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Still Clueless

No, this isn't another post about Danielle...but I guess I should include her in this post. I must admit that the silly twit covers her tracks pretty well. Joe attempted to interrogate her today, and she said just enough to sort of please him but really didn't acknowledge anything. Of course, the minute he left her story of the conversation was embellished to her fan club.

She also had a pretty silly conversation with Britney that basically promised her a trip to the finals. After all, Dan may be her father figure, and Shane her soulmate, but Brit is her BFF! Girl power to the end! (Ugh, let me go throw up a bit.)

So let's talk about Janelle a bit. She still has no clue why she's been nominated, and has pretty much questioned everybody. She has attracted an unsanitary chef as a fan, though, and he gossips just enough to keep the paranoia flowing. 

Part of Joe's master plan is to continually badmouth Wil, so Janelle just had a little meeting with him. "So I heard you're mad at me", was the opening salvo that had Wil just agreeing with everything she said. It's her belief that they all want her to survive the week, but by dividing her group the various other mini-alliances have some big plans for next week. "I seriously don't know what's going on. I'm so in the dark."  

The meeting ended with a promise for a vote, but the eyerolls he later made to Frank and Ashley indicate that he was just blowing smoke up her ass. He admitted to the vote promise, but explained that he had his fingers crossed behind his back.

Is Janelle a goner? How many votes do you think she has? I believe she's gone, but I'm pretty confused as to who exactly will be voting against her.

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