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The Night Owl....A New Hope

Ladies and gentlemen, what started off as a completely shit night for me BB wise has gone in the complete opposite direction! Everything now smells sweeter and the birds are singing (even though it's only 4am). 

As I predicted the house went through many many flips today and tonight as well. Frank has to stay. Frank has to go. Let's put up Joe. Let's get rid of Wil. Let's just keep noms the same. Let's backdoor Boogie. And finally back to let's backdoor Janelle. 

The house flip flopped on that last one probably 10 times before I even started writing this post and I was really considering the possibility of just posting that everything is still up in the air and there just is no telling.  Dan and Britney were strong in Danielle's ear early on about not backdooring Janelle, but after a final very long speech to Dan ending in Janelle and Britney coming in the room and Boogie calling out Janelle for being a liar.....DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN  evryone got on board.  And I do mean everyone. I think there are about 8 people in the know.

Now make no mistake, this is not happening because Danielle had some revalation about it. I mean this is what she wanted from the beginning, but this is pure Dan. Boogie fed him a lot  of stuff about how he wanted to do a Memphis thing with him or a Chill Town thing and Dan took him up on it.

So now, this is the plan:  After many tears and whining from Britney about how she wasn't sure about it blah blah blah, they all decided (Shane, Ian, Dan, Danielle, Britney, Boogie, Frank) that rather than pulling Frank off the block, to ensure that Janelle actually goes they are going to pull Wil into the HOH and let Danielle make a deal with him about voting her way if she pulls him off and then pull him off and replace him with Janelle.

Janelle at one point realized  that everyone was up in the HOH hooping and hollering without her and she was a little suspicious but after talking a little with Britney she said she was going to talk to Dan and that she was sure Danielle wouldn't budge and change noms.  She talked to Dan for a while as well and he seemed to reassure her further so at this point, unless she actually has an AMAZING pokerface she doesn't have any knowledge that she is going up.

I am going to have to set my alarm for the fireworks and things happening after the veto ceremony today.  I won't actually believe it until I see it happen, but the idea that Wil is coming off the block and that so many people are in on it and have made deals about it makes me feel more comfortable.  I'm freaking excited guys.  I don't think I could go into all the back and forth details so if you guys want to see it flashback your feeds starting sometime around BBAD time or 10pm BB time and that's around the time things started to get serious.   I am really excited at the idea of a vet going out the door, and I am of COURSE over the moon about Wil coming off the block.  Granted my vet picks to go would have been Britney or Dan, but that would never happen with Danielle in power.  Anyhoo... What do you all think? Stay tuned for the fireworks after the meeting!!


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