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Pulling A Rabbit Out Of Your Ass...The Night Owl

A LOT happened tonight! Ohhh where to begin....

So Dan comes out of  his solitary confinement.  We all knew he was going to play this one up..or all of us that have seen Dan play before, and that's exactly what he did. Dan came out of his disco room looking ill and saying that he was still seeing flashing lights and had never felt so out of control.  He put towels over his face, he went to the DR, he had everyone freaking out over his safety.  The other house guests were all speculating as to his well being "is he dehydrated? Does he need an IV? Did he puke in there? Is he going to make it?".  Clearly none of these people have paid much attention to his prior game play because they were all buying into it. My favorite bunny boiling "nurse" was on the job immediately.  "The last time I saw someone act anything like this they were gonna commit suicide.  They will have to give him an IV"  right keep it up with that whole "I'm a doctor" thing Danielle...

Cut to a little while later.  Dan has decided he is "feeling better" and he would like to have a house meeting.  He is calling this "His Big Brother Funeral".  He starts out by saying nice things about each house guest in turn. He tells Shane that he really is Captain America.  He tells Britney that he appreciates how she comforts him bonding with him about being newlyweds. He tells Jenn that she is the first lesbian he has ever really known and that he had his own prejudices about people with tattoos and that she had shown him so much differently.  He tells Ian that he thought he would be a villian but that he has proven there is not a bad bone in his body. He tells everyone he knows they want him out and he is okay with that. He doesn't want to talk game. He just wants to have a good time his last few days.  Oh he is so dramatic. Everyone is teary eyed and telling him they appreciate his sentiments...

Then he gets to Danielle "You are dead to me in this game. You know what you did. Don't talk game with me. Let us move on from here and get along.".  TOTAL DEVISTATION!  I've never seen such faces. OH THE MELTDOWN!

Dan then goes upstairs to start his ACTUAL game plan.  He tells Frank EVERYTHING..and I do mean everything.  This is how long Ian has been working with us. This is how Boogie got on the block. This is what Ian was planning with his veto. This is why we can't do that now. This is why Britney is the person in the house that needs to go. He explains how Britney is closer with Ian than anyone else and how she is safe from every angle since neither of them are after her, Ian won't put her up and neither will Danielle, Jenn, Joe, or Shane.  He tells Frank the truth and then proposes what he would like to do.  He talks about how he would like to work with Frank and Danielle and then drag somone else along with them to final 3 that they could beat.  The problem he says is..."how would we get Ian to use the veto?".

Our carrot costumed friend then says "well..not Ian.  Let's get Jenn to take you down.".  They then form a plan.  Talk to Jenn. Work with her. Get her to pull Dan down. Put up Britney. Get Britney voted out.  I know I know guys. This is all too crazy.  No one is going to use the veto on Dan.  Right?  RIGHT?  I mean he is smooth but not THAT smooth.. Right?  Well my friends, apparently he is JUST that smooth.  Frank gets Jenn upstairs and starts telling her everything that Dan told him.  He tells her about Ian being the rat.  He tells her about what Ian has been doing and who he has been working for.  He tells her that he and Dan want to roll with she and Danielle.  Jenn City starts to contemplate her options.  "A whole summer of slop shouldn't be for nothing" she says. 

Jenn agrees with Frank that should could be down with this plan. I am seriously blown away at this point guys.  Mind COMPLETELY blown.  I mean..I'm not going to say I hate Dan because I don't. I think he is a hell of a gamer and watching his performance tonight was very entertaining, BUT, I am a little in awe of the fact that these people might not take the chance to actually get him out.  This is insanity to me.  As much as I want Britney gone, and trust me..I REALLY want Britney gone, It just seems like getting Dan out would be something that you definitely do when you have a chance.  However..I am getting ahead of myself.

Downstairs while Frank and Jenn are talking, Dan goes and talks to Danielle.  He tells her how it was an act and that he WAS pissed at her for not throwing the veto comp like she said she would, but that it was all an act to get her all dramatic so he could go talk to Frank and work this deal etc..

Meanwhile, nosey Britney and her shit talking mouth with her crew in tow invade the HOH to make sure that Frank and Jenn are not buying any of Dan's BS.  Frank and Jenn play along and act like nothing is up.  They tell Britney how they thought some of Dan's speeches were heartfelt but that is was really a screwed up thing to do to Danielle. FINALLY, Britney leaves the HOH with Shane in tow.  When they go to their separate corners, Frank goes down and tells Danielle that Jenn is upstairs listening to music and she should go talk to her.

Danielle goe upstairs and talks to Jenn.  Jenn tells her that she is down to use the veto but she needs to know they have her back because this puts a target on her back using it, and also that she feels like a liar since she said she wanted to keep the girls safe, but that she sees why Britney needs to go.  They talk about it a little more and Jenn seems pretty much completely sold.

After they leave the HOH there is a LOT more snooping done by Ian, Britney, and Shane the rest of the night..basically following everyone around and making sure that nothing is going on behind their backs.  Everyone plays it off well and for the most part, outside of normal paranoia before veto, they are pretty well fooled.

After a bit, Jenn is in the hot tub and Dan manages to sneak outside to the couch for a chat with her while dodging Britney's roaming eyes.  Jenn tells Dan that she does believe the he respects her but that she is nervous about him and that she doesn't want him pulling shit on her that he did on Danielle.  She tells him that if she uses the veto on him she wants Ian exposed.  She wants it to be said that there is a rat in the house and to tell Britney to "pop a squat" like Ian told Joe and then let Ian sweat it out a bit.  Dan promises Jenn that he won't screw her over and tells her how he knows everyone in the house underestimates her, but that he saw her from the beginning.  They end there conversation with the basic idea that the veto is going to be used and Ian is going to be exposed.

Jenn goes upstairs to again reaffirm her concerns about using the veto with Frank.  She tells him the things she fears about being put up or being screwed over either by one of them or by one of the people like Shane who is going to be angry that Britney is up and out.  Frank reassures her, but just as they are getting to the good walks the little spy himself, Ian.  He starts beating around the bush saying things like "that veto BETTER not be used tomorrow. We have to protect Britney and Shane." etc.. Frank does a pretty good job of snowing him and Ian finally gives up and goes to bed.

Once everyone but Jenn goes to bed, Dan runs upstairs to confirm with Frank that their plan for the veto cermony is good.  They go over the speech and how they plan to tell Britney "As a not so wise man once said... pop a squat".  They continue talking about strategy and working together and that's about where I am ending now.

I am completely floored and amazed guys.  I really thought Dan was a goner this week. I don't even know how I feel about the idea that he probably ISN'T a goner now.  I am kind of in awe of the fact that his plan worked. He is definitely a gamer.  I am super skeptical of how good it will be for Jenn's game to keep him in, but honestly I feel like she has a better shot as a 4th in this new alliance than as a 6th in the QP.  What I am really curious about though is the fireworks that are going to  take place after the veto ceremony.  You guys ALL know how badly I have wanted to see Britney go, and I can't wait to see her face when she is up on the block if this really happens.  Karma is a bitch, baby and you have been running your mouth all summer.  This should prove to be an interesting day if this all goes the way it is planned out now.  What do you all think?

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