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Toe Tag Her and Get Her To The Jury...The Night Owl

So not a whole lot happened tonight due mostly to the fact that Britney just rolled over and decided to take a ride to Jury.  DOA house guests are never good for us feed watchers.  They make for boring times on the feeds.

A few times over the course of the night Britney asked Ian "Should I fight?".  He told her no though, and she listened to him and didn't bother with Shane and Joe.  A poor decision on her part if you ask me.  I don't like Britney this year and I have made well known that I would like to see her smacking, chomping, shit talking mouth walking out the door, but I do think that EVERY nominated house guest should at least try no matter what. I wanted to see her put her shit talking skills to work at getting a vote, but she hasn't.  She has been talking shit, but only to Ian and only about who they should get out next.

Ian meanwhile has spent most of his night talking to both Britney and Danielle about how they have to keep the Quack Pack together and how they are playing the best game of anyone and they HAVE to get rid of Jenn and Frank and win the game ..blah blah blah..  He spent a decent portion of the night talking about what bad arrogant people Frank and Jenn are.  He doesn't seem to realize his own arrogance.  He is astounded by Jenn's lack of loyalty to him. Really Ian? What exactly have you done to try and make Jenn feel safe during this game?  Frank is arrogant for sure, but Ian is right there with him.  The 2 of them are both on my last nerve.

Danielle ran her mouth more than she should have to Ian when Ian started telling her mean things Frank said about her on week one.  She kept doing the "what else did he say about me? I can't believe he would say something about me" thing and Ian kept feeding her more of the comments until she told him that Dan being mad at her was a show and that he wasn't actually mad at her.  At this point I don't know if it has dawned on Ian to tell Britney about this or not.  If he DID tell her and she knew that Dan and Danielle were still working together and not mad at each other it could potentially change tomorrow night because it would out the new alliance of Frank, Danielle, Dan, and Jenn.  Nothing so far though.

The general consensus of both the house guests and of us live feeders is that after the coming eviction there will be an endurance comp.  They have been locked down for a long time and this is the week/amount of people they often do an endurance comp with.  If it is, I am hoping for a good long blood, sweat, and tears fight.  I mean come on people....fight for this thing!  Danielle has decided that if it is a spinning comp they are going to give her motion sickness meds.  But isn't that cheating?  Whatever..we shall see I suppose.

Aside from talking of the coming competition and Britney talking shit about all the house guests left in the house, not a whole lot else happened.  Tonight has been almost the same level as boredom as final 3.  That tends to happen when no one is really gaming because one of the noms gave up. 

Let's hope that tonight (Thursday night) brings us a good fight to the death endurance with lots of fireworks over the pending nominations.  I know that's what I want!!

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