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The Night Owl...More Potential Change

Okay guys, My insomnia has been kicking my ass and I am exhausted so I am calling it an early night and this blog will be short. However, enough has gone on that I feel the need to at least give you guys what I have seen.

Danielle the delusional dingbat won Veto earlier tonight. She of course is extatic to hold all the power this week. After veto for a while everything was still going as planned. Everyone's intent was to vote out Frank come Thursday. Britney of course made sure to speak up and say that since Wil is anti coaches and not getting along with Janelle he still must go. Her butt is superglued to that HOH bed and I think they may have to pry her out of the house with the jaws of life just to get her to go anywhere at the end of the season.

Anyhoo....moving on.. a plan started to unfold with Boogie..he talked to someone and Danielle talked to someone and Britney bitched her opiniong and as of now, they are all planning on saving Frank and putting up Janelle to backdoor her. Britney has decided that since WIl is now talking to Janelle he can't be saved..they must pull down Frank. I guess it's not okay to make nice with the people who are supposed to vote for you to stay. What a crime. Anyway...all Britney business aside, I see this backdoor idea flip flopping about 20 hundred times before the actual veto ceremony on Monday so I wouldn't hold my breath.  For all I know, freaking Wil is going to go home and Frank the cat with 10 million lives is going to stay and Janelle will never be on the block. of now the plan is to backdoor Janelle. Just thought you guys would like to know. 

I promise to update more tomorrow after I have had a long long long sleep. g'night

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