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The Night Owl

Well tonight there has been a pretty decent amount of entertainment, but not that much in the way of shocking game talk we don't already know about.

Janelle is indeed up on the block and as of now is set to go home.  She hasn't blown her top or done much yet. She has done some talking, fake crying, and lying to Danielle. She has also decided some by her own mind and some by the mouth of joe that it is of course Wil's fault that she is up on the block. Because he wants to keep Frank of course. *rolls eyes*

Joe has been gaming back and forth trying to trick Wil into saying that he is going to vote Janelle out so he can run back to her with the info.  He also tried to start some kind of side alliance for himself with Jenn, Ashley, and Ian.  Whatever..this guy is crazy.

Speaking of Joe. Wil decided to take a stand at dinner about the Joe food. No more he says. I'm done with it.  This started a pretty hilarious conversation between about 7 of the houseguests who have all decided they no longer want to eat the dirty fingered cook's fried creations on a nightly basis.  Apparently not only does he not wash his hands after he pees, but he uses up all the food people would cook for themselves. Oh Joe...

I have a feeling Danielle is going to blow soon. She is growing more and more shrill by the minute the more Janelle lies to her and the more people tell her things that Janelle has said. Britney is in her ear constantly and I cannot lie..I would LOVE to see a dingbat vs Janelle explosion!

Wil decided to talk to Jenn and Ashley about the fact that they don't have the kind of numbers they need for protection.  They had a couple of chit chats about what they need to do to try to pull some more people to their side since they need at least a few more weeks of safety.  Unfortunately I don't think they are going to be able to pull anyone just yet.  It will really depend on who wins HOH and who that person wants to nominate.  Wil did approach Frank and ask him if if he was still down to possibly work together this week and asked him who he wanted out. Frank said Joe and Wil asked him if he still wanted Shane out.  Frank immediately ran to the storage room and told Boogie all about it right AFTER he had spilled the entire conversation to Britney.

Right now it's nap time for me but Britney, Dan, and Danielle are still in the HOH talking about Janelle, and everyone else is outside just chit chatting about bullshit.  I will update more later when I awake from some much needed slumber.

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