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The Night Owl

So there wasn't a WHOLE lot of gaming going on in the BB house tonight. There were a few talks here and there though.

I fired up the feeds just in time for a booze delivery, which I always like since it means things might get entertaining.  Actually as you will read in Scott's blog below me, I fired them up a bit earlier than that and Janelle and Wil were having a heart to heart where she was finally talking to the person she and joe were accusing of all the lying and getting her up on the block.  He told her it wasn't him that got her put up...and it wasn't. But, he also promised her a vote which he doesn't intend to keep.  As things stand now the only person voting to keep Janelle is Joe, but no one is telling her tha they are voting her out.

After the booze delivery most of the boys, Janelle, and Danielle went upstairs and played poker. I am not a poker wactcher and had absolutley no interest, so I can't tell you what went on during that game

Meanwhile in the backyard, Wil, Britney, and Jenn all a little tipsy decided to play some drunken badminton. When the game was over they all sat and told joe stories in Joe voice and had a good laugh about it. They also bitched and complained some more about Joe using up all the food and cooking things that most of them don't want to eat. 

After all the laughs about Joe were had, Britney headed up to the HOH to find Shane and Danielle hanging out together and Danielle is upset because she cannot understand why Shane won't show affection for her. Britney drunkenly tries to explain to her how she has to accept what Shane doesn't want. Danielle cried at some point and still doesn't get it, but I had to swith off of this conversation after a few minutes. The only thing worse than the bunny boiler is the bunny boiler whining about Shane not loving her.

Downstairs Jenn and Wil have a discussion around the hammock surrounding the idea that Ian thinks he is going to win this HOH because he is sure it will be knockout and that he thinks everyone in the house will agree that they all want Joe to be their target.

After this conversation Ashley, Wil and Jenn go off to bed leaving Janelle and Joe outside talking. While Janelle believed Wil's story about voting for her and not being mad at her, old Eagle Eye Joe is just not having it. Apparently he just can't trust that guy..he was gonna vote him out blah blah blah.  In this case he is right though of course as Janelle will most likely be leaving on Thursday.

It's 5am and Joe and Janelle are still running the same circular conversation downstairs while Shane, Dan, and Danielle are upstairs talking non game.

I will update later if anything happens while I am sleeping. G'night!

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