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Who Am I Even Rooting For?...The Night Owl

Soo the night started out with the potential for some fun.  Britney went home and we all knew the endurance comp was coming.  We just didn't know what it would be or if anyone would actually fight for it.  It was the stand up on a rope and spin comp that they have rehashed a million times, and before the CBS broadcast was even over, Joe and Jenn had fallen off.  30 minutes into the comp it was just Dan, Danielle, Ian, and Shane.  Danielle came off to go puke in a trash bag, and a few minutes later Dan came off as well.  As Danielle continued to puke into a trash can and Dan struggled with his own motion sicknes (the one time I don't think he was faking..he had the same problem with comps in season 10)  Ian and Shane started to battle it out.  They actually stayed on for another hour or so before asking for some time to talk.  Shane asked if Ian would keep he and Danielle safe with no option to backdoor and Ian said yes, that he was with the Quack Pack all the way.  Shane got down and Ian became the new HOH.

Being the first one off, Joe got a punishment requiring him to hula hoop every time the boot camp horn sounds for the next 24 hours.  I won't spend much time on this since there isn't much to say about it and it will most likely be covered to death in the next CBS show.

While Joe does several of his hula hoop tasks everyone else lays around discussing the after effects of the endurance comp and waiting on the HOH reveal.

Earlier in the evening there was a discussion between Jenn and Danielle where Jenn told Danielle she was pretty sure she was going on the block up against Frank (she is probably right), but Danielle told her that she was sure it would be Joe going up and then went into some BS story that I don't think ever happened about how Ian told her that he was after Joe and not Jenn.

Time for Ian's HOH reveal.  Nothing outside of the typical there.  Letter, Artic Monkey's CD, food, people upstairs kissign ass...blah blah blah

Ian doesn't let anyone linger in the HOH for too long. After a few minutes he says "I am bored, let's go downstairs" and rushes everyone out of the room claiming this is the most boring part of the week for him and he doesn't want people to be bored.

Everyone hangs out at the table downstairs for a bit.  There is even an alcohol delivery, but no one wants to drink.  Everyone talks about how they are tired and still spinning. A few people try to go to bed, but BB calls Frank into the storage room and tells him to tell the house guests not to go to bed yet because they need to get DRs in before they go to sleep.

Danielle cornered Frank in the bathroom for a while and went on and on about her motion sickness and how it had never been so bad before and how she would have won if not for her motion sickness and went into detail about each feeling and taste she was having as she vomited.  I don't know whether this girl is highly entertaining or the most annoying person I've ever watched. lol

Ian eventually retired to his HOH room and Joe followed him up shortly after. As soon as Joe entered the room, Ian told him "No worries, your key is coming out of the box tomorrow"  Big brother came over the loud speaker three times with the announcement "Ian, this is a warning, you are not allowed to discuss your nominations with other house guests".  There was no punishment or anything that followed. They just warned him several times.

Ian was clear before the comp even started tonight that he wants to put up Frank and Jenn with Frank to go unless he wins veto and then Jenn to go if Frank comes off the block. I don't expect to see anything different.

Danielle, Dan, and Shane spent a good while in the bathroom area speculating about who they think Ian will put up and they all agree that he is putting up Jenn and Frank, but they are worried that Frank will be able to get into his head with his way with words. They solidify that the Quack Pack is still together and that they don't think any of the rest of them will get picked off if they stick together.  I'm not sure how much of this is just Dan and Danielle blowing smoke up Shane's ass and how much of it is real. It will depend on later conversations when it's just Dan and Danielle talking.

While the three downstairs were talking, Frank went upstairs to pitch to Ian reasons why he shouldn't go up. At first Ian seems to be very set on avenging Britney and getting rid of Frank, but he covers his bases with Frank and discusses with him the idea of taking him to the final 2 if he keeps him around.  After a while Ian tells Frank he does want to work with him but he needs to think over how to do it and how to go about it. He tells him he wants him to stay this week and would rather get rid of people who "don't deserve to be here".  So help me if Ian wastes another HOH on someone.....

