing her friends in the back.  First she goes and tells Frank and Britney a bunch of bullshit about Wil the night before his eviction and then this week she completely turns on Jenn and not only tells all her secrets and says nasty things about her, but then votes her I feel like she kind of did this to herself.

The shitty part of it...I mean Ashley? Really Ian? Come on!!  He had the chance to make a HUGE move and he got out freaking Ashley.  I realize he feels like he needs to be loyal to the "quack pack" but that could have been a REALLY big game changer for him had he decided to get someone out who was actually a threat to him...but I digress

Moving on, Frank won the next HOH. When the feeds/BBAD came on, Frank was HOH and Dan was the one and only have not for the week.  Everyone played nice for a while and talked about how crazy the night had gone.  Danielle was crying a lot but who really knows why. I don't ask questions about the Bunny Boiler's tears anymore. 

Ian made nice with Frank and told him he just got swindled and confused and that he didn't mean to put Frank on the block.  Frank believed him. 

Dan made a plan with Joe to throw Ian under the bus, but secretly told Ian that they were both going to do it in hopes that Frank would think that they were working together and put him up against Joe so he could stay.

Britney outlasted everyone else in the HOH of course. We all know her but is sewn into the HOH seat.  She made a deal with Frank to be in an alliance with him and roll with he, Shane, and Ian.  Britney and Frank decide the best thing to do is to put up Dan and Danielle and vote out Dan. Britney spills many secrets and talks about how bad she feels because she doesn't understand how she is so swindled by Dan's words...blah...blah....freaking blah..  I have no idea if Britney is serious about this alliance or just saving her ass or both, but it's pretty much the standard that she gives every week to whoever is the HOH.

Frank seems pretty set on putting up Dan and Danielle and having everyone vote out Dan, but who knows what will change by tomorrow or what veto will bring.  I am very curious as to how this will play out.  I'm excited that Jenn City seems to be safe for this week unless something goes really wrong, and outside of that I don't have a whole lot of opinion.  I would love to see a coach gone this week, but Danielle going wouldn't break my heart either. What do you all think?

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