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Unexpected Victory...The Night Owl

The early part of tonight was pretty eventful followed by a lull that wasn't all that interesting.

I will just go ahead and get my big victory dance out of the way so you all can be driven crazy and then get over it.  JENN WON POV!!!!!!  GO JENN CITY!!  I am really happy for her. I am hoping that the confidence she gained from winning a POV will drive her to win an HOH and put up Frank and Shane. I wasn't expecting her to win tonight and that makes it that much better. Okay..I'm done. On to the overnight blog..

So POV was one of those "How Bad Do You Want It" things.  Frank was apparently DQ'd for talking during the POV but he still had to endure his punishments.   He has to wear a carrot suit which makes my referring to him as Carrot Top even more hilarious to me.

Frank also cannot play in the next 2 HOH comps and he has to havea  chum bath in the backyard every time the chum horn goes off.

Dan won himself a night in solitary confinement in the have not room which was turned into a disco.  There is loud  music pumping full blast and a cake in there.  Britney and Danielle have to be shackled to eachother for 24 hours and apparently Danielle got painted during the comp.  Shane did something involving glitter that I have yet to figure out.  Jenn had to burn her clothes and she is on slop for the rest of the summer.

After the veto comp, Frank had Jenn and Ian up to the HOH. Jenn agreed that it would not be wise for her to use the veto and she says she is leaving nominations the same and voting to keep Danielle. Ian also says there is no way he will use his veto.  He had originally told Dan that if Shane or Britney won veto that would mean the entire Quack Pack could be saved and so he would use the veto in that instance, but if anyone else won that wuoldn't use it, he wouldn't use his on Dan either.  I am curious to see if Dan is really going to try to work on him once he is out of solitary confinement.

Britney of course has not stopped running her mouth to Danielle and Jenn about the importance of the veto not being used because it might put HER in danger.  I am so over Britney. I really wish she was the one going this week.  I don't even care anymore if she is a threat or not, I'm just tired of hearing her talk shit and smack.  I'm over it.  Boot her!

Frank tried to make a "take you to the end" deal with Jenn.  She nodded and played along, but if I had to guess I would say she was most likely bullshitting him.  I think if given the chance she will boot his ass out.  I hope so anyway.

Outside of that, the HGs spent most of the night just rehashing the veto comp events and talking about random bullshit.  Not a whole lot more game happened.  I am curious to see how tomorrow will go when Dan gets out of confinement.  I thnk he will try to work it this week, but I also think that no matter what he does he is very probably going home. 

That's it folks. See ya'll tomorrow.

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