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Big Brother #14, Episode 21 Recap

In football, the term "Hail Mary" refers to a desperation pass at the end of a game that has little chance of success. With nothing left to lose, the ball is heaved towards the end zone with the hope that somebody somehow grabs it for a miracle win.

The origin of the term is a sore spot in my sports-viewing life. Being a fan of Minnesota sports teams has never been easy. Outside of a couple of Twins World Series victories, championships are never seen in the state.
The Minnesota Vikings are the most snakebit team of the state. For most of their existence (but not recently), they have always been in the hunt at the end of the year. In particular, 1975 was the year that broke every fan's heart. They rolled to a league-best 14-2 record, and had the number three offense AND defense in the league.

Then came the dreaded Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs. The Vikings were ahead 14-10 with fourth down and little time on the clock. Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach threw the ball up for grabs, and after a blatant shove that was ignored by the ref, receiver Drew Pearson grabbed it and ran in for the winning score. When interviewed later that night, Staubach said "I closed my eyes and said a 'Hail Mary". The term still sickens those that remember that awful day.

Tonight you're going to see the Big Brother version of a Hail Mary; a last-ditch effort by a house guest that should NEVER EVER have worked. The combination of a well-executed plan and a dimwitted supporting cast, though, changed this player's entire game. In fact, THE focus of this season has now changed thanks to an entire house being played and outplayed.

This move will come a bit later in the show, though, as we have a few other activities to sit through. Like every Wednesday episode, we must start off with the reactions to the nominations of Dan and Danielle, who starts it off with her undecipherable gibberish. Dan talks about how he is now the official number one target, but he's hoping to talk Ian into using the veto that he had won. Frank is all cocky about how Dan has failed to get him out of the house, and that this is his one "big swing" to "knock out of the park". (Foreshadow alert!) Ian, though, isn't sure whether to stick with Frank or The Quack Pack.

That alliance is exactly the focus of conversation between Britney and Dan, who have come up with a way to save both nominees. "We still have the votes if only one is still up", says Dan. Britney heads right to Ian with this plan, although he doesn't seem too confident.

And with that we head RIGHT to selecting the players for the veto competition. Wow, that was quick. Frank pulls out Shane's name, while Danielle gets Britney and Dan has House Guest choice. He goes with "Jenn City". In the diary room, Dan yells that he has to throw the veto to either Britney or Shane to save both nominees...but "THAT'S NOT HAPPENING...The only person I trust in this game is myself!"

We now get a rare Jenn sighting, as she lines up an alliance with Frank. She has looked at the memory wall, and can see how just moving a couple of pieces can further both of them. "You're not here by yourself."

It's veto competition time, and it's called "Draw Something". A picture is show, and when they have figured out what it is, they are to buzz in. Each word, though, is also a clue to a punishment. To earn the points, they have to take the punishment...and there is NO helping each other.

We go through the usual "I have to win this" bullshit just in case you forgot how the Quack Pack can survive before we get going. The first work of art is worth two points, and Frank clicks in to answer "avocado". He must dye himself green to win this, which he obviously does. "Are you sure you want me out of here that bad", asks Dan.

The next prize is worth five points, and Dan correctly answers "hunger", which pisses off Britney. "This guy is super selfish." Dan must eat two of four items, but since he can "eat Chef Joe's cooking, this should be easy".

On the third picture, Jenn answers "clock", and she has 90 seconds to burn her clothes. "Death and destruction is my jam." The fourth picture is worth six points, and Britney guesses "shackle". She has to pick her partner, and she is now shackled to Danielle for 24 hours. Somehow Danielle takes this to mean that Britney wants to be beside her "every minute of every day". Um, no.

Britney is now in the lead, with Dan in second place. Round 5 is worth seven points, and Frank guesses "shower". He now has to take a chum shower for the next 24 hours. He is now in the lead, and furthers this lead by picking "carrot" for the next round. He has to wear a carrot costume for the rest of the week.

Next up is a "bench", and Frank again wins. He has to sit out the next eligible HOH, which he admits is scary but that he can't afford to lose. Dan now screams that he is "STARTING TO FEEL THE HEAT". Round eight is correctly guessed by Danielle, who has to let her fellow house guests splatter he with paint. Yes, they all enjoy this task.

We now have an eight-point round, and Dan guesses "trip". He must agree to a 24 hour trip to the "Solitary Dance Party", and now Britney is REALLY pissed. Yes, we must hear the Quack Pack story one more time.

Dan is now in second place behind Frank as we head into the final round that is worth eleven points. If Frank or Dan get this one, they win. Britney rings in, but doesn't know the answer. Frank tries to help her, but is caught and disqualified! Dan suddenly has a smile!

