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The Night Owl

Again I don't know where to start tonight. I have been phasing these people out a lot this evening. There are a lot of big egos going over the top and planning out weeks and weeks ahead that they don't have guaranteed, so I am going to just try to present the high points to you guys.

I will start with an opinion. I disagree with some of my other Big Brother friends about this coach twist. A few of them are okay with it and see some of the coaches actually being voted out.  I don't see that happening much. Shane, Danielle, Frank and a few other newbies have all stated very clearly that it benefits them none to get rid of their coaches and that they intend to keep them safe until the if they need to be kept safe. lol  Have they SEEN these people play?!  Also thrown to me has been the idea that I would be unhappy no matter what the twist was and that it's always like that with Big Brother seasons. In my case that isn't true. The only seasons I have ever really bitched about and hated were Seasons 13 and 11 and now this one.  I was always fine with the twists as long as there was a good balance of newbies and a good balance of heroes and villians.  I am just not a fan of the returning player at all. I was good with them as coaches. I didn't like the way they tried to rule the HOH their players won, but I wasn't so disgusted that I couldn't handle it. However, when they bring them in as players, and especially players that have won the game or won so many comps they hold records, I definitely feel it's an unfair advantage.  Added on to that is quite a few weeks of safety and a few really stupid new kids like Dingbat Danielle and Shane that think it serves them really well to hang on to people like Britney, Dan, and Janelle so that the likelihood of them being nominated is slim to none in most cases and even then..I mean we have all seen what Janelle does to veto comps right?  Danielle has this HOH but only because Britney threw it to her and she won't put up vets because Dan won't allow it.  Next week I am fairly certain we will see Janelle or Dan in power and they will of course nominate new blood as well.  It's just very disappointing to me. Last year I was not at all attached to any of the new kids and so while I was really annoyed at watching the vet arrogance, I wasn't that upset to see any of them evicted. This year however, I really like a few people and of course they are the people being targeted because they are not willing to kiss ass to the returning players.  So that is where my disappointment lies. 

All that being said, I am NOT giving up. I will continue to watch and see what happens and hope for some twists that throw the new kids some breaks.   Now let's get to the overnight...

So I guess you all heard, my favorite player was nominated today. Wil now sits on the block next to the supposed target Frank, but the target keeps flip flopping back and forth depending on who is doing the talking.  Janelle is scorned that Wil doesn't feel like kissing her ass and so she has been on a tirade to everyone who will listen to her about him and will then go to him and ask him to talk.  Britney and dingbat crazyeyes along with Dan have not really left the HOH more than a few times tonight. They are all sitting around talking about the order in which the vets should win HOH and who they should take out each week.  The order has changed quite a few times as to who they want out, but the most consistent idea is that they want to take out Frank, Wil, Ian, Joe, then Ashley and let Jenn float to the end with them....sigh

That's pretty much all there is to tell. In between the smacking, chawing, chomping and game talk there is just a lot of pumping of egos and saying things like "no one from there side can win anything. They are sneaky but they are so weak. Why wouldn't they want US to take them to the end? Why wouldn't they be on OUR side when WE are the ones in the bad spot?" blah...blah...blah...

There WAS actually a really interesting conversation between Dan and Boogie in the storage room. Dan, Britney, and Janelle are all determined to get Boogie to join their vet alliance, but Mike thus far is just not having it. He said he was lied to and that he is not rolling with anyone but Frank at this point.  I am curious to see where he will go from here especially if Frank does not win veto and save himself from eviction.

I didn't hear much out of Wil tonight at all. He was very quiet and the cameras were mostly following the vets, but when Janelle approached him and asked to talk he told her that he had enough talk today but that he would talk to her in the morning. So, off she went first to try and pull info from Ashley and then talk about how stupid WIl is for not playing the game with her and then up to the HOH to bitch some more about how much she can't stand her former team member.  Apparently she still hates Frank more but Wil just has to go. Janelle is still pitching that Frank and Wil are working together and have deals and that Wil is only avoiding her because he wants to hang out with Frank, but in reality Frank isn't even talking to Wil. Thanks to the efforts of a lot of tattle tailing and a good bit of lying, somehow Wil's plan to help Britney and Shane blindside Boogie and Frank has completely backfired on him and made him untrustworthy player number one just barely under Frank who apparently just smells too bad to stay in the house according to Janelle.

Janelle then planted herself in the HOH bed for the remainder of the night. For a while Britney and Dan were there with more bashing, but after they exited it we were left with just Janelle in bed with Danielle. That's pretty much the night.

My hope for today is that SOMEHOW Wil pulls off veto and saves himself. I don't think he is necessarily safe on the block. Frank is kind of a beast and a lot of times pawns go home. Plus I would just like to see him actually win something and save himself.  I would like to see a vet get put up on the block as a replacement nom but I don't see that happening since every time Danielle mentions it Dan vetos it right away and says that one of the ring leaders of the newbies has to go home. I'm tired and it's been a long BB day. Sorry this blog is kind of depressing. I promise to try to be more cheerful tomorrow! I'm sending good vibes to all the little scrambling new kids and hoping they revolt, devide, and conquer! G'night!




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