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The Night Owl

Nothing happened overnight outside of the house guests talking about their favorite movies, their families and loved ones etc..  Just general chit chat.  There was a little talk of the veto and how the "Quack Pack" plans to try  to make it happen, but other than that a whole lot of nothing.

Just to give you guys SOMETHING, for those that don't know, yesterday there was a Pandora's Box opened. I am unclear on what happened with Frank upstairs, but he says he won $3k  but he could really say anything..we all know how that works.

Downstairs the arcade machine was apparently activated and the house guests had to find coins in some kind of timed contest to use in the arcade machine. The end result was the Ian won a power of veto that he may use this week.  The house guests are still playing POV later today so there will be 2 vetos in play this week.  Dan and Danielle are nominated.

This is how the Quack Pack wants it to play out: They want all of them to be safe, so Dan and Danielle are planning to try and throw the veto to Britney or Shane.  They figureif they do this, Shane or Britney can take down Danielle and Ian has agreed in this situation that he would take down Dan.  They believe the noms would then be changed to whichever QP member did not have a veto won or used on them..either Shane or Britney vs Joe and they will vote out Joe.

Who knows how the veto will actually play out. I have a sneakins suspicion it will be a how bad do you want it veto. Should be interesting.

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