After commercials, we go right back to this final round, and now Dan is in the lead. Britney is "freaking out" because she will probably be his replacement nominee. The round is started over, but Britney doesn't answer in time. Jenn City rings in, and by agreeing to eat nothing but slop she beats Dan, who told her that she is safe, by a score of 14-13!

Dan now has to immediately head to isolation, where he says he has to come up with a plan. Meanwhile, Jenn and Frank hug it out for her victory. "I showed you", she says. "You're not alone in this game." She adds that taking slop for the summer "shows I am a player". They both talk about how this ensure Dan's eviction.

A dejected Dan is then shown heading into the storage room for a sad moment, complete with sad music and a teary-eyed diary room. Whatever. Frank comes by and says that he wants to talk to him, but he walks by him to enter the disco room. His plan is to just think for the whole time on how he can get out of this mess.

Even a serious episode like tonight has to have some filler, though, and we get it with the Britney/Danielle shackle segment. Never mind. Oh yeah, and Frank's chum baths.

Interestingly enough, they don't show the house attempting to communicate with Dan. Instead, we head right to the moment where his time frame is up, and everybody congratulating him. Wait, but something is wrong with him!!! He staggers out of the room, and Britney complains about the smell of the room. He heads into the lounge, where everybody babies him. (Unfortunately, they don't show "Nurse" Danielle attending to him.) He tells Britney that he wants to have a house meeting...and suddenly he is fine as the entire house is on the couch!

Cue the dramatic music as Dan welcomes them to his "Big Brother" funeral. Go back to Ash's recap of this from Sunday for everything he says, but to sum it up he says nothing but great things to everybody...but Danielle! He starts off by indicating that she is this year's Memphis, but that he was wrong. "In this game, you will never earn my trust back. You are dead to me."

Her jaw drops (god, I love this) but he will not talk game to her ever again. "This is the death of Dan the player." As he walks away, Danielle asks what was he talking about, but in the diary room he talks about his great master plan. Or is he really sick?

After a great shot of Danielle as we went in to the last commercial, we come back with that exact same shot. Jenn asks if she knew what he was talking about, but Britney and Shane both think that this is his great plan to save himself. YOU SHOULD HAVE KEPT THINKING THAT, YOU DUMMIES!

Shane and Danielle head off into the bedroom so she can whimper...and whimper...and whimper. Meanwhile, Dan goes off to the HOH with Frank. It is time for step two, which is to "blow up the Quack Pack". He apologizes for Boogie, but says that he had no role in it. It was the Quack Pack, and that it was Ian who is the "ruthless" one. Yes, we get the "I kept taking heat for that kid" line. Dan then points out that the most dangerous player in the house is actually Britney, because NOBODY would put her up.

Dan then moves in to how the veto ceremony was supposed to work with the two vetoes taking down both Dan and Danielle. He adds that nobody would ever think that the two of them would ever work together. Since Jenn holds the veto, Frank offers to go see if he can convince her to use it on him. At the same time, Dan needs to go talk to Danielle. Frank is still weary, but Dan swears that everything he is saying is true.

Dan does head downstairs for "damage control" with Danielle, and tells her "I just saved us both. I had to." She hits him with a pillow and turns away from him, saying "you broke my heart. You humiliated me in front of the whole house. Dan, I would have gone home for you." Oh, bullshit. She complains that she should have been given a heads-up, but he NEEDED her to cry. Suddenly, she is smiling. Danielle asks who is the person that is going to go up, but warns her that she's not going to like what she hears.

Finally, he tells her that it is Britney, and that she will be safe "because your sympathy meter is through the roof. No one's going to touch you now." It all depends on Jenn, though.

Jenn is now in the HOH with Frank, who tells her about Ian's role as turncoat. Frank asks if she would be willing to use the veto to save Dan, but Jenn is worried about how that will make her a target. "Dan will keep you safe, I promise." Yeah, right.

It is now veto ceremony time, and both Ian and Jenn City have to go through the motions of staring at the memory wall. Ian, though, is not going to use his veto, but 24 hours after her win Jenn is reconsidering her plan to also not use it. In case you forgot what happened in the last fifteen minutes, Dan and Frank repeat everything for us.

The veto meeting begins, and as he stated, Ian does not use it. Jenn then talks about how this is a "game move", and takes down Dan! Britney and Ian's eyes light right up! Frank then gets up, calls out Ian, and says that since he can't be put up he is going to nominate his biggest ally. "Britney, pop a squat!"

As we head out, Britney is bawling like Danielle, but Ian promises to REALLY come after Frank. Yeah, right. Jenn City adds that "this is what you get when you underestimate your girl...boom!" Dan yells even louder than usual as he celebrates how his plan actually worked!!!

So that is it for tonight! What an episode! What did you think of it? Were you disappointed in what WASN'T shown, such as Danielle's nursing work or Dan's winking for the cameras? Let us know!

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