Regardless of the actual chats, I definitely expect to see Frank and Jenn go up.  It would surprise me a lot if they don't.   The sad part of it is that Frank will most likely win veto, Joe will go on the block, and Ian will waste another HOH.

That's where it stands folks...we shall see how it plays out tomorrow.

WARNING...the following is a personal rant having nothing to do with what happened overnight:

So, at this point in the season here's the thing guys... I have NO idea who I am even rooting for.  At the beginning I had very clear favorites and people I could and couldn't tolerate watching, but the past few weeks I have been flip flopping.  Some of the people I loved are gone and some of them are just not holding up very well in the game.  I still love Jenn to death and would love to see her go far, but in order to do that you need to win comps..and she hasn't been.  I want to root for her because I like her, but I realize that I love BB and strategy just too much to root for someone who isn't making the wins or playing with the strong strategy that it takes to get to the end.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think Jenn's move to take Dan off the block was nearly as stupid for her as people think it was.  I think she went from being the lowest man on the totem poll in an alliance of 5 and sometimes 6, to only having to worry about Ian getting HOH.  She also may have herself covered this week by using that veto.  Dan and Danielle are already kind of fighting to keep her in the house. Dan has said to Danielle and Shane that he doesn't want Jenn  going home, that she is smart and that even for her lack of winning comps, she is great with the social game and very loyal to the people who have her back.  I think keeping Dan in the game is a STUPID move for most people, because he will win the whole damn thing, but I think for her personal wasn't so bad.  It may have bought her some extra time. But whatever...she needs to win some comps to get me back on board with her game play.  She is still my favorite person to currently watch though.

Then there is everyone else.  I don't hate Dan like a lot of people do. He is a good game player and he pulled off some crazy magic this past week to keep himself in the house, but I just can't be team vet.  I want them all out. I want someone who has never won or played the game before to win, and to be honest..for all that he doesn't annoy me, I would like for him to go next. 

I can't take Danielle..I can barely watch her much less root for her. That's all I have to say about her.

  I don't care for Shane either..he can win some physical comps yes, but he has no comprehension of the game. His social game sucks, and he just doesn't stand out to me as being all that impressive. 

Frank drives me nuts. His ego is out of control, and again you have someone who can win a bunch of comps, but is completely lacking in social ability other than manipulation.  Maybe it's just the hair and the fact that he always looks unshowered.  Maybe it's the fact that he sounds like my crazy ex step father when he yells, but for whatever reason..I just can't like him. I've tried to like him. I've tried to reason with myself and tell myself that he wins a lot of competitions and that maybe he should be the winner.  I just can't make myself believe it.

So now we come to Ian..Oh Ian..  I was rooting for Ian so hard when he first entered the house.  He is one of us. He is a live feeder and a watcher of the game. I wanted him to be SO good at this game...and then he sort of fell flat for me.  He crawled up Britney and Dan's asses and started to live there.  He also makes really wrong statements about past seasons of Big Brother and his predictions about what comps are going to happen and how things will work are almost always wrong.  There is also this hint of unwarranted arrogance that drives me nuts.  When he could have made a huge move in the game he got rid of Ashley.  However, I was actually kind of happy to see him get HOH tonight.  I'm not going to lie..I think I am kind of back on board with team Ian.  I'm not sure why yet.  Maybe he just annoys me the least at the current moment in time.  The problem is that I think he is going to waste another HOH and then he will have gotten out Ashley and either Jenn or Joe..not that impressive really.  He gets super caught up in this "who deserves to be here" thing instead of looking at who it would be better to keep around strategically.

Am I team Ian?  Am I rooting for anyone?  All I really know is that I want Dan and Frank to go.  That is the one thing I know for certain.  Dan because he is a vet and Frank because I just can't handle another Frank HOH.   Maybe I will have more concrete ideas about who I am pulling for tomorrow after Ian makes his nominations and I see where people stand.

If you made it through this entire wobbling rant, thanks!  What do you all think?

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