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Dedication Through Intoxication ...The Night Owl

So, I've failed you guys tonight.  This blog will be full of suckage and not nearly the amount of info it should be.  Usually when I go out and toy with real life I take my handy dandy Kindle Fire with me and keep up with the feeds so that I can still fill in all the blanks on this here overnight blog.  I didn't do that tonight.  Don't ask me why I drank the Tequila filled Margaritas...I hate Tequila, but for some reason..there I went.  So here we go, I am dedicated to writing this regardless, but may have some remorse about it in the morning...especially since I have only seen a little of the feeds tonight and most of that was via flashback and through the haze of my current inebriated state. '

Well here is what happened as I've seen it:  Most of the voting house guests decided they were going to vote out Britney for sure and keep Danielle.  They decided to tell her and let her know that she would be going. To my knowledge that's actually against the rules this year.  For most of the house guests leaving up to this point they were not allowed to say how they were voting.  They have only been allowed to tell them "It doesn't look good for you" or something similar to tip them off..but whatever...rule changes.

Regardless of the fact that Danielle knows she is staying, she is of course making it all about her.  I mean at this point is there anything that isn't about her?  After a day of walking around with ice packs on her neck and bitching and complaining about needing a medic and needing meds and how she has shingles or strep throat or the bubonic plague or something, she also decided to make Britney going home about her as well.  BIG mistake Danielle.  Britney just wasn't having it.

Out at the hot tub Britney and Danielle have a conversation.  It starts off friendly enough, but Danielle keeps making those little comments "what about me? You said a mean comment to me.  I thought you were mad at me.  ME ME ME ME FREAKING ME!".  Britney decided not to take the high road this time and told Danielle what she thought about it.  Things got pretty catty, and I hae to admit, as much as I want Britney out and can't stand her mouth this year, some of the stuff she was saying to Danielle was pretty freaking funny.  It's worth a flashback if you have the feeds.  I think it was around 7:15pm BB time.  A while later Britney forgave Danielle after Danielle cried and told Britney she didn't want her to leave and that she hates Dan blah blah acting blah blah. 

After Danielle was forgiven, she went outside with Britney and joined Dan on the couches.  Britney went on a rant about Frank. This one was also pretty funny.  "This guy (Frank) thinks he is the best player in Big Brother he sits wearing a carrot suit and he didn't even have to fight for the veto. The veto was used anyway. He could have just let Dan win it, and now he can't play in two HOHs"  She continued with a few more gems "This guy will win BB over my dead body. I would sooner donate $500 to Mad Love Cooking than put his key in the box.  If I have to put his key in the box I will break it in half.". 

At some pont after all this they gave Britney a bottle of wine and beers were passed out as well. Britney drank the wine by herself and Ian drank the beers.  They both got pretty intoxicated and the ranting and bitching continued through the night including some hilarity here and there.

After some drunk time in the pool with Ian, Britney eventually went to bed.  The other house guests stayed awake and sat around the hot tub.  All of them still planning to vote Britney out.  At some point Ian apparently really pissed Jenn off with a comment about how he had been wanting to be on the show since before the planes flew into the two towers.  I still have to flashback to see exactly how Jenn reacted and how Ian said it because I only know about this convo through hearsay, but apparently she was pretty offended and the next time I saw her on the feeds she was in the HOH alone saying a prayer for God to please let her not kill that kid before Thursday.  For what it's much as Ian had been insulting Jenn and making fun of her all night as well as telling everyone how she has no loyalty, I don't think THAT particular comment was meant to hurt her.  I think he was just drunk and trying to be awkwardly funny. 

Anyway, that's it guys.  That's all I saw tonight.  Britney is going home as of now and the insane Bunny Boiling Creeper lives to fight another week. I'm curious to see if Britney is going to wake up fighting today or if she is just going to completely roll over as she seems to be doing now.  I will try to do much better tomorrow with my feed watching and updating.  Until tomorrow night, I bid you all ado...

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