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The Night Owl

Well, here we go again... Janelle is gone and Frank is HOH.

The night starts out very depressing and continued that way for some time. Britney was depressed about not winning and about Janelle leaving. I think Danielle was depressed that no one will be running to her for power this week.  Shane is depressed most likely because he is confused about where he will be able to hide from Danielle this week, and Wil and Ashley have finally realized that the rest of the house is most likely working together to get them gone. There was a lot of sitting in silence and agreeing that everyone hates Thursdays.

Finally it was time for the HOH reveal. Everyone came upstairs and looked at Frank's second basket for a while. Afteer everyone had looked at the food and pictures, Ashley and Wil were the first to exit to go  downstairs and chat.  The two of them realize that aside from Jenn they really don't have anyone else at this point and that everyone was trying to knock them out of getting HOH from the very beginning.  They also think it's very likely that Wil is going up as a pawn again and if Joe wins POV he will go home.  They are correct to worry. There is a good chance that will happen.. (sigh).   Wil also tells Ashely that he believes that all the coaches absolutely knew they would likely come in the game and that he believes that all of them hit the button but then just blamed it on Dan.  This kid is no dummy..he just HAS to start winning shit! PLEASE if you make it through this week, START WINNING!!

Meanwhile as the numbers dwindled down in the HOH Frank, Boogie, and Dan began a discussion about who to put up next to Joe.  Dan of course immediately says "Well it should be Wil right? And if Joe wins HOH just send Wil home?"  Boogie and Frank are feeling a bit more crafty though.  They are definitely considering this possibility, but they are also thinking..hey why don't we put up Shane next to him and let Shane play for veto and if he wins it put up Britney.  They tell Dan this will keep their alliance a secret.  In reality I think they are probably considering the idea of backdooring Dan or Britney, or even sending Shane home.  If they are smart they will think that way. I mean really, who wants to waste their HOH on Joe? He is annoying and all, but a threat he is not.

Also while this is going on upstairs, downstairs Danielle and Britney are having a bed whisper session. Britney is still on an anti-Wil tangent and is hoping that he goes up next to Joe and that maybe he will go home.  I really don't know what her problem is here. I think her wandering eye is affecting her brain again.  I was also extremely turned off by the pity party she had for herself about not getting HOH pictures and a letter considering the fact that she has had two letters already and the HOH room all but one week so far this season.  Time for y ou to go live downstairs and find your cheezits elsewhere, sweetie.

After a bit more talking and turning around all possibilities, Dan flat out said he did not want to be a pawn and so while Dan is in the room, Boogie and Frank come to the decision that they will try to get Shane to volunteer to be a pawn, but if he won't do it, they will put up Wil and tell him it's because they want to work with him but they are still trying to gain trust from him after the lie about the blindside the other week.  I don't see Wil being stupid enough to buy it....I mean...was it not Janelle, Dan, and Danielle doing the SAME thing and encouraging the lie in the first place?   Whatever, I see this being the direction they most likely go in.  I of course am not happy about this, but I feel like the players I like (team tits) have a better chance at sticking around with Frank in HOH than if someone like Britney had won.  

While all this HOH discussion is going on, down at the hottub Joe tries to make nice with Wil.  The two of them explain reasons why they don't trust each other.  Joe explained that he was just sure that Wil was the one who had gone up to the HOH the night before the veto ceremony and convinced Danielle to put up Janelle. Jenn reminded Joe that Wil went to sleep around 6 in the afternoon that night and then didn't wake up until about the time the supposed chat with Danielle was already over.  For the rest of the night he was with Joe, Jenn, and Ashley.  I don't know WHY it took until now for Joe to realize this, but for whatever reason, now he either gets it or he just says he does.

Well, everyone suddenly decided to go to bed. So I guess we will not know until tomorrow who is going up on the block against Joe. I think it will be Joe vs Wil. I don't see Shane being okay with being a voluteer pawn, and I think that Frank is going to try to guilt trip Wil into it.

Not going to lie to you guys. I am worried about my player again this week.  I think he is in danger of going home if he gets put up by Joe. He has to win veto or SOMETHING at this point and keep his ass in the game. If Wil gets ousted this week I will surely die of boredom watching the overnight feeds and doing the overnight blogs, so something HAS to happen. It just HAS to right? 

I'm going to cross my fingers, toes, and any other appendages I can manage that things go alright this week.  What are you guys thinking? Any thoughts on the Janelle exit? She used to be one of my favorites, but this season I am sorry to say I was not sad to see her go.



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