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I just have no idea...The Night Owl

So it was a big day for the BB house.  Jenn used her veto, Dan was pulled from the block. Britney was put up on the block.  Ian freaked out and yelled at a lot of people...mostly Frank.  Britney ate a lot of chips and talked a lot.

Then came the night...

The overnight has been extremely boring..but also extremely confusing.  Now that Britney is on the block she is definitely the target of Dan, Frank, and Jenn, but Frank has no vote and the other votes in the house are a little more tricky.  The problem is, outside of Ian, everyone is telling both Britney and Danielle that they are definitely voting for them to stay. 

Britney has of course done lots of complaining and whining and going on and on about what a bad person Dan is and how she doesn't know who to be mad at.  She did eventually talk to Dan for a while, but the conversations were not exactly cordial. 

Frank has gone to Joe and told him that he wants him to vote their way. Joe said absolutely and that he is keeping Danielle.  Joe then told Britney that he was definitely voting to keep her and that if Shane didn't vote to keep her then he would turn on Shane.

Ian has been up front about the idea that he is keeping Britney. He has also been drinking all day and randomly yelling at people, calling them out, cussing at them, and acting arrogant in general.  I gotta be honest, this is not a good look for Ian guys.  He is making himself a larger and larger target the more he freaks out about the idea of losing Britney.

As for Shane, I thought his vote would be cut and dry. I figured he would vote to keep his former coach.  However...he has promised his vote to Danielle, promised he would vote how Frank wanted, and also told Britney that he may vote to keep her but has not decided yet.

The ONLY people who I actually know are voting Britney out are Jenn and Dan.  The whole night was really confusing for the little bit of game talk that happened, but mostly it was just boring.  They all talked about a lot of things that dont matter.  There was a little chit chat here and there between Dan and Frank and Danielle about their secret alliance and how they have to keep up appearances so that Britney and Shane are not on to them.

Btw for those that don't know...Danielle is acting as if she did not know the veto was being used or that Britney was going up and as if she is still mad at Dan and at Jenn, and her acting job is working.  She is also acting as if she has shingles though.  I'm not kidding.  She thinks she has shingles.  It appears to me she might have a small stress hive, but this has not stopped her from walking around with ice packs on her neck all day and whining about needing to see a medic and find out if it's shingles.  whatever..

That's about the long and short of it.  There wasn't a lot to tell. Everything seems to still be up in the air as far as votes.  I really want to see Britney and her loud mouth smacking and shit talking out the door this week, but who knows what will really happen at this point.  Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have a better idea. Until then, Ciao!

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