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The Night Owl...Endurance/Coaches Are In

Well kiddies, I don't even know where to start.  Really...I don't.  Most of you probably watched the show last night and so you realize that the twist was revealed. The coaches of course had the option to come in the game and while Boogie did not hit the button, all 3 other coaches hit it as quickly as they could.  There was no eviction so Frank and Joe were safe and then all moved outside to compete in the endurance comp.

One by one they all fell although not necessarily in the order that we expected. A lot of the newbies held on longer than most of the vets and the final standoff came down to Britney, Danielle, and Ian.  Ian wanted it really bad, but Danielle was stronger and the batshit bunny boiler actually pulled it off.

Moving on to the inside of the house..  I'm not going to lie to you folks. I'm pissed. I'm VERY pissed. This is pretty much like season 13 part two and I was no fan of season 13.  We now have vets that have had 3 weeks of safety vs a bunch of newbies who if they were smart they would target the vets, but guess what...they are not that smart. 

The only newbie dead set on not working with vets at this point is Wil.  Shane wants to protect Britney, Danielle wants to protect Dan, Frank wants to protect Boogie and I think Ian might as well, and Joe SEEMS to be on board with Danielle.

Janelle and Dan both instantly ratted out Wil and Danielle and the way the votes were supposed to go and the whole plan they worked on this past week to Boogie who of course told Frank and the rest of his former team.  This has been causing a lot of whispers and drama.

At this point it really is kind of like the game has been reset though. There is really no way for me to tell you guys who is in an alliance and who is not.  I'm not even sure they know.

I do know that Danielle absolutely swore that she would not put up Britney or Ian this week if they let her win the HOH, and of course she won't put up Dan or Shane. She also promised Wil before he fell that if she won he was completely safe with her, but we will see if she holds to that deal.  At this point in time she is talking about putting up Janelle for sure but not sure who she wants to put next to her.  I love the idea of Janelle going, but we all know how good Janelle is at winning if she needs to, so I don't really see the plan going down the way Danielle wants it to and if I had to guess, we are probably going to lose a few more newbies before we see any vets go home.

There has been mixed up game talk going on between a lot of the vets tonight but it's very difficult to say who is lying to whom right now.  Frank and Wil had a discussion about working together and Wil told him that he won't vote him out if he goes up this week, but Frank wants Wil to agree to also work with Boogie and Wil told him he doesn't think he can trust him and that it isn't a good idea. After the conversation, Frank ran straight to Boogie and told him everything. *slams head on deak for the millionth time this season*


Moving on to the 4am my time HOH reveal...

It was typical and the bunny boiler got various snacks and a letter from home where her Mother begged her to please keep her modesty and stay covered up.

After the HOH reveal Boogie and Janelle went downstairs and Janelle immediately started throwing all the newbies under the bus.  She told Boogie that ths didn't come up with any of the plans to get Frank out and that it was Wil's plan etc...  She tells Boogie that elaborate lies never work and that she is embarrassed to be on this season with these people... lies lies bullshit.  Anyway....Boogie basically says he doesn't want to do this and that he isn't throwing in the towel, but this isn't what he wanted and Janelle keeps pushing him that they need to fight and finally gets to the point where she says "I know you don't want to work with me but we should team up and tear through this whole house. ugh! For the record, Britney and Janelle have lied to everyone and swore they did not hit the button and that Dan is the only one who hit it when in reality Boogie is the only coach who didn't hit the button.

 Meanwhile back up in the HOH Britney starts pitching to Danielle how she is so sure that Wil has been throwing her under the bus to Frank and everyone else (not true) and that he thinks everyone won't tell his secrets about the fact that he was going to vote out Frank (Wil already told him) and how he needs to go.  I seriously can't bang my head on my desk again. My brains my fall right out of my head.  Britney is now in favor of saving Janelle and saying they can work with her after working so hard all week to make Danielle pissed at her. Dan seems to think this is his HOH and really it kind of is since Britney finally conceded "Danielle it's ultimately your decision" and what does old crazy eyes magee say? "Oh ya'll I don't play that way. It's all or nothing. It's all our decision".  I just ..I just can't

Downstairs Wil and Jenn are having a talk about how Boogie was planning on trading her for him and Jenn says she thinks they should all just get the coaches out. This is what I like to hear but it would sound better coming from someone who would WIN A FREAKING COMP!!! I still like Jenn though and I hope she does win some comps and kicks some vets out of the house.


It's almost 6am here. I have no idea who is going on the block. Everyone is confused and game talk is still happening. I'm sorry if this blog is a little jumbled. I am emotionally spent on these people and not even trying to proof read.  I'm annoyed with this twist and the fact that I am probably going to lose the only players I like. At th is point I am team Wil all the way. I still like Jenn and Ian, but I'm not sure Jenn is a player and Ian is still really in favor of sticking by his coach which I don't love.  We shall see how this week plays out. What do you all think? Are you as mad as I am?